Did you run for St John Ambulance?



  • K3?????? Lots of pressies?????? Nice meal???????

    We're not very organised about presents. I don't mind not getting any as I then don't have to feel guilty about not getting him one. Meal at ludicrously cheap (but good fun) Chinese eat-in/takeaway tonight then another tomorrow when K4 and K5 are around.

    A good excuse to have two meals out!

    Thanks for the good wishes.
  • Happy birthday!
    Good luck to all of you on 23rd.
  • K2 - just got back from a weekend with my in-laws in Sidmouth and had a message from justgiving.com - thank you ever so much - I'll let you know how I do on 23rd. TT
  • TT
    Good luck next Sunday!
  • Thanks K2! TT
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    K2 I believe I may owe you a thank you too!
    so thank you!
  • You're welcome, Clairster!
  • K2 - finished in 5 hours, 29 minutes and 26 seconds - what a fantastic experience despite the knee pain and a case of the Paula trots! The crowd were wonderful and encouraged you every step of the way. So glad I did it. I've been raising money with Liz and Lucy (as you know from our web-site - will let you know how much we've collected for SJA in a few weeks (Liz has gone to France for 2 weeks). Thanks ever so much for the sponsorship. TT
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