Wobble club Xmas Party



  • What's the first song we are going to dance to then? 'Virtual' insanity.
  • How about 'Keep on running'?
  • BBR staggers in after a few hours in the pub, bottle of advocat in one hand and some lemonade in the other. Thought he would make some snowballs to get the ladies in good cheer....

    He looks around , Some dried up mistletoe hangs from the lights, some cobwebbed decorations hang from the ceiling. A pile of unused dusty decorations sit in a corner.

    Hey where's the party??

    Bu**er nobody turned up!

    He can hear the sounds of some revelry from the old peoples home nextdoor...should he join them...Nah he couldn't cope with all the old wrinklys tring to give him a toothless snog (ooh young Man!
  • BBR slumps in a corner...begins to humm 'do they know its christmas' looks at the two bottles in his hands, casts aside the lemonade and takes a long swig from the other.
  • mmmm....'it'll be lonely this christmas without you sweetheart'...........
  • BBR slips into an alcohol induced sleep, all alone at the FFF party....
  • BBR wakes, wipes the spittle from his cheek and decides to try his luck in the old peoples home next door!
  • party must be later BBB - put something rockin on and Ill have a dance witcha - do you remember Disco tex and the sex-o-lettes - 'Get dancin...!'
  • Merry Xmas all, parties already started here, bottles are out, back to the kitchen sherry.
  • Just been to the old codgers bash...No snoggs although Nora did a nice dance in some red flannel stockings...shame someone had turned of the lights.
  • Right I'm off to sleep of this virtual inebriation...I'll be back later for thet dance Bune...probablly nursing a virtual hangover:-)
  • Only 75 posts fpr the Xmas party..?

    Just thought I'd pop in and say have been really busy today - been to where I used to work and they were all really sweet and ended up running to the loo all afternoon because I had so many cups of tea!

    So anyway just wanted to say that I probably won't be posting now until after Xmas - what with all the family doing the rounds. But I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you all for all the support and good wishes you have all shown me this year, I shall never forget it. In particular the bouquet of flowers when I went back to work and the choccies - I'll never be able to repay your kindness and I'm so so grateful for it!!!

    Take care all and have fun!!!
  • Merry Crimbo Cath (and everyone else!)
  • Oh, you're here are you? Been looking for you all everywhere!
  • Runner -- oops! Didn't anyone start a new one then..? Some party! :o)

    Iain -- thanks!

    later guys
  • Oh dear. Theyve all gone :-(
  • Hey all... how is the party mood today?

  • just missed you evil... but to be honest, if I had the choice, I'd drink vodka rather than chat to me too!!!!
  • Wheres the paaaarrrttttteeeeee (gone?)
  • I'm still here... I'm still here!!!!
  • Any room for a latecomer who's still sober???
  • gary, theres boy talk on the fat club thread if you can stand it
  • Yes I've been reading that as well, never been interested in the Army myself but there you go.

    Can I interest you in a drink (other than gin) as this is where the party is at???
  • Mines a gin, or port, or sherry
    oh bloody hell, wot you got
  • Well obviously not (slinks outside dolefully)

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