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Does anyone know of a good map website which enables you to measure distance.


  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    it has a tool for measuring routes, I found it a little tricky panning to the next part of the map and not losing the distance though.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    I've just another go at the above site and it gets easier with practice, only roads are shown though not footpaths and distace is displayed in Kilometers and meters not miles.
    (click on the UK flag to get the detailed uk map)
  • Just tried map24. It's excellent for tracing routes around London (following streets), and really easy. Panning to the next part of the map just involves using the arrow keys, while distance is done with the mouse, so no difficulties there.

    Thanks Steve
  • Like it !! It just measured my 2 mile circuit as 3.16km - so about 1% out. Thats good enough for me !
  • Thanks Steve map24 is just what I was looking for. I did'nt fancy running the streets with a heart rate monitor on one arm and a satalite measuring system on the other.
  • That is the most useful site I've seen in ages - thanks for the link.
  • I've just tried map24. I'm very impressed. Played around with it for 5 minutes and it very simply to use. It confirmed my thought that a 10K route around my house is actually just short.
  • Bl**dy hell, FF, you must live in a palace!

  • Ya see - property is much cheaper Ooop North, so we can all have H U G E houses.

    I haven't bumped into my wife for some weeks now. I think she's somewhere in the South Wing.
  • I cannot comment on the above but MAP24 is extremely good. The only thing is some of my runs have just got shorter! Now I will have to run for longer in the cold.

  • Now I have tried using Map24 again, it has become very slow and prone to crashing. Anyone else having problems?
  • Have found Map24 really useful, and it seems to measure in miles not km. Am I just special?!
  • HAve tried about 5 times today and all it keeps saying is waiting for application to load! Grrr could be good but getting annoyed now!
  • Fantastic site; thanks to all.
    I've had no problems getting it to work (but did have to download the java software) and find it great with one reservation.
    Why does the route only appear in the RHS of the screen with all the left wasted and the top taken up with ads? I can understand the top/ ads, they need to pay for it, but can the cr*p on the LHS be reduced or minimised?

    Thanks again to all seems excellent and very accurate.
  • You can maximise it to fit full screen.
  • Wow!! Thanks again.

    I thought it was good in that small window, having managed to maximise it its incredibly easy and amazingly detailed.
  • Ok folks,
    So what am I doing wrong? Whenever I select the computer thinks for a while, gives me the "done" at the bottom left of screen and a BLANK screen. Anyone suffer this one, and now know the secret?

    Thanks, Jayne
  • I find google earth is the best way to measure your routes.
  • Thanks,

    I've been recommended by a colleague to try; with it's worth a go if anyone else is interested.
  • I find this one brilliant, and have compared it to a run with my Garmin GPS and have only had a few yards difference over 10 miles.
  • that Sue and Paul site is now

    Gmap Pedometer
  • I use - just change country + town. Also works out all your stats for you.
    Hope this helps.
  • I use ,you just enter your postcode and it brings up a map for you to trace your route on.
  • Thanks for your advice and suggestions folks. I'll give these a try.

  • I find this one really good although not tried the others you've mentioned yet.

    Just select GBR instead of USA, very easy to use. It's good for recognising new routes when you put it on hybrid too.
    Tina xx
  • Try using, type in your start area or postcode and finish area and then click on walking route, it will give you the roads to "run" and the distance in miles.
  • I use gmap-pedometer aswell which I think is fantastic. I have all my routes saved from 2m upwards. Its a runners perfect tool, apart from our legs !!! LOL
    Had a go just now at ukmap24 but didn't find it as user friendly as gmap.
  • You could also try using It has a diary section for logging all the runs or gym work you do and you can share your runs with others or view their routes to get a change of scenery.
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