Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2



  • 18 on Sun, how many is that going to make it this week ?
  • Will make 56 for the week!!

    i just had to add it all up
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Still on 5 miles and one gym session. Busy last night at my desk till 3:30am (and not talking rubbish on here for once). Moreover whilst I don't mind the rain I was not in the mood for a complete soaking last night.

  • Where are you doing your 18 poppy ?
  • Not planned anywhere yet...open to ideas

    that was a late night at your desk!!!

    Hope you manage a run tonight
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Hiya guys,i'm feeling a bit more human now.

    I didn't want any sympathy!Just thought i'd amuse you all.

    I am in training,nothing wrong with a few drinks now and again!Ok,it was a few more than a few but what can you do?

    Poppy,go up Afan Argoed,2 loops of 9,it's fab.

    Seriously psyching myself up for the 5K.

    Poppy,tell me,give me some info about this new Caroline woman that's joined you,age,achievements etc.

    I'm resting till Sunday,didn't run last night after all,I was dragged out kicking and screaming to Wind Street by the girls.
  • Yeh Alex I am going to the gym 3 times a week at the mo :-

    Treadmill - 30 mins with intervals on 6% incline (its going well)

    Weights - Alternating (Chest & Tri's)(Back & Biceps) (shoulders & Tri's)

    Leg extensions to build up muscle around knees.

    Crunches and stretching to finish.

  • Which Gym Jinx ? 6%. Never more than 2% me.

    Jen, yes amused ok. Kicking and screaming eh ? I can't imagine.

    Poppy, if I were after a long route I would be tempted by something off-road. Is the 9 miles in Afan Argoed flat ?

    Llanelli costal path is nice too.

    Not out to break any records this weekend, and will have to see how I feel on Tues. Having a fat week this week !
  • Afan Argoed,depending is which way you go round the loop is flat one side and slightly sloping downhill the other side.But it is pretty much flat.

    You can't really notice the downhill but it just feels much easier and it is a very gentle slope.But,obviously,if you're hardcore,you could do it the other way round and do the first half of the loop on the sloping up way.You do notice the difference.

    Oh,Alex,I was kicking and screaming,and then they poured alcohol down my neck and said that if I didn't take part in their drinking games that they wouldn't be my friends anymore ;-)

  • Havn't been to Afan Argoed since I was a kid. Will try it. Hardcore; you know the score :-) (Ravers of the world unite, or maybe not) Good to unwind occasionally, or so I am told.

    Gonna give it an hour or so then go for a run. Maybe run to the Gym then longer run after. Half tempted to cycle to Brecon for the 10m on Sun. No. Stupid idea.
  • I would go every week with George when In marathon training fantastic really adore it.

    Alex are you going slighly nutty??

    I may try the coastal path but I have to average 8.45 each mile so somewhere flattish so I can achieve it.

    I am going to do more off road and more mountains

    Poppy is going mad again this time.......upgrade to Amsterdam marathan????

    What do we think??

    i guess I really am a Long distance runner at heart I would only need to up mileage another 20 miles and stick at it for marathon.

    But I had said nothing longer than 1/2 marathon this summer...what is a girl to do??

    My schedule looks like I am training for a marathon but coach not mentioned it to me!!!

    Shall I? shant I?

    Good luck at Brecon on Sunday
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Yes, upgrade. Get the distance in. That is my vote. You def. like your distance.

    Hills and off-road are brill. I am always on the look out for good off-roaders. If you spot one I haven't spotted let me know. One day, poss sept or later this month if cool enough, I fancy doing the Black Mountain.

    Be warned, I look sane but the pleasant exterior (sic) belies and axe-wielding murderer, on acid with an agenda on a bender. Darn*, lapsed in to schoolboy poetry.

    * Should be Bu@@er but edited out so as not to cause the construction of a mechanical separation between the boundary of two areas of agricultural land.

    Can't you just tell I have only run 5 miles this week.

    Dedo off for a plod now. Armatage Shanks returns later without clothes, and and R.
  • OMG

    I am scared is this the dark side we are seeing of you

    <<<Poppy runs off screaming>>>>>>>>

    so that is one vote for marathon:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • And to add to Welsh Poppy's trauma of the decision full or half marathon, ........ I'm still lurking !!!!
    BUT I plan to be at Blackpill on Tuesday (weather forecast is good so will be riding over ) when I just might voice my opinion of her present training levels !!!!!
    You'd better be running quicker than me WP !!!
  • eveing george, how you doing?

    Just got stopped by an over zealous policewoman, as I was riding my bike home with a led light on my head like a mountainerer. [straps and everything, perfectly legal] She was "we don't see anyone with lights on their heads usually" I was very "you don't see burgulars with swag sacks on their backs either!"
    she backed down .

    Phil 1
    Police woman [jnr] 0

  • oh yeah, rest day today [friday] will do 5 sat and 15 sun#

    bring it on!!!!!!!

    SAND IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Hello Sweetheart:-)

    I forgot you were lurking......hastily takes back anything she has said reference her training and schedule.She also takes back anything to do with marathons

    I am totally innocent I have been a bad girl and only done around 20 miles a week since FLM:-)

    Poppy thinks hard......I could pop a blonde wig on Tuesday I am sure George would not reconise me then or shave my hair off.....No that is a bit extreme!!

    Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday...I think:-(

    Poppy has 2 choices:-

    1 Do not turn up

    2 Run so blimming fast she is sick, cross finish line and then leg it home fast so she does not bump into George as she has a feeling a big telling off is going to occur!!

    Catch me if you can George!!
    Poppy realises this is just bravado on her part as George will once again wipe the floor with her in a race she is just not good enough to beat him ever and goes and crys in the corner of the room:-(((((((
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Afternoon.

    4 Miles yesterday (just under 32 mins) bringing my weeks total to a dismal 9 so far.
  • WP. Note too your coach
    To be Added to all your training programme ..... lessons in NOT being defeatist !!!!

    Yo Phil.

    And first race since FLM, with only a couple of runs too, I will happy with a 26 !!!
  • George
    I was only teasing you.....I am going to wipe the floor with you:-)
    My confidence level has gone through the roof!!!
    Poppy looking for...... nope not telling would not want to discourage you;-)
    When I beat you on Tuesday you will not forget it for a LONG time!!!
    And I don't believe what you have written about not running since FLM!!

    Good luck Phil with 15 today make sure it is not on SAND

    Alex and Jen good luck today at Brecon

    You have tapered well for the 10 miler after our 20mile race last weekend so things should look good for you:-)
    But get back putting the miles in:-)

    12 for me yesterday but very tired did not get out of bed till 9.30 and had to sleep when I got back from run for 3 hours.

    18 today but going to play it by ear as I am shattered again.

    Happy running
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Taper, yes, I knew I knew what I was doing really. (Yawn, better get my a*** in to gear).

    The biggest problem for me after last weekend was not recovering from the muscle strain but from the physical or energy drain.
  • Alex
    I think that is what is wrong with me I have recovered from the muscle strain but the energy and physical side has just reared its ugly head since Friday I have been so exhausted and basicly done nothing this weekend as too tired and for me to go back to bed yesterday for 3 hours proves this!!

    I am glad I am not racing today as I am the walking dead!!

    Did just under 13 miles it was to be at a specific pace(marathon) but no way I knew on getting out there I was going to have a hard time and the time proved it my legs felt dead!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Well poppy, you and me both. Finished my 10 miler in 1:21 dead and at mile 5 I thought I was going to do a Radcliff. <pauses for thought> (Pull out, not have a no. 2 roadside that is)

    Miles 1-5 mostly down, 5-8 radically up, 8-9 gentle slope, 9-10 flat.

    I planned to take it easy and had decided on sub 1:22. Mostly downhill to mile 5 and splits were in a comfortable range of 7:06 to 7:38. Then there was a bit of a slow climb and THUD (as they say). I stopped and walked for a minute, sipped my drink b4 gingerly plodding off again at about 9 min mile pace.

    Absolutely no energy in the legs. If I had tried to push it would not have been there, just could not feel any power in my legs at all. Sometimes I can feel my muscles bursting with ooomph, today the only thing moving them was my willpower.

    Pops, we *will* come back stronger. It has to be.

    The sub 1:22 as planned happened more by accident than design.

    It's refuelling everything within a week that I think is the big issue. I wonder if there is any specific advice on this, like perhaps eating loads of cream cakes ?
  • Alex

    Glad to hear you mentioned which Paula you were tempted to do;-)

    Sorry to hear it did not go to plan and you suffered but you finished the race and in a respectable time not what you may have wanted but considering how this week has been since the 20 mile race you did wel!!!

    yes lets hope we come back stronger by Tuesday would be good but have a funny feeling it will not be so for me!!

    Cream cakes!!!!!! yuk

    But if that is the fuel your body needs have some you have earned them refuel your body this week.

    I have had another nap today only 1.5 hours

    have plenty of extra sleep your body needs it look after your body and it will reward you.

    take care
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Morning Everyone,

    Tues, hmmm, lets hope.

    Cream cakes, love coffee buns. Mmmmmmm. Nice.

    Spent all yesterday afternoon grazing. Tomato soup followed by cereal followed by 6 small yoghurts followed by some plums followed by a pizza. Craving food I was.

    Could have easily dozed off about 7pm but kept myself pottering until late.

    Poppy, were you back in action this morning ? If so, how did it feel ?
  • Yes only 4 mile recovery run it was HARD an awful run....and on getting to work find it should have been blimming 6 so have to go back out to do 2 after work:-(((( JUST WHAT A NEED!!

    In bed by 8.30 an slept till 4AM!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • I did a 4 last week, it was all hell and the last .2 of a mile was just pain.
  • Not looking good for tomorrow:-(
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Hiya folks,well done for yesterday Alex,was a tough course no doubt about it.

    I've made the decision not to do the 5K tomorrow.With Cardiff so close I need to prioritise and miles are more important than a 5K race at the moment.I've got 3 huge weeks of miles coming up.

    I will be there supporting though,will bike down most probably.

    Good luck to you all if I don't see you,probably will though.
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