Bleep test - level 12 to 14

What does it feel like, how tough is it? Am I right in saying that there are 23 levels? Should a reasonably fit individual be able to get to 13? Am I just being too nosey?


  • A very fit person could hit level 13.

    Last time I did it I baled at 11.4 or something and there was only one guy left in at that point and this was a group of runners.

    You can work it out with VO2 max too as it predicts that - so with 11.4 I should be able to do a 39min 10k (check)

    With Level 13.0 (VO2 max 57) you'd be able to do summat like a 36 and a half min 10k.

    (see :

    and )
  • super website cougs....I bet that you'd have to be a cheetah to get to level 21!
  • They made the celebs do it as part of the trials for 'The Match' on Sky.

    Philip Olivier only got to Level 10. (tee hee)

    Jeeez - if you got to the end of it - you could do a 24 minute 10k.

    (well, when you got your breath back anyway !)
  • Philip Olivier is quite a fit lad as well, just shows what super running people can achieve in the bleep test versus Brooky stars!
  • Its deceptive well as although the beep intervals increase the time between the levels doesn't so you end up running more "lengths" at the faster paces...

    Apparently Neil Back (England Rugby) and David Beckham can both complete it and you only need level 6 (so I've heard) to join the Police....
  • I was in the 16s somewhere as a youth. The problem I have with the beep est, is above a certain level it tests speed and accleration as much as fitness. I once started at 16 and got no further, simply because I could not run fast enough. Fitness was fine.
  • I've got to Level 16.something like Gumps, so I should be able to do what time 10K????

    I can do 38m. Somehow the link to 10K doesn't quite work for me :-)
  • I've heard that Beckham thing before - I doubt its true to be honest.

    That kinda VO2 max would put him 2 mins inside the 10k world record - even if the link doesn't work that well - he's not that fit.
  • Re Beckham breaking the workd record - You're right never really thought about it before - it's just a rumour though, although his work rate is apparenty high. Neil Back however is a different matter - by all accounts he is a bit of a freak when it comes to training!
  • I'd heard Beckham and Lance Armstrong were the only ones to finish it, but I really doubt either of them could do it.
  • brianmac's link from your link cougs to the MSFT indicates 23 levels but maybe you would need to a gazelle to reach 22 & 23.

    Is it right that you go for one minute at each level? By my calculations that would mean an average speed of 7.2 mph for a total of 13 minutes with a top speed of about 9mph. Am I way off?

    Obviously it's not the same as just running for 13 minutes at 7.2mph because you are forever accelerating and stopping, effectively.

    I've been watching Ultimate Fighter 2 and they did a "test" on a treadmill which started at 7.5 mph and increased 0.5 mph every 5 minutes for a duration of 30 minutes. When I'm fit again I may try it.

  • Of course those calculations are based on an average and you would obviously have to be accelerating to faster than that to beat the bleeps. So it would be better to know how many bleeps there are between levels to get an idea how fast you would need to cover 20m.
  • 13 bleeps for level 13 which gives you 4.6 secs (approx) to cover 20m or 5 secs at level 12 to get to 13.

    All useless stats though.

  • I've got a bleep MP3 somewhere if you want to have a go Dodge ?
  • So have I and if I wasn't so out of shape now I'd use it.

  • Last time I did the test in March, I managed 11.0 and it was horrible! It always is, I've done this test a few times now...for a laugh!! :0) Even all the cheering to keep me going, since I was last girlie in, didn't help! I probably would keel over at level 13! We only ever get one guy that makes it to level 14 or 15 or 16 in the group. Most in the group drop out between level 8 (girls) and 10 something (guys).

    And the correlation with 10K time doesn't work for me. I can't remember the expected time for my 10k based on my bleep test score but it was quite a bit faster than my PB of 46:40!!! I remember thinking, "Oh, if only!!"
  • I always used to love the bleep test at school. Not done it since then. When I was doing A-level PE, level 14 on the bleep test would've got you full marks. I managed 14.3 I think (fitness things in A-level PE are the only things I managed full marks on!!).

    I think back then I could do a 10k in about 40 mins. Wish I could now as 10 years on I only managed 45m 30s for a PB on Sunday (I reset all my PB's when I started running again!!).

    They also introduced a bleep test for sit ups which made it rock hard to get full marks. Much easier for the previous test which was 300 sit ups in 8 mins (wish I could manage 30 nowadays!!).
  • Angela and Hammerite - so your bleep scores put you faster for 10k than you can actually get ?

    Do you practice sprinting a lot for other sports ?

    (just thinking this may explain the gap and even the talk of Beckham finishing it)
  • BTW apparently the Beckham thing is true.

    As a kid I lived in the same area as Paula Radcliffe, and my teacher said she'd seen a girl at Sharnbrook School a couple of years older than us reach 20 on the bleep test. Now putting 2 and 2 together there's only one person that could be!!
  • Cougie, I've not done the bleep test for years. But back then I never used to train for running, I played a hell of a lot of football (3-4 competitive games a week). And would run about once a week.

    I think whilst the test can give a guide of what 10k you could achieve at that levelI wouldn't say it is accurate. I would also say it does suit people who are used to running in short sharp bursts.
  • It works well for me as a predictor for 10k times, but I've never done any sprinting - so its prob more accurate for runners as opposed to footballers ?

    Hmmm - reckon we could sell Pro-celebrity Bleep tests to ITV as a show ?
  • Probably is more accurate for runners. It would be interesting to see what Beckham et al would get for a 10k race.

    Pro celeb beep tests would be a great idea. Or perhaps they could have it as part of Superstars instead of an 800m cross country around a golf course!!
  • Ironcougie and hammerite

    I heard that the bleep test was best suited to people that play sprint sports such as footy, rugby, etc.

    I do some track work and some hill work, not right now cos I'm injured but maybe once a week before the injury. I dunno how it works but there must be many factors that make this test just a guide to your fitnees rather than a predictor of your running times.

    Also the bleep test is dependent on your technique, on your turns and stuff. I'm sure I could have squeezed out a few more shuttles if I could get my turning a bit more polished and stuff like that. I've never run to puking stage either, I reckon that's worth a shuttle or two as well! :0)

  • Apparantly only elite athletes can expect to reach the top three levels of a bleep test. This link has is some reference of Lance Armstrong and David Beckham being able to complete the bleep test. Not exactly concrete proof though.
  • IC - this could be your answer, from BBC site:

    "The test is often recommended for players of sports which involve a lot of stop-start sprinting, such as tennis, rugby, football or hockey".

    So possibly not most accurate for 10k times.

  • Doesn't really say they can complete the bleep test. It only suggests that they can reach the top three levels. If anyone could complete it, they would introduce more levels so they could measure people still... Hence, I suspect no-one has ever completed it.
  • I don't expect to be able to complete it so I think they are safe from having to introduce new levels for a while longer.

  • FINgers,

    In relation to the police it's level 5 (at least for Durham) although they do like you to get to level 8.

    Does anyone have a copy of the bleep test? I got one e-mailed recently but the attachment wouldn't open (I've got a Mac and it didn't like it)


  • sven27sven27 ✭✭✭
    I did one for the police, which is part of the fitness assessment once your in training with the West Mids Police.
    I got to Level 15.6. I was in just under 15min form for 5k at the time.
    Up until about level 7 its only brisk walk pace.
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