Tremulous Tums but Thinking Thin Thrusday 21st Club

Morning All!

Blowing a gale out there this am - hard work but lovely when you stop!

Lots of positive thoughts today - special prayers and thoughts to Cath - and to anybody else who had a bad day yesterday, TODAY WILL BE BETTER.

Thought for the day:
"Don't squat with your spurs on."

Web site -NOT For the Prudish - click on bitsnBobs.

Have a good one!


  • Can't spell THURSDAY - oh well it is early!
  • couldnt get out of bed for myrun
    its tonight now
  • Mornin'.
    Its pretty dull and miserable here - and that's just inside the house! Hee hee.
    Have to go to Costco (warehouse) for son's birthday cake - they do lots of nice cakes there but will resist - then go into work.
    Have a bit of a funny throat - kind of a tickle I just can't scratch and my voice keeps coming and going - but it doesn't hurt - just annoying.
    Have a good day all.
  • Think I'll be eleven and a half stone for the rest of my life :0(
  • Morning all

    I'd be quite happy to be eleven and a half stone for the rest of my life!
  • Morning all, feeling really stiff after yesterdays weights so taking a rest day. Not feeling too fat today - yes, thank you, I know I AM, but in my mind today I feel young, slender and frolicsome. Shall try to resist the malt loaf that's been calling to me since brekkie.

    Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.
  • went to WW last night - lost 0.5lb last week. not as good as i hoped but at least it's off. going to reduce the number of points i eat this week - want to try to lose 6.5lbs by christmas if possible!
  • Morning to you all.

    Best introduce myself, I'm tulips, I want to lose 2 more stone and not doing very well at it at the mo.

    Grey and misserable this morning in leeds but still managed 30mins in the pool before work.

    Ran last night and did really badly. For some reason my legs were really hurting and it was like running through treacle but still I managed 6 miles ish.
  • Hi Tulips, glad you made it here.

    6 miles on a Wednesday night is pretty good going - well, it's what I did and I was pretty pleased with myself :-)
  • Morning all. Miserable drizzly dark morning here again. It's supposed to get breezier later.

    Well done to all the losers. Susannah, 6.5lb by Christmas sounds ambitious. Best of luck!

    Clariss, happy birthday to the boy. Hope the sniff-and-tickle fizzles out quietly. Is Costco good? A warehouse has just opened near me. I haven't been in, being largely of the view that the budget end of the market (Aldi, Lidl, Farmfoods etc) is a good illustration of how the impoverished get worse value for money than the comfortably off, but it wouldn't take much to persuade my to have a nose around.

    Hope Birmingham LEA doesn't ban giving booze to teachers because I've bought a couple of dozen bottles of wine for the purpose - mostly for Kevin's school because everyone there has been so good with her.

    Started off with three very ripe bananas this morning. Nothing to do with healthy eating and everything to do with the fact that I bought about 15 of the yellow perils yesterday and then discovered that Mr V-rap had done the same. A banana loaf is looming in the near future.
  • forgot to mention it's pouring with rain here - hope it stops for my run later.

    v-rap - i know i most likely won't manage 6.5 by christmas , i'll be happy with half that, but i'm one of these people that needs to aim high to motivate myself so here goes!
  • Hi Tulips (Just remembered, for some reason, that it's time to plant up the last of the spring bulbs). Welcome. And well done - six miles isn't to be sniffed at and a morning session is serious training.

    Stick around. You sound like a Triple F type!
  • Maybe there should be a club bulb to symbolise our imminent blossoming into beautiful Spring blooms - but what type of flower would suit our personality?

  • Hi Tulips and welcome. Well done on the run - 6 miles is more than acceptable anytime. Good luck with the weight loss. There are several of us here who still have a couple of stones to go so you're not alone.
  • Nick, you could be something long and slender. I want to be a thistle.
  • Don't start talking about flowers guys or I'll bore you to death - gardening is my passion.
  • It's weigh in day is it? Well I won't know until I go to the gym at lunchtime must have extra hard work out to work off those biscuits that held me to randsom last night after many glasses of vino.... damn! Well, I'd ran out of clemintines so what else is a girl to do??
  • Morning all,
    Welcome Tulips!
    Oh it's absolutely chucking it down here.. it looks like it's still night-time! The Mr has just come back from his cancelled-due-to-the-weather golf and is not best pleased! Mind you, he's just asked me if I want to go & get some Chrissie prezzies.. so I'd better accept while the offer's still there!! I daren't weigh myself after the day I had yesterday.. but I'm gonna be a good little Miche today.. V-rap -Banana Loaf - YUM!! Hope Cath's ok today.. My cousin starts his chemo today too.. on top of his radiotherapy every day - it's his birthday on Saturday, so I'm gonna get him a nice prezzie today..don't know what though. Have a good day everyone.
    M xx
  • Morning all. Been a good snail and just had my special k for brekkie.

    Susannah- well done on the weight loss. I put on 1/2lb last night due to convincing myself I had to eat loads before brighton on Sat. I'm sure. Just look at a half pound pack of butter!!

    Won't be around much today, out and about so catch up 2moro probably. See ya'll.
  • Fit-illaria?
  • Morning all.

    Currently struggling with that 'banana or chocolate' dilemma. Trouble is I've eaten the banana, but am still craving the chocolate....

    Twenty minutes in the Gym this morning, should have been an hour but desperate traffic.

    Anyone got any tips for substantial but still quick and virtuous breakfasts? I'm always starving by about ten - I've tried multiple bowls of special K but it just makes my jaws ache.
  • Crumpet with some nice Honey! Yummy and filling
  • Greetings from greysville and welcome to Tulips.

    Sticking with the unsweetened and unadulterated porridge at the moment and just had a banana for a pre-run snack. This, however, will all have been for nothing as a chinese food and good company are on the agenda tonight.

    V-rap, be honest. Who cares if your LEA have a booze ban for the teachers? I'm sure it will be gratefully received even if it's handed over clandestinely, behind the bikesheds.

    Remember, rules are meant to be broken ;-)

  • That's rules, not laws of course!
  • Slowboy, we often have this debate about brekkie and porridge always gets my vote - sticks to the sides and fills you right up.
  • Tut Tut Filbert :-)

    Hi all

    Hello to Tulips Welcome.

    Well done to those runners and weight losers.

    Michelle, thoughts for steve. Also for Cath.

    Slow Boy, Porrige, can't beat it. Weetabix otherwise.

    Managed to stick to points yesterday so V pleased. Jumpet Jnr had me up all night last night so I'm a tad tired and am off to earn some money :-(

    Talk later.

    Pretty miserable isn't it. I might visit Bunes light box site.
  • what time's the weigh-in folks,and is it at the same time each week?

    and who keeps a check on our progress?

  • beer intake still down.....

    weigh in... as in boxing?
  • Morning all – foggy up here

    Got creative in the kitchen again last night – so here it is the meal of the day ----


    Mix together: -

    150g Cooked peeled prawns
    3 or 4 Chopped spring onions
    3 tblsp Lemon juice
    1½ tblsp Olive oil
    1 tsp hot chilli powder

    Add mixture to a preheated wok and stir regally

    At the same time put a packet of Uncle Bens Microwave Pelaeu (spelling??) rice in the Microwave for 2 mins.

    When the rice is cooked add to the wok and stir in until the juices have been soaked up.

    Serve … from start to finish (including prep in less than 10 mins) ideal after a run :o)
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