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Hi there,

I've been drooling around in the Timex/Nike threads having a toy attack. I'm very attracted by the idea of the Timex, but I don't like the idea of a heavy device to strap to my arm. Can anyone give me an idea of how heavy/large/generally intrusive that bit is?

Also, I do have a Garmin GPS that I bought for walking a few years ago and have hardly used. Has anyone used one of these for distance/pace measuring whilst running?

Finally, if anyone who's bought one from the US happens to be reading, can you tell me where you got it, please? I can't find any on ebay.co.uk right now (though there are a few on ebay.com).

Thanks :)


  • I haven't weighed mine but I find it unnoticeable when I am running. It certainly isn't heavy!
  • I've ordered a new one from ebay.com. From a guy who calls himself joetimex. Ordered it Saturday, and had a mail this morning (Monday) to say it was in the post, and that it would take 4-7 days. Cost about £97 for the 100 lap one. I couldn't find any cheap ones on ebay.co.uk either.

    As for the weight, I've read tons of stuff about this watch and everyone says they don't notice it on their arm.

  • I mean, that they don't notice the box, not the watch...
  • Many thanks, RB and RC :-)

    I think I'll have to have one...

    I've been searching around for JoeTimex, as I'd read great things about him on other threads, but he doesn't seem to have any available at the moment on either the UK or the US Ebay site. I'll look again. If anyone else can see him there then please let me know - I'm probably doing something wrong :)

    Thanks again!
  • http://shop.auctionwatch.com/joetimex/store.html

    He's a Timex dealer. Mail him if he isn't advertising the speed/distance models.

  • The arm unit hardly weighs anything - it's really not noticeable. The most annoying thing about it is that running in summer you get a white patch in your tan on the upper arm...

    Have you thought about the Ciclosport SDM featured in last months RW mag? Looks interesting, I haven't heard of anyone who's got one yet. If it works, it looks like it gets over some of the problems of both the Timex and Nike SDMs

    (never knowingly missed a chance to talk about SDMs)
  • I've had the Timex SDM for a few months now, and have been very happy with it. Although while running the arm unit doesn't bother me, I've found that after long runs (20+ miles) my arm has been a bit stiff.
  • Many thanks, RC - what a star! I've mailed him :)

    Hello Venom - I'd overlooked the Ciclosport in last month's mag - not quite sure how I did that! I'll go and look it up on the web. Thanks for the tip :)
  • Thanks Donutto, too. Hmm... I wonder whether it might be worth swapping it over on long runs?
  • Good idea. I'm too stupid to have thought of doing that! Will try on next long run.
  • I've had the Timex unit for a few weeks, and am very happy with it. It doesn't weigh very much - you forget all about it after a while. I also got mine through joetimex who advertises on ebay.

    One comment I would make though is that previous threads on this forum have said that if the gps system loses you for a while, when it picks you up again it will assume you've gone in a straight line, thus it can only ever under-estimate your mileage. This doesn't match my experience. In the rare instances where I've been informed that the "GPS SIGNAL WEAK", or it's gone back to "Searching", I've always found that the milage for that particular split is on the high side. The manual only refers to the system having a "technique to maintain reliable speed and distance information" when the signal is lost.

    Another problem is that if you, like me, start your runs straight outside your house, you have to stand like a lemon for a minute or so when you first go out for the unit to lock onto the satellites. If anyone passes, I try to put on my best "waiting for my SDM to lock on" face, but I just get odd looks. The initial wait seems to get longer as the batteries run down.

    I wouldn't want the above to put any one off the system, on the whole it works very well. I think I'm near to my my first battery change, however the battery monitor on the watch still shows 100%. Anyone know if that can be relied upon?

  • Also if you use a bottle belt for long runs I think you can attach the monitor to that rather than wear it on your arm which could save a lot a faffing about. BTW Wee Piglet did you ever get your new running shoes? If so, what did you go for in the end and are they any good?
    Humph3 - my timing device shut down in the middle of a run, just after the watch had told me the battery was low.
  • Thanks, Humph3. Incidentally, I know that lemony "waiting for SDM to lock" feeling - I've had the same experience standing around staring intently at my GPS in the Lakes, waiting for it to find the satellite :)

    Guestie - after all my careful investigations into the Nimbus I've actually stayed with the Cumulus for now. I got the impression from people's replies that the Nimbus might not have as much room in the front of the shoe as I need, and I decided to err on the side of caution and stick with what is currently working. It's a pity, though, as I'd like to check out the Nimbus. I think I just like new kit... :)
  • Guestie: I tried it on a belt once, and it did not work at all. Timex recommends siting the GPS unit on your arm and, based on my experience, I think their advice is the only way of using the system.
  • Hello!
    As a puny armed runner I was a bit worried about the weight of the receiver myself but have found it no problem.(I would say it weighs about the same as my computer mouse?) I also used Joetimex for mine and thought the service was brill - I think I ordered on the Friday and it arrived on the following Tuesday.
    I know that not everybody thinks they are massively useful but I am almost addicted to mine. Very useful if running a different route or for measuring intervals. Also good for motivation I find.
    Good luck!
  • Joy! JoeTimex was back this morning with watches on Ebay, so I've bought one! :-)) Wow, I'm extremely excited!!! :-)))

    Many thanks, all of you, for all the advice and facinating info - I can't wait to get it now!

    trot trot trot
    trot trot trot
    trot trot trot

  • Stretch, using JoeTimex did you end up paying any customs duty? Tempted myself now everyone is raving about them.


    Wee Piglet, I ended up buying the Nimbus IV from Sweatshop. I have long toes and had no problems with them. Very Comfy.
  • I'm thinking of ordering one from joetimex in the states, were there any problems with postage and/or customs, or paying for it on a visa card?
  • Hi. I just received my SDM from Joe Timex yesterday. It took nine days to get to me in Ireland which was pretty good considering I ordered it on Christmas Eve. It seems to have been in the mail system for most of that time. Overall, I am very happy with my experience in dealing with Joe Timex. He answered all my questions very quickly and the watch was shipped within two days of my order. He also wrapped it very well with lots of newspaper round it in a box much bigger than the watch box. If you look at e-bay, you’ll see that he has a couple of thousand customer comments, of which only 4 are negative. Personally, given the distance involved, I would suggest though that you opt for insured express mail with USPS as I did as this is quicker and means you get a tracking number. This cost an extra $12 but I feel it was worth it.

    I didn’t have any trouble paying via mastercard but I personally felt his ordering mechanism was a little cumbersome. I bought and paid for the watch on e-bay. I then received a mail from Joe Timex’s online store telling me I had to go and re enter my details on his site. When you go to the link on his site, you basically have to purchase the watch again except that this time you have credit to the value of what you paid on e-bay. You don’t have to enter your card details again but you do have to input you address and select the desired shipping options.
  • Peeps,

    I've been reading the Timex SDM threads here for a week or so, and I've read several people saying that they were not approached by Customs for duty. Apparently Joe marked the box "gift" with a low value.

    Seany - what a weird ordering procedure! This morning I went straight to PayPal after using the "Buy Now" feature and paid with my Mastercard. (I was already registered with PayPal.) In less than an hour I'd had an email from JoeTimex confirming that he'd received the payment and that he'd ship the watch today. I didn't have to visit his shop. Sounds as though you may have been unlucky.

    Muzzer - oh no, more temptation... I do need a new pair of shoes soon, so maybe I'll risk the Nimbus IV if there's plenty of room at the front... Thanks for the update :)
  • Maybe so. I hadn't registered with Paypal before and my payment was through Billpoint so thats probably the difference.
  • That'll be it. They all seem to accept different online payment sources - I find it a little confusing trying to remember my various passwords and usernames!

    What d'you think of the watch? Are you happy with it so far? I feel like a child waiting for Christmas...! :)
  • Haven't had a chance to use it so far apart from a couple of times up and down the driveway but it does seem very impressive. It locked onto the signal within 3 mins and everything seems to be working fine. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow morning!
  • Hmmm...

    I've just taken another look on ebay.co.uk and I see that JoeTimex currently has two available at approximately £97 (using "Buy it Now").

    At the same time a German vendor has two available for approximately £156 and £160 respectively (the more expensive one is in the new blue colour). These are all exactly the same thing, save that one of the German watches is the blue one.

    Meanwhile, down the road at home, I can pay £220 (really!) for, again, exactly the same thing.

    Anyone still thinking about these, do take a look at ebay. (That's what was there at 1621 on Friday 3rd, anyway.)

    I'm still excited...
  • Muzzer/all;
    Don't want to get our friend Joetimex in to any bother but its safe to say that I didn't pay any excise duty. He must sell a lot of these to the UK and knows how to bend the rules a tiny bit. My conscience is very clear anyway and long may he continue to make such accidental mistakes.
  • Just brought one (or should I say Mrs M. did, for an early birthday present) through Joetimex. Had the same experience as Seany but it wasn't to bad.

    Received the confirmation email straight away, so now I can keep up technology wise with Wee Piglet.

    Thank you all for the comments about the SDM.
  • I've just bought one from Joetimex also. Quick and efficient service with no problems with payment.
    Can't wait for it to arrive
  • The watch I ordered from joetimex on the Sat after Christmas arrived today (6 days later). Considering this came from Canada, and was over the Christams/New Year holiday, and cost well under half of what it would cost in the UK..... I'm happy.

    Have also tried it out, and think it's a great investment.

  • Correction: They are not based in Canada - I was thinking of something else I recently bought online. Joetimex is in the Washington area I believe.


  • I've bought two from him and he gave excellent swervic both times. As othrs have indicated, he 'helps' you avoid paying duty and, I didn't have to pay up.

    I've had my watch for five months and absolutely love it! It gives me the wonderful freedom to vary my routes ad hoc safe in the knowledge that I will be doing X number of miles - no arguments.

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