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  • image Well done becky.
  • Wayhay Becky imageimage  It was a beautiful day for it too!

    ... and DD - that sounds like pretty good going with a pull buoy.  Again as Ninja said 'A kill's a kill'

  • ha ha, it was a beautiful day for the swim, but I more than compensated for any time gained swimming by adding 3:36 on to my 5Km Run...... It was sooo hot. 
    Really wished I was a boy and could have set off early rather than in the midday heat!
  • Gold stars to Becky and DD.

  • Great going Becky and DD.  I've been under the weather the last few days and didn't do the OW session on Monday but hoping to swim tomorrow before I forget how.
  • Another tri club swim, done & dusted image
    and you'll never guess what word the coach used to describe my stroke.....

    **drum roll please**


    She said she was really impressed with the improvement I'd made since I started imageimage
    I'm sooo pleased! 
    (She still had to amend the main set for me & my friend so that we could finish at about the same time as everyone else - but she said the speed will come with fitness now)

  • Wow Becky - I bet you were chuffed. I would be. So now you'll be building speed and endurance on awesome technique. (Insert party face - I'm on a friend's Mac and can't see emoticons on here.)
  • imageimage Goooo Becky.imageimage  No stopping you now.
  • Fab news Becky.  Keep up the good work image

  • Hi everyone

    I've just got back from my mandatory 50M test in the lake.  T'was lovely.  16 degrees.  Absolutely fine in a cozzie.  I've signed up for a diving workshop on 5 June.  They have high boards there too.  I was OK getting my head in the water but went off course a few times.  I presume with cloudy water you need to keep lifting your head out to check where you are?

    Went for a nice cycle beforehand ending up at a one hour bike workshop then cycle on to the lake and back to work.

    I wish I didn't have to work for a living - I wouldn't struggle at all to fill my days.

  • I managed to swim a mile last night, for the first ever time.

    I stopped for a few seconds at 500m, then stopped to take my aqua gloves off at 900m, stopped to put them back on at 1000m (my rings kept slipping and nearly fell off), but I managed 1 mile, 1600 metres, 1.6 km or 64 lengths (a long way however I say it image)

    I was a bit happy about that last night image

  • Well done inappropriately-named DD.  The lake from pontoon is buoy is 100M, so I need to swim 16 of those to complete a mile then? 
  • DD - don't swim with your rings on then, they just cause a nuisance, and you can't wear gloves in a race, wetsuits are allowed, gloves and foot coverings are not.
  • Lots more progress in here. Well done all!

    I had a site tip tonight from SuperCaz re planning training sessions. 

    SuperCaz wrote (see)

    I generally get mine from  You put in the strokes you can do, what swim aids you ahve available and an estimate of your swimming speed.  From that it comes up with a 60 min programme tailored to your ability.

    Then next time you can ask for an easier or harder session and it will come up with something different.  I print them off, put them in a plastic bag to keep them dry and take them on poolside with me.

  • Great swim progress by the sounds of things. image

    Another 1.5Km open water last night in the pond..not sure how much longer we will be in there loads of weeds last night. It was like swimming with the Triffids image. Come up to sight and end up with a great blob of weed on your face.image

  • Great progress being made on here. I missed Tri swim this week, missed OW and didn't even get to the pool due to making the decision many moons ago to have three children image.  Three hospital visits and only one child didn't need a visit and something had to give......arrrrrrgghhhh!!!!!

    I am going to have a look at that ........ sounds good to me.image

  • hi guys! sorry to barge in! cr*p swimmer here! I need to know what to do?? Am I best to join a swim club or a tri club or best to get some private swim tuts?? At the present time, I can swim say 40 lenghts crawl in a 20m pool but I need to stop as I lose my technique, strength etc, I am not sure what the best way to improve?? The only way I can keep going is to do breast stroke!!image Any opinion welcome!! image
  • Morning all.  The other residents of lane 6 tortured me this morning as punishment for missing the session on Wednesday.  They're a cruel bunch image


    Hi tri chick image

    It sounds like you need some coaching on your technique (don't we all!) so pick whichever method suits you.  I generally suggest a few one to one coaching sessions but if you have a local swim club or tri club with a good coach then that might work for you.  A tri club might be better than a swim club as we focus very heavily on FC and a swim club will be spending lots of time on other strokes.

  • Thanks Mister W... I'm going to try out my nearest tri club for a few sessions and see how I get on!!image
  • First ever open water swim this morning!  Felt a bit strange, but not as scary as I expected!  I joined the 'novice' group which was just right as I was towards the back but not the slowest...
    Didn't quite get my wesuit in the right position before starting - need more practice at that, and defintely need some body glide - I have a very sore neck!!

    LN - thanks for the tip I'll take a look at swimplan

  • Great swim up the pool, there was only 3 of us in today image. A nice warm up of a couple of 400mt easy, then 2000mts in 42 mins well pleased with that.

    Pushed a little harder today not so that I was knackered but put a bit more sustainable effort in. Breathing never felt rushed nor did I feel out of breath and the stroke stayed long and a got into a really good rythmn.

    As a once famous man said " I love it when a plan comes together" .....Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith........The A Team image

  • Welcome tri will get fab advice on this thread.

    Great swimming Becky.  I don't think that OW is as scary as it sometimes sounds.......just as long as it is not too cold then I am fine.  Although I still dread my first mass start!image

    Nice going RC and I do love it when a quote comes along that I've actually heard of!image

    Didn't swim this week so if you lot would kindly kick my butt out the door next week, that would be appreciated.

  • Thanks guys! I am entering the Great Scottish Swim in August so I am hoping that I have improved by then!!image ALso considering a wee novice tri at some point... lots of training and I am sure I will be fine!!
  • League swim-and-run race tomorrow, the weather forecast isn't encouraging but hey, you can't swim without getting wet, and I love running in the rain anyway. (ever optimistic, that's me).
  • LOL....UIW, good luck tomorrow and look forward to hearing how you got on. image
  • Becky, I use cocoa butter and KY Jelly for wetsuit lubrication.  I use KY on my legs and arms to help get my wetsuit on and as it's water soluble it washes off in the swim so you aren't sticky when you get on the bike.  I then use cocoa butter around my neck to avoid chaffing.  I think my tube came from Superdrug or somewhere else equally cheap.
  • We left before prizegiving and the results aren't up yet on the web - because OH was adamant about getting home to watch the England-Japan footy, which England are losing at the mo. So I don't really know, haven't  a clue about his result, my stop watch didn't work but as far as I can figure my time was just over an hour, 3km river swim, 5km run, but I was too slow in transition, got the wettie off quickly and number belt on but faffed about too long with my feet. Must have lost about 2 mins there. Think my swim was 29 mins (strong current in the river). It started to rain heavily during the last couple of hundred metres which was interesting, but it meant the run into T1 was very dodgy, wet slippery cobblestones. So reckon from the time I was helped out of the Rhine onto the steps to the time I actually ran out of T1 was probably about 6 mins. Which leaves my actual 5km running time at about 27mins.

    I really enjoyed today. Would have liked to stay for prizegiving as I know I got my AG - I was the only one in it!

    LJS doesn't know his time either but I saw him swimming past the ferry I was on, he was about 200m from the finish, don't of course know what time his group actually jumped off their ferry but his time for the 6km was between 40 and 45 mins.

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Well done IW.  3k swim in 29mins!!!!  image

    I've got to go to the bottom of the class this week because I haven't been swimming all week.  The beginners class at tri club on Monday was cancelled and the rest of the week sort of flew by.  image  Must try harder. 

  • Thanks soupy, it was fun - X-post there as I edited to add hubby's estimated swim time. As you can see, he's a VERY much better swimer than me!
  • Well done UIW, sounds like you had fun. image
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