Marathon Windows Tour Of Epsom & Ewell Race 1: 3.3MT

Who's up for this runfest this year. I entered the whole tour in a moment of post FLM lunacy.


  • I'd like to do this except I'm required for babysitting duties most nights that week. (My wife got to the calendar with the red biro before I did!)

    I did a RunningWithDavid event last week and it was very enjoyable: nice and informal, but organised.
  • I shall be there all week once again Murf :)

    A year's just long enough to forget that feeling of arrgh another race tonight!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    entered all of them again. looking forward to it, especially after i had to miss the morden 5k last thursday - mcgoohan was that the one you did?
  • Twas indeed annajo. Really enjoyed it, even though it was kind of a suburban circuit. Don't recall crossing a single road - which was a blessing. Got a free sports massage afterwards as well. A good night out, all in all.
  • I hope to be doing this- haven't done the full week for quite some time. In Ok shape so will be a good laugh. The beers after the final race always go down well-although trying to run home afterwards is a bit of a challenge after an evening with Auntie Stella!
  • The last time I ran every night for a week was the TofE two years ago. Shall try to pace myself slightly better this time - I was going backwards by Friday.
  • My novice friend, Tanya, who will be competeing in her first race, wants to know the best run for the week? And one with the boozer nearest the finish line!!
  • Well, you have to run at least one of the midweek runs to be allowed to run the Friday handicap, so I guess that reduces her to four choices.
  • 'Ere, whose nicked my post?! I know I posted a reply to Stone(d) yesterday but it's vanished and I definitely submitted it.

    If you're into pubs, Thursday's the best day cos there are three drinking establishments within staggering distance of the finish although one of them probably wont let you in dressed in running gear. However, Thursday is also a time trial and is, to my mind, the most difficult race of the week.
  • Ta. Why can't I access the website??
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
  • Net nanny stops it for me at work, but I can access it from home, so maybe that's your problem Stone(d)
  • Well, I'll be doing it (the whole tour) again this year. The Tattenham Corner pub seems closed for refurb at the mo though, might have to be the Derby Arms on Thursday night.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    so there's a few of us doing this then?

    Just to warn anyone who knows me - I am fully intending to post the slowest times I have ever done, and if I survive the week it will be a miracle. So... I will be grumpy! (unless by some fluke I don't come last in which case I will be ecstatic!)

    Not been running properly for ages, so this week will just be a non-competitive, jog around various parks

    (please remind me of this when I come to the fourth day and start trying to chase slippery down as he skips past me...)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    oh I'm number 12 by the way, and will be sporting the beautiful red and yellow epsom vest for at least the first night (before it becomes too smelly and/or starts to run by itself!)

    murf, tiger, and slippery, think you'll recognise me?!
  • Think I can just about remember what you look like Annajo.

    See you there.
  • See you tonight y'all! Have decided to take the plunge and go for the whole week. I hope it doesn't rain, but it's looking kind of sh*te out there at the mo. Hey ho- will be fun anyway!
  • "Fun anyway"!

    Here we go for round 1 :)

    You going for top 10 again Slippery? I shall try for the top 100!
  • Thank you for your encouragement at the end Slippery :) That last hill never gets any easier does it?!

    Think I might need a little snooze at my desk this afternoon ready for tonight's race, I think I blew all my energy in Horton Park last night!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    I love that last hill, someyear I will stop doing pointless sprint finishes up it (I can't help myself ;) )

    Well think i managed to avoid coming last, not by much though sadly. serves me right for being a lazy so and so for the last few months(/years!)

    bit tired today - maybe going to the pub last night after the race was a bad idea... as was getting in at half past midnight... oops

    thanks for coming back and cheering me on chris!

    see you all tonight
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    bit harder last night, my legs feel a bit dead today, but I'm hoping for the mid-week 'second wind' ?!

    didn't come last again, phew, I was actually in last place for a bit at the start, which was a bit depressing. I'm trying to avoid looking up times I did in previous years.

    Cheers murf for the shout out you gave me on that last straight up to the finish, I heard you from way out and it really helped :) + ta slips for jogging back and saying ello
  • I'll be up there in Epsom for the one tonight trying for a sub 30.

    See y'all!
  • Sub 30 eh? I'll have some of that! Give us a tow up that hill? :)

    I'm feeling a little bit exhausted today!
  • HILL??? I don't remember any hill! (and I remember doing it the last couple of years)

    wakey wakey!
  • You'll remember it soon enough!

    This desk in my office is a bit hard, I could do with a pillow :)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    desks are rubbish for sleeping on, aren't they. someone should have designed them better
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    where's McGoohan, MadEnoughToRun and Stone(d) and Stone(d)'s friend? how are you all doing?

    legs starting to hurt a little bit now. I'm stone cold last in the series, sob sob, with each day about 5 minutes slower than last year and about 7 minutes slower than the year before. but at least i'm getting round.

    Starting to remember how to race again now after months and months away from it, I was a bit braver yesterday night and overtook several people, so hopefully have caught up on people in the tour standings.

    I found out that the girl ahead of me in the series, who I ran most of Tuesday and a bit of yesterday with (and who is really lovely! I love meeting cool people during runs), took a wrong turn on the Horton race so missed out a bit of the course by mistake, so thats the reason why I'm so far behind her in the standings. I chipped away a bit of that time last night though...

    well done tiger on beating 30 minutes last night, thats fantastic!
  • Tanya and I did the first night know, small steps. It was Tanya's first race and a very respectable 32.22. Good luck to all you crazy people....and the last night tonight. Never done this sort of series so I guess this evening you get to find out who the 'bandits' are ??!! Anyway, enjoy.....we'll be back next year for more than one night.
  • annajo, I dropped out of this series cause I aggravated an 'old' injury in the Dorking 10 on Sunday. Also puts me out of the Epsom 10K this coming Sunday.


    Glad to see you're enjoying it though. Moment of truth tonight eh?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    thats a shame, McGoohan, how long do you think its gonna keep you out for?

    well done to Tanya - she beat me, timewise! (most people did!)

    well i've never finished in the mass of runners in the last handicap race, always ahead of the pack. Tonight I get to start off first (grrr) although I managed to get a bit of time on the people ahead of me again (1 minute 45 in one case, I think I'm improving!)

    Starting to get the race head back on again, which is good. now for a bit of training, and lets see if i can be back on form next year

    good luck for tonight everyone, see you then
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