PSOF Injury Log



  • It must be down to seeing Ipswich Town at the top of Div.. sorry, The Championship and Delia Smiths lot at the bottom of the Prem (great match against Middlesborough tho').
  • Injury : Twisted ankle
    Action : Strapping and RICE. Oh and wheres my pullbuoy so I can swim ?

    Hope to be running middle of next week. 10 days sounds good enough ?

    Oh and will dig out wobble board too.
  • Swerve - how long have you had your PT, and how are you treating it?

    Oxy - I moved my heel outwards a bit in relation to my toe (so my foot was a bit more parallel to the frame). It has stoped the ITBS (fingers crossed), but shouldn't matter as I'm getting an adult bike soon anyway, so to the back of the shed with the tiddly one with the stabilisers...

    My inner thigh/knewe can sometimes hurt on the ride now though, which lets me know I've rotated my foot too far, so I constantly adjust.
    I have not, however, tested this theory on a long ride yet, so here's hoping.
  • Ailments: drunken sledging impact - bruised and stiff lower left back and funny hip left leg("ow!" not "ha ha!")

    action taken: none apart from moaning about it - taking it easy?


    excess cattarr when running/cycling
    action: work out how to spell cattarr
  • Catarrh.

  • no it's a banjo
  • Hmmm I'm doing a creative writing course...

    So far i've got

    It was a dark and stormy night

    I need another 473 words and some inspiration - perhaps if i get drunk?
  • It was a dark and stormy night, except there wasn't really a storm. The broken triathlete sat at his computer swigging cheap brandy from a half empty bottle. Half his concentration was focussed on how to cheat his food diary over the next few days so that his coach didn't beat him up for being a gluttonous wreck. This he knew would be trouble in days to come.

    The remainder of his scant attention wandered erratically through the forum like the intoxicating vapour particles escaping from his lips as he washed back another lug of drink. He barely registered his media player switching albums from one Coldplay ablum to the other. Well, to him they were all the same. He was so wrapped in this state of semi-consciousness that he didn't have a chance of seeing the shadow reach out behind him and then silently, menacingly enter the room. (Like a fart from a jack russell)

    hmmm what could he write?
  • Like it Zilla!! When's it out in paperback?
  • Early next year, I'll have to ask my publisher

    I'm thinking about "romance" novels (possibly involving broken traithletes)

    I hear there is money to be made, and if not the research could be interesting.

  • Also not a pirate, because of.....
    Piriformis syndrome
    recurring ITBS
    damaged vertebra L6
  • WTF is ITBS?
  • illiotibialbandsyndrome

    the thing that runs from your knee to your pelvis when it gets tight and lumpy
  • Cheers Zilla!
  • And I reckon IW is still a pirate.
  • In spirit definately
  • Not a pirate.

    Calf injury.

    Physio says right buttock too small.

    Does my bum look small in this?
  • Had a dreadful cold for 3 days, and felt to rough / bunged up to go out.
  • Loads of itliotbial band injuries. I feel quite left out.
    But then i've had (all in the left leg)
    Achillies tendoinitis
    plantar faceitis
    a torn patella tendon
    shin splints
    tendonitis just above inner elft ankle
    broke 2 bones in my right hand after skining which ment running (hand bouncing around) was painful for about a week!
    Oh and lower back pain, but only get that when doing sprints
  • ...and they say encouraging active participation in sport saves the NHS money?
  • Imminent toe nail droppage

    action taken: use a darker shade of nail polish

    Also got chapped lips from all the outdoorsy training.
  • Blimey, this thread is really bringing out the hyperchondriac in everyone isn't it?
  • Cheeky boy these are legitimate concerns, along with the eyelash that fell out the other day, I really don't know how I carry on.
  • You got that right - definitely a pirate in spirit!

    If Roth does get elected for 2006 outing, I'll be up for that. They have a relay IM too.
  • IT band problems this sent to voodoo acupuncturist. Hopefully the magic pins will do the trick.
  • I wish I'd never found this thread! Since I recorded my injuries, I have developed several others. I am a walking medical catalogue at the moment and the frustration is building up. I am tired of not being able to run or work out properly - I need my endorphin fix!!!!!
  • my knees are still very scabby from trying to resist picking them.......

    otherwise - all shipshape and bristols
  • Hey managed a 5 1/2 mile run last night with the club, so far no aches and pains ;-)
  • I went to physio last night - hopefully get back in "proper" training within a few days. gently does it for now tho'.
  • Seeing the acupunturist tomorrow for some voodoo...hopefully able to run again on Thursday. Currently stretching the IT band at any opperchancity I I don't look like a tit really.
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