Bristol Half anyone??

Following the fact that I actually managed to complete my first half in Burnham last weekend...entered into the Bristol half and was wondering whether anyone else is going??


  • Why don't you come to Theale this Saturday. We can meet by the portaloo!
  • Where the hell is Theale?! Besides - are you sure there will be portaloos there? What am I saying - of course, you will have checked that out before you entered the race...
  • Goes without saying ;-)

    Theale is just outside Reading in Berkshire

    I'm suprised there seems to be so little interest in Bristol. I may look at that one next year as its an hour down the M4 for us
  • Is Theale a half too?
  • No just a 10K. A bit below you now I guess !!
  • OOh bitchy! No - it's just that assuming the stiffness in my legs pass before then (still really hurt) I want to do 14 miles this accordance with my NY training plan of course! (How relevant is this chat to my Bristol question?!)
  • Was meant a little tounge in cheek.

    Hope your legs feels better

    I'll get off your thread now

    Come on you lot NR needs some company
  • Hi New Runner - I'm running Bristol. It'll be my first half marathon and I'm hoping for a time of around 2hrs, although I've been pretty lazy this week and not run much! What kind of time are you aiming to run it in?
  • A response! Am hoping to do about 2:10 - would be great to have someone to run at least some of it with though!
  • Looks like it's just us! I know a couple of people running it but they're hopeing to do it in 1:30, so will be leaving me behind at the beginning! While I'd be dead happy to run under 2hrs I do think I'm being a little optimistic. Last week a ran 10miles in 1.36 (and couldn't move for the rest of the day), so we'll probably be running around the same pace. Do you know the course at all?
  • No idea about the course at all- though have been told it's very flat which sounds good to me!
  • flat sounds good!
  • hey New Runner - it appears there are others in the Bristol 1/2! Have you seen the other thread?
  • Hi there.
    Can't find the other thread so may be repeating the content. I am running Bristol too as it is my home town. I just checked out the route ( and can confirm its flat. There may be a couple of slopes, but nothing of significance.

    Good luck to you both..
  • 3 as far as I'm concerned is officially a group!
  • At 2.10 there will be 5 in the group, me and my training partner who has promised she will stick with me.

    The limit is 7,000 and its full so I am sure the group will be bigger. However i will look out for you on the day.
  • yes, I'll be the one in the shorts and trainers!

    I shall keep my eyes peeled, but as to finishing in 2,10 - well we'll see - preparations not going as well as they might - too many hills up my end of town...
  • I'm doing it as well, another 1st timer assuming my newly developed knee problem clears up I hoping for about 1:45ish.
  • Im doing the Bristol Half for the first time aswell!! Am hoping for a time of 2hrs 15....its the first time Ive ran a half marathon so anyone got any advice? How far should I be running now?
  • Penny - there are people who will tell you to run all sorts of distances... I can only tell you from experience that I ran 10 miles the weekend before my first half and got round ok - the last 2 miles were a struggle, but it turned out ok.

    Theres a training schedule for a half at:

    good luck
  • cheers bud!!!
  • there was another thread somewhere....
    I'l be lucky to do 2.30, my 1st 1/2, 3rd everrace if u count race for life... so the back of you guys will be all I see... did 13.125 miles in 2.33 last sun, pleased considering my mega blisters 3 weeks ago and my lousy 1.5min 10k at flat langport the other day..
    good luck all!
  • Am sure there must be an easier way to do this thread thing???? HELP!!! Anyone?? Have only just joined in and dont av a clue what Im doing! I bein a bit ambitious lookin at 2-2.30 for first race??? Trainin at the mo up and down hills and thought seein as Bristol half was flat...might stand a chance??...Has anyone got their number yet???
  • Haven't had my number yet mouse, but you can check that you are in/number at

    As to whether you are being ambitious for hitting 2-2.30, I don't think that is unrealistic assuming you are putting in some training. My first half (referred to above) I had been running for only about 6 months (from literally a standing start) and had managed to get up to 10 miles beforehand.. and despite going over on my ankle after feeling a bit cocky at mile 8, i got round in 2.24 (I think!).

    I would say to anyone who hasn't run the distance before that finishing is prize enough..

    enjoy the experience.

  • ps the organisers say that the numbers will be sent out early next week

  • Mouse IMHO I don't think your target is unrealistic, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter for us, whatever we do as 1st timers will be a personal best!!

    if you know how long it takes you to cover any distance i.e. 1 mile or 5k you might find a chart on this website to help you calculate your expected race time - I'm having a littl difficulty finding my way round too, but if I find it I'll pass the link on!!

    Bouncer's quite right of course, and I keep telling myself it's ok to walk too...if the worst happens.
  • Count me in.I ran 1:49 in the shakespeare half and so i am aiming for 1:45.See you at the finish Alex.Hope your knee is ok.
    I ran my second ten miler yesterday and i can't walk today.
    As for hills i have run about ten races of varying distances in the past year and most of them were described as 'flat',they all had a hill or two in there somewhere.
    Being nearly knew myself i would say to the first timers watch that first mile it is a bit of a rush and you could find yourself running too fast.
  • im in hopefully - although only just - up to 8 weeks ago was running 9.2 miles week in week out - have not run much since then until Wednesday 6.8 miles in 64 mins. I am running Oldbury tomorrow - 10 miles before making a final decision. If running I should see a lot of you around 2 hrs 5 mins
  • Hi, I'll be doing the Bristol again (2nd time). Last time I did 2hrs dead, based on 4 months on the treadmill followed by 4 months on the road. This time I'm hoping for 1:45. I just hope it doesn't rain the whole time like last year!
    I will have BRIGHT GREEN hair for the occasion (unless I bottle) so my nephew and niece can pick me out easily - they like to watch me run - I don't know why.
    So if you see someone with bright green hair wearing number 45, it'll be me, Dave, so say hello!
  • have you guys got your numbers yet??? still no to mine :-(

    Dave, will be looking out for the green hair!! good idea, Mr HS never manages to spot me even in a field of 200 so no hope of being spotted - perhaps blue hair???
    where do you buy blue hair???
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