Wobble club Xmas Party



  • (silence)
  • I'll come if there's twiglets and watermelon bacardi breezer!!!!!!!
    Might be a bit shy at first but you know how it is once you've got a few bevvies inside ya.
    Can we please have 80's music - a bit of Madness maybe or possibly some Fun Boy Three?
    What about virtual snogging under the mistletoe??
  • Barkles is yer man for virtual snogging........watch out filbert there may be tounges this time!
  • Barkles, you're not about to offer I hope!
  • DavidB, if you match the description you gave us the other day then I'll glady hold your cheesy balls ;-))
  • Thanks Redhead! When I think about all the time I've wasted in adult chat rooms...
  • Count me in - wet t-shirt and all......!
  • Can we sing carols.........?
  • Of course we can Sassie, I'll sing the alto part and Snoopy can sing the high bits.
  • This party will be more fun than naked volleyball...put it in your diary now!
  • I think DavidB will sing the high bits if RH follows through her offer!
  • Hello OB, are you sure you'd be up to the excitement at your age? ;-)))
  • high Redhead - I'm prepared to take the risk!

    It was me who had the alien piccie but how do you know it was fake?
  • you've namaged to get a post on here OB - congrats on being the first today!
  • Aha OB, 'cos we know Timothy Good quite well (he's an accomplished violinist and hubby uses him frequently for orchestral work) and have had countless discussions on this sort of topic! In the orginal piccy weren't there 2 people, one either side, holding up the dummy?
  • Ginplease
    and ANY sort of crisps
    And BK please
  • I'll get the "London Pride" in
  • And i might try black country beer, gotta get used to it
  • Black Country - I remember the Black Pudding. Definitely best i've ever 'ad.
  • Have you tried Banana Beer?
  • is it from the black country?
  • Don't know to be honest - tastes good though!
  • where does one buy it
  • Yup tried it, it's a bit sweet, but you nac get ity in Victoria Wine.
    Chick beer....
  • I'll bring some virtual fireworks to set off at midnight. It'll drive the neighbours up the wall!!!
  • I'll DJ if someone throws some requests - dont do Birdy Song or Hi Ho Silver Lining tho!

    pnuts and alky ginger pop for me and loadsa mincey pies!
  • where are we planning to have this bash?

    I'm in no matter where, by the way ;)
  • Seeing as it's a virtual party, can we get virtually drunk?
  • i meant, here? dark side? chat room (could be a good one?)
  • Count me in. I'll be around 23/12
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