James Cracknell to start marathon



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  • octopus, i wasn't rubbishing him at all. i was taking issue with the angry mob that has been rubbishing him on this site for the past 3 months, by collecting together all of their accusations in one place. as BR says, irony.

    actually i missed one out - he's also been criticised at length for aiming to crack 3 hours. apparently this is arrogant, and makes him a git.

    i'm not sure where this leaves the sub-3 group!

    and as for the sub-2:45 group??? BR and pantman, hang your heads in shame
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  • Have trouble walking ?
  • Why has it reposted that?
  • LOL. oh dear, it took me ages to work that out.
  • For one, I was terribly upset about him pulling out. He was my main challenge. Actually, it was his arrogance/self-belief/focussed-single-mindedness that I wanted to take down. Now we'll never know.

    I did my bit Jimmy, where were you? Got some rowing suddenly appeared in your May diary now have you?

    Oh, BTW, Mr C did make a sort-of-apology to "track and field" athletes in general who professed that their training was ruined by sprained ankles etc. Because he trains whilst sat on his **** he has always been able to train through a niggle. When he got running, he had to rethink this. His comments weren't specifically aimed at PR or KH, but how many class runners do we have?

    Post note:

    (Had that Richard Dunwoody been out there this year I wouldn't have been so open about my ambitions to beat all the celebs).

    Oh, and er, Candy.
    The answer to your invitation is still NO.
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