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  • Bah thats pants Saffers with the injury, hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Did some 400 meter sets tonight in the pool 2000mts in total, after last nights open water swim of about 1km. The local duckpond is ok but we have probably got another 6-8 weeks before the weeds grow up to much to swim in it image

  • I'm visualising this duckpond RC as a small, stagnant body of water you can swim across in 6 strokes and coming into contact with annoyed ducks protecting their babies.  Is it a small lake?
  • Lol Parky, not really its probably got a loop of 750m round the buoys but it is quite a bit bigger than that.. But there are ducks on it.

    There is a little island but we cant swim around the back of it something to do with a smaller version of the bermuda triangle image. Apprentley some swimmers went round the island last year and vanished!

    Or is it bacause a couple of trees have fallen in there and block the waterway......hmm cant remember now image

  • LOL RC and thanks  Wolf. *files info away*
  • At least it's not geese...image

    You know you're in trouble when a hooge goose hisses at you and starts running to you... tha's my local park now... 

  • Swans too -  when I ran Tring to Town ultra, along the canal, I came to a spot where there were about 20 swans on the towpath, some hissed at me some flapped their wings, it was quite scary.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    This thread is for Cr@p swimmers. You guys are all barred for not being cr@p enough anymore. I'm feeling totally inadequate. image

    Had a swimming lesson on weds, crawl was ok, finally getting it all together at last. So breaststoke and that corkscrew kick of mine. Well I practised and practised and practised. Then got out of the pool only to discover that the kick had agrievated my poorly foot which is stopping me from running. So now I can't swim breastsroke either. Thurs I swam crawl and back crawl. (rather than the one that looks like breastsroke and a steam paddle) Managed to punch the wall and spurt blood everywhere.

    I'm giving up on this sporting lark. It's too dangerous. I shall just read about everyone else getting hurt! Saffers - sorry about your probs but I think if it's not too serious you can get back into running fairly soon. A friend was sufferenig the same and she is running again. If I were you I would google it as there maybe things that you can do now to aid recovery. Just believe that you will be able to complete your IM.

  • Yes, Saffers, believe image 

    I used to live in Herts and the geese or whatever they were used to get really fiesty. It was always easy to see where I'd encountered geese on my mapped runs.

    BM  - we all start somewhere and you will get  there. I think a few of us struggled because we could run etc relatively well, relatively being the operative word but swimming was a whole new ball game with the breathing etc. etc.  Is your foot hurting from pushing off against the wall or from the kicking itself? Don't give up!
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    My foot is hurting from the kicking, it's the bending / flexing of toes and ankle.

    Strangely I don't have much of a problem with breathing. I think because I used to challenge myself to swim a length of crawl without breathing so the extra air I get now is a bonus. image I think I swim to slowly. I am taking lessons and I have joined a swimming club. The technique will come.

  • There are geese on one of my runs too. A couple of cyclists described them as boisterous to me. Understatement. I got some interval training in.
  • Sorry to hear that saffers!

    I did a 1600m swim - 40mins was amazing for me. Still need to improve my rotation esp with my left arm.

    I'm quite thrilled with that!
  • 1600m in 40 mins is brill. Much better than me.
    well done image
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Been busy on here the last few days - phew, caught up now. 

    (((Saffers))) - sounds like you're having a rough time. Shame about the tri. image 

    Some great swimming going on.  Well done Oops on getting 40mins. Thats about my time for 1500m.  I havent been swimming for a week now and really missing it.  Will go tomorrow. 

    Also still indecisive about tri club.  Like LN, I'm not quite a the level where I can get most benefit from it.  If I wasn't paying for pool membership at Virgin then I'd go but I wonder about value for money right now. image

  • Great going Oops with that 40min swim. image  Open water tomorrow and apparently the lake temperature last week was 9 celsius.............that was cold!  I'm not sure it's warmed up much for tomorrow!!!!image
  • (((((saffers))))) sorry you're having probs, fingers crossed that it's shinsplints and can be cured quickly.

  • Thanks UIW......hope so as I do miss that running.
  • (((((Saffers)))) Hope you had a good ride today though.

    Well done Oops.

    Soup - have decided I can't justify the cost until I can 400 metres in about 10:00 because otherwise I can't do the whole session. The slowest guys swim 8:40 so there'll still be a gap but I think I'd be okay. It's a good incentive for me because I know 8:40 isn't exactly slow, though I know a l ot of people  swim much faster too. I hope to be there by August!
  • Hello all

    I missed Monday's pre-work swim because I was tired from a busy weekend so going Wed, Thur and Fri this week.  I've not gone 3 days in a row before.

    Today was an easy 30-min swim.  I didn't feel very well - slight stomach cramps, dizziness and a low blood sugar sort of feeling.  It had come on the day before, although I managed to do a 2-mile race last night, even though at the start the ground felt like it was undulating slightly!  I've probably got a virus but was wondering what the symptoms of lack of iron were.  LN - I think you mentioned that you took iron tablets and noticed the difference when you didn't.  Although I eat healthily I may not be getting enough of the right things now I've increased my training.  Anyone got any recommendations for sports nutrition books/ web sites.  I'm not vegetarian, but I do eat fish when I can get to a good-quality fishmonger.

  • I think this is a pretty good summary Parky from what I know!
  • Good luck with the three days of swimming will be a breeze I'm sure.  I have not swum since last has just got in the way with the little one and his broken collarbone and me whussing out of OW two nights in a row. image  Tonight is tri club swim in the pool but I have got up feeling under the weather bit of a throat going on.......would much rather bike! image

    My bad attitutude at having to pull out of my July tri isn't helping either!!!!!

  • Devil on the shoulder says go and ride. Your tri isn't until September,  the weather is fab, you are really enjoying your cycling etc.

    Angel says  go to your tri club because they are really supportive and it'll be good for you, and besides, if you get too good on the bike, you'll end up leaving me on our menage a trois.
  • Get your arse to that pool, saffers.  If I'm doing it then you should as well image

    How did saffers junior break his collar bone?  I did mine falling off my bike a few years ago.  It's a common cycling injury...... but you probably didn't want to know that.

  • As long as I don't feel worse later than I shall drag my arse to the pool! image So which club are you swimming with then M.ister? image

    Little one broke his collarbone playing that stooooopid game called football!image

  • Football injuries.  Sooo many of my friends have had those from the beautiful game.

    Saffers - do what you feel like doing I reckon.  You need to be nice to yourself at the moment.

    Thanks Ninja for the link - v useful.

    Post correction: when I said I'm not vegetarian, I meant to say I don't eat meat.  I think I need to watch my iron, B12 and protein and make sure I'm getting enough of each.  I keep getting big cravings for protein - I've been fantasising about fried fish for a couple of weeks now but have had to make do with goat cheese, tofu and pulses.

  • Weird. We were talking about protein cravings on Nam and Bear's thread t'other Nam. Nam said a previously veggie forumite ate a whole chicken when training for an IM. image The other week, I ate eggs twice. This is odd because I've not bought eggs for 15+ years, yes even to bake but I really enjoyed them.
  • You body will respond to an increase in training by craving food that you need.  I would quite happily munch through an enormous pile of rice when I was IM training but wasn't that bothered by sweet stuff.


    Anyway, back the the swimming.  I'm swimming with A2Tri tonight saffers.  I'm still undecided about defecting.

  • I've not been on much recently but I'm still swimming and still cr@p at it:

    I managed 800 metres this morning.

     As I have a race tonight, I was using the pull buoy to give my legs a much needed rest, but I was using my hand paddles to try to give my upper body a good workout. I only had to stop after each 200 metres to compose myselfimage

  • M.ister W wrote (see)

    Anyway, back the the swimming.  I'm swimming with A2Tri tonight saffers.  I'm still undecided about defecting.

    I shall try and be a good girl and get to the pool before I forget how to swim.  I think one of the fellas at the club said he used to be A2Tri or was debating joining them but opted for Crawley.
  • If I come to Crawley will they be nice to me image
  • LOL....its a tri club.....don't be so blinking silly! image
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