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  • Ahhh, Crawley is my old stamping ground from many years ago - I grew up in Horley and spent a lot of time with my best mate Carol in the bars and clubs there.
  • It's a small world! image
  • That explains a lot, IW image
  • I did my very first long swim in the old Crawley swimming baths - 36 lengths of backstroke, I was about 13 I think and had no goggles. I got out of the water when I finally realised the chlorine might have been the reason I could hardly  see out of my eyes any more. Had to be treated by the attendant.

    M.ister W - cetainly should, we saw a load of 60s pop acts in Crawley at the college!

  • Just got my feedback from the T20 2 weeks ago:

    38 – 2 beat leg kick, over rolling, entry too close to head, head turning too much when breathing

    So I guess that gives me plenty to work on!!  No idea what a 2 beat leg kick is... may have to ask tonight!
    Someone did 60lengths in 20mins!!!!! (and they still got feedback on technique)

  • 2 kicks to one arm stroke.
  • Dragged my butt to the club tonight!image

    I managed to remember the session for a change......2625m swum.

    6x150m  - FC
                       FC with fins
                       kickboard + fins
                       kickboard no fins
                       FC with pull bouy
                       FC bilateral every 5 (couldn't do so did every 3)

    2x100m   best stroke count
                      1min rest
    2x100m   catch up
                      1 min rest
    2x100m   finger drag
                      1 min rest

    repeat above drills once all finished.......they were glad I am slow!!!! image

    10x25m  timed sprints - 50secs include rest   (i tried not to panic at this point image)
     50m backstroke
    5 x 25m  timed sprints - 40 secs include rest (the others did 35secs)
     50 m backstroke

    50m  FC with paddles

    and then I ran out of time to finish the rest!!!!! image  I did panic at the thought of the sprints but the Coach told me I need to get my mindset sorted and not be so negative.  I like to stay in my comfort zone and I need to push myself.

    I used the paddles for the first time and although only 50m, I did feel it in my arms.  They are sore already so lord knows what they will feel like in the morning.

  • Jeeeez, Saffers that sounds like a hard session - well done you!

    Tonight at tri club...... I wasn't the slowest person there!!!!!!!!! image

    We did...

    W/U 4x200m FC/PB/drill/FC

    Kickboard- 250m with coach shouting "go" and "stop" at intervals to put extra effort in.
    Pull buoy 3 x 150m 20s rest inbetween
    4 x 25m sprints (from a dive, but since I haven't dived in for about 15 years, I thought best not attempt it tonight, so started in pool)

    C/D 100m easy

    OW starts saturday - but I'm doing cheshire tri sunday, so will have to wait until next weekend for that delight!

  • Ultra Ironwolf wrote (see)
    2 kicks to one arm stroke.
    I take it that's bad then? 
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Well done Saffers.  That sounds like a tough session. You are improving no end with your club.

    I've decided to leave tri club for now just because I'd prefer to make use of the gym pool while I have it and am paying for it.  Will think again in July when my membership runs out.  Trying to work hard there meanwhile and did 500m in 12.5mins which is one of my fastest times.  Then did some bilateral breathing and some drills so about 1000m in total.  Still tempted with S4T.  Bilateral breathing is getting easier but I have to take it very slow. 

    Second open water swim planned for Saturday. image

    Then Cheshire tri on Sunday in an open air brine pool. imageimage

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Well done BM Becky too. image

    I know about being the slowest and I sympathise.

  • Thanks Becky and Soup......I think I shall sleep well tonight. 

    Becky sounds like you had a good session too.....I'm with you on the diving and opt to stay in the pool rather than embarrass myself by attempting to dive.  Something I need to practise on my own I think.image

    Soup, you have to do what's right for you.  I also have a gym membership at the local leisure centre and whilst I am not using the gym so much now that the nicer whether is here for the cycling rather than spin classes, I do use the pool twice a long as life lets me!  I still cannot get the hang of the bilateral.....I do it when I have to but it feels all wrong to me. image  Good luck for Sunday. image

    and what is a good kick ratio to arms then?  I am clueless!

  • Last night's swim session was some sort of epic "let's see if we can kill off lane 6" set.  We managed the warm up and a quarter of the main set image
  • LOL... and how many in lane 6 then M.ister.  I pray every week that there is another newbie who is NOT faster than me. image
  • Good swimmers do a 6-beat kick - but triathletes really don't need to, you should be saving your legs for the bike and run. My hubby Long John Silver is a super swimmer and he hardly kicks at all, just uses his legs for balance.
  • A splendid 1.5 miles in the duckpond this evening nice and warm in the water. Felt very easy and smooth and relaxed.

    Excellent sighting but I seem to be able to swim in a good straight line must be from diving in water that you cant see your hand in front of your face.

    I kick just before I turn mrs Wolf hardly use my legs at all.

    But alas Im a shit swimmer image

  • RC - LJS has PBs of 16:24 for 1km, 25:15 for 1500m and 1hr 6mins for obviously his is all upper body strength!
  • Morning all - great swimming all round by the sound of it. image

    I'm still unwell but managed a gentle session at the pool this morning.  As Ninja said earlier 'A kill's a kill'.

    Wondering wether I should go to the doctor as I've been feeling like this since Tuesday.  I'm rarely ill and a visit to the doc is also rare.  My symptoms are that I'm a bit unsteady on my feet; slightly dizzy; very slight stomach cramps although I'm managing to eat OK; a bit weary generallly and (possibly unconnected) sore breasts.  Does it sound like a virus or has it gone on too long?

  • Parklife - may be something going around?  I have felt like that for the last week too.  well done all with the swimming.
  • Thanks FB - I have just had a conversation with a work colleague and his son's got the same symptoms. 
  • reassuring in a sense that its a bug and not something else.  feel very weary/flat, no mojo (!) and spaced out + headaches which I never get.  Hopefully this lovely sunshine will blitz it all away image
  • I think it's something going around Parky, since my Sprint last sunday I've felt like carp.  More of a cold/flu type thing but head, neck and shoulders feel terrible and stomach bloated (but not windy).

    Big doses of Vit C and Beechams to try and lift before this weekend at Nantwich, feeling somewhat better just tired. 

  • Definitely something going around....I've felt under the weather this week and been taking day nurse to keep me going.  Hubby has the same thing but he is a dying duck!!  I mentioned I may cycle again today to which he said......but you are not feeling well.......he didn't say that when I cooked the dinner, loaded the dishwasher, put out the washing.........LOL  If I can do all that then I can go on a gentle ride!! image
  • Yeah - I've got the headache thing too and a bit dehydrated FB + no mojo - annoying eh?

    Have you got a tri then this weekend Gaz?  Good luck - I hope the carpness eases off.  I have swum and raced (only a 2-miler) with this bug this week and I actually felt OK while doing the sporty bits, just a bit rubbish before and after.

    Turmeric is good for aches if that's what's wrong with your head, neck and shoulders Gaz.

  • LOL Saffers - sunshine works wonders too.
  • Ultra Ironwolf wrote (see)
    RC - LJS has PBs of 16:24 for 1km, 25:15 for 1500m and 1hr 6mins for obviously his is all upper body strength!

    image BLimey Mrs Wolf thats impressive. My 3.8k time is 1.5 hrs but I know I can do the distance so for this year Im well pleased. image

  • My IM swim time was 1:35.  Yes, I came out of the water near the back of the field but I then spent the rest of the day overtaking people image
  • Well for only 6 months swimming M.ister Im well pleased. For me doing the distance a few weeks ago was a massive confidence boost and doing 1.5 miles in the lake last night in wettie I know I can do the swim, which was a concern for me at the turn of the year.

    Also good thing about last night was swimming in very close proximity to other swimmers to get used to that, ok no where near the volume of peeps at 1/2 and full IM but to have someone right next to me on both sides and still maintain breathing no problems again good confidence boost. Also get to practice getting a draft of people.

    This thread is brilliant for pants swimmers I must say

    Its all good fun image

  • Well done Mr W - that must've been satisfying. image

    At the moment when people post times, it means nothing to me.  When I'm in the lake it'll be easier for me to record times and compare I expect.

    Ditto with the close proximity Rodeo.  My tri club will be starting sessions at the lake soon too.

  • RC...the thought of swimming amongst others fills me with fear!!! image  I don't mind the OW....when it's not freezing my bits off but lack the confidence of swimming close to people.  Tri club swim in OW seems to be just get in and do your own thing. Not done a mass start yet as have only swum in open water for a relay and I was second to set off so the water was quite empty! image
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