After I have done what I feel is a fast run and put every ounce of effort into it with some speed training to try and improve my overall speed, within approx 30 mins I feel extremely sick. I do eat after my cool down / bath ie jacket potatoes with tuna. But it takes me a long time to recover and am not really feeling well enough to do much but sit down.
Any suggestions.


  • I find that I generally feel quite sick if I eat too soon after a run, but it's difficult, as I'm always ravenous after a run too! So I just have to make sure to eat something that is very easy on the stomach, like a banana, and then just stick with water until a few hours have gone by. Will power!

  • Josephine, I have felt like you several times in my life from many different sports. You are taking yourself to the limit, giving everything you have. If you have to throw-up, throw-up. After that make sure to get the fluids back in have a nice hot shower and then nap for a couple of hours. You should feel fine when you wake up.
  • If you've got a copy of the June issue of RW there's a question on this subject in the medical and training advice section. If you haven't got a copy, drop me a line and I'll e-mail it to you.
  • Josephine

    Its normal to feel a bit queasy after particularly hard sessions. If your still feeling sick some time later then it sounds like you're pushing too hard.

    Are you eating shortly before running? Are you properly hydrated? How long have you been running?
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