The Gr8 Wood Gr8 Run



  • Ops....had hoped no-one would notice I wasn't there lol. Second person to ask!

    I am ok ta, have had a bit of a cold for over two weeks and feel some days like doing something and some days like not doing anything - no was a no energy day.

    Hubby and I were both down to do it and we both over slept too, which wasn't a good start.

    Missed out big time, as I was quite looking forward to Crowcombe Hill...NOT!!!

    How did you get on?

    I think I am well out of the running thing at the mo.....need some omph to get back into it.

    Doing the race for life at Street on 24 July.....really want to train up a bit and do the 5k in a good time! Just need the motivation to get back out there again.

  • This just has to be one of the most scenic runs ever and to the marshall at the top of "that" hill, I really was admiring the view , honest!
    Beautiful weather, beautiful views, friendly marshalls and even the water tasted lovely. Perhaps my only complaint is that my new trail shoes still look a bit pristine!!

    Only hope the Black Death lives up to its predecessor.
  • An excellent race! Beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather, friendly marshalls, thanks to the lady handing out the Jelly Babies!
    Nearly missed it parked the car at 5 to 11 and ran to the start, just in time for the countdown.
    To round off a great day my daughter won one of the spot prizes.
  • Hi Guys,
    What a lovely run it was yesterday and the views on the top of the HILL were amazing.
    Knee suffer a bit yesterday, so I'll be resting this week, might cycle instead!

    The Provisional Results (Pre-Enter) are up!
    HMG :-)
  • Hi HMG
    Sorry I didn't get to see you at the GR8. I was too busy trying to breath after getting up the hills.
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