Monday session 13 Jan 2003

I've been naughty.

Having set myself the unwritten rule of not running two consecutive days, I ended up running the last three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hadn't intended to but the thing with this knee injury is that its very difficult to predict what makes it better and what worse and therefore if it doesn't feel too bad then inevitably I want to run.

Also, yesterday was such a nice running day, cold (-4) but crisp and clear with just a dusting of fresh snow - far too good to miss so I did a nice easy 70 minutes through the woods (and nearly broke my neck on a frozen puddle {more like a pond!} into the bargain).

Monday dawns and its snowing quite heavily again.

What: Cross train (30 minutes stationary bike 15 minutes row)
Why: Run last three days
Last rest: Last Thursday
Last hard: n/a at the moment


  • Morning All.

    Weather getting much warmer here in London.

    What:-SPEED SESSION - 10 Minute Warm up, 3 * 1KM at 4 minute Kilometres, with 3 Minute Jog Recoveries in between, 10 Minute Warm Down.
    Why:- FLM Schedule Says so

    Last Hard: Fridays 12 Miles
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Morning,

    Don't blame you for wanting to run on a morning like that Martin.

    What: Club speed session.
    Why: it's Monday.
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Fri

    Please could the 1/2 marathoners among you suggest what I should be doing this week, Helsby on Sunday.
    My plan:
    Mon: speed sess
    Tues: rest/recovery run
    Wed: 8 miles incl 6 @ marathon pace
    Thurs: 6 incl 3 @ 1/2m pace
    Fri: rest/recovery run
    Sat: rest

    Feel torn between wanting to taper well and still get the miles in.
  • Decided to do an early morning run (it's been about a year) woke up at 5.50 - got the missus to call me from work by six - took one look out the window - went back to bed.

    maybe tonight

    training was awful over the weekend just one 5 miler on saturday. -I'll try and squeeze in a run late this afternoon.
    so much for morning runs eh?
  • Laura sounds ok to me just go easy on your recoveries...
  • Laura - I generally don't rest the day before a race and would normally run 2-3 miles at a VERY steady jog with perhaps a couple of strides.

    I also think you're Wed +Thur sessions are a bit hard back to back so I would be tempted to switch the Thursday session to Wednesday and on the Thursday just do an easy/steady five.

    If you're taking this race seriously, recovery is more important this week than mileage.

    Good luck to you and all other Helsby runners.
  • What: nothing again, even getting out of bed is causing some problems at the moment - my back has gone, big time.

    Laura - looks good, but I would reverse the Wednesday and Thursday sessions, make sure that Friday really was restful, and put in a short run on Saturday, with some "brisk bits".
  • What: Rest day, absolutely necessary, having been outrageously energetic over the weekend.
    so- pool, exercises only, and heel walking, well almost. very educational, that.

    Hilly- thanks for telling me about your numb foot. All little bits of information help. I have met physios who are excellent at training real athletes with basicly healthy nerves/muscles/joints, there are physios with heaps of experience with very poorly nerves/muscles, but so far I haven't met any with experience of dealing with slightly poorly wannabe athletes. So I go it largely on my own, and every bit helps.

    Thanks also to all of you who gave advice on reading matter. I found one of the books in a shop downtown, will try to have a look for the other today.

    Run well.
  • What: Rest
    Why: Monday = scheduled rest day
    Last Rest: Monday
    Last Hard: Yesterday
  • Morning All!!

    Hurrah at last I feel well enough to run and start training again after finally getting rid of whatever the bug was I had last week.

    What : easy 6-7 miler
    Why : Cross Country yesterday (and running through icy puddles didn't have make my toes cold!)

    Last Rest : Sat
    Last Hard : Yesterday - ran out of steam at the end and lost two places in the last 400m.
  • Johnny- ever considered getting yourself down to the pool? For about five years I could count on losing about six weeks a year in bed to bad backs. Since starting pool exercises three years ago, in spite of pretty devastating muscle problems which continued, I have not been in bed with a bad back since.

    Stand in water chest high. 1.swing leg forward and back, straight leg, having tightened back and lower abs first. 2. tighten back and abs, swing arms forward and back, trying as it were to knock yourself over. 3. Tighten abs and back, swing arms from side to side. 4. Tighten abs and back, walk across pool and back, forwards, backwards and sideways.

    You'll notice tighten abs and back features pretty largely in the instructions. Don't work hard at it, just think about it. All of this can be done quite gently so you can begin to get going pretty soon after you can actually get yourself to a pool.

    Even if its your first time ever in bed with bad back, it's well worth while make quite sure it gets really well. You run a lot better afterwards if you do.

    The right sort of anti-inflammatory for you can also cut recover time by a factor of three.

    Earnest sympathy. M
  • what: rest
    why: time to, still not running :-(
    last hard day: Friday
    last rest: sat

    laura: after your weekend I think your week looks a bit demanding for a good taper, a lot may depend on how tough you find tonites club session - I guess it depends how impressed coach was with your X/C efforts.

  • Hi all.

    What: Cricket nets. But I might rest as it's the day between a race and my club night.
    Why: It's Monday.
    Hard: Race yesterday.
    Rest: Saturday.

    Had a good first-ever club race yesterday - managed 39:20 for five miles. Not impressive to most, but I was pleased, having only hoped to get close to 40. Hooray!

    Happy whizzing, everyone.
  • Hi All,

    Well done swerve, souds impressive to me.

    What: weights and gentle stretching
    Why: That damned Hal Again
    Last Hard: Yesterday, not fast just muddy and I don't ache just a bit weary
    Last Rest: WednesdayToday

    Managed a whole week of my shedule without missing a day. Yippee
  • morning all

    What- 1m jog, the 4*1/2m fast with 1/4m jogs in between, then 1m jog home 38mins
    Why- had to swop training around this week to suit work
    Last hard- today
    last rest- last mon( naughty I know)

    getting the hang of this fast/slow stuff now, although the 4th rep hurt like hell
  • Morning All

    What - 4-5 easy
    Why - running with Sis who's been out through injury
    Last Hard - Yesterday 7.5m with some evil hills
    Last Rest - Saturday

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Mornin' all!

    We have snow! At last!!!!! but the temp is +3 so it's going fast.

    And for the first time in a fortnight, I feel fairly well which is fantastic! Anyway, off to get test results from docs this afternoon to see if it really was salmonella or something even more gruesome ...

    What: 4 miles, brisk (just done it)
    Why: The long, slow march back to fitness
    Last hard: Ages ago

    Enjoy today, everyone
  • Greetings All,

    as you know I seriously favour the rest and recovery approach to running ;-) so I think I would probably taper a bit more than you are planning if you're in the hunt for a PB. On the other hand if you are planning to 'train through' then your plan look about right. I'm doing the Folksworth 15 on Sunday and plan to use it more as a long training run at a bit quicker than planned marathon race pace and will therefore just train as normal during the week but take Saturday off as a bit of a mini-taper.

    What: rest
    Why: Monday = rest
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Today.
  • Morning all!

    What - rest
    Why - long run at marathon pace yesterday, speedwork tomorrow, washing machine up the spout so can't use up too much kit on non-scheduled runs!
    Last rest - Saturday
    Last hard - yesterday
  • Hello All,

    What: 5k recovery run, 15 mins cycle, 2000m row & weights

    Why: changed schedule to suit, as away from tomorrow - nightmare!! Got to fit training in somehow during a 10-day work trip.

    Last Hard: yesterdays long run

    Happy running!

    Last rest: Friday
  • Swerve i'm impressed. I've been struggling to crack to the sub 40min 5 miler for a while and keep missing it by a few secs.

    Laura - i'm doing Helsby as well and looking forward to it. I'm torn between using it as a normal sunday long run run as part of FLM build up at a slow to steady pace or go for it trying to get under 1hr50 for first time. I'm sticking to my marathon schedule so will see how i feel on the day i guess.

    as for today-
    what : club night. not sure what.
    why: club night although i'm full of cold so should probably not, but i don't like missing club nights
    last hard : yesterday's 8 mile
    last rest : Friday
  • Afternoon all

    What: Short 3 miler
    Why : just getting back into things

  • Swerve: Indoor nets already! I have no plans for same until mid-Feb. Who do you play for?

    Laura: Looks like a fairly hard week for a taper to me - especially set beside what I have planned.

    what: nothing
    why: Monday has been a rest day in the schedule for a while now

    last hard(ish) run: Fri
    last long(ish) run: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    tentative plan for rest of week:
    Tue: Session with Wirral runners - but the coach plans a full-on hill-reps session - so I will almost certainly dip out halfway through. Would like to do a few though
    Wed: 30-40 mins recovery jog
    Thu: About 4 miles at intended race pace
    Fri: rest
    Sat: rest

    Too easy? Views invited.
  • Tulips and Paul L - thanks for being impressed! Nice folks round here. :-) Paul L - best of luck with the 40 barrier.

    Mike S - I play (poorly) for Camden (in Cambridge, not in Norf Lahndan). Yourself? And yes, it's a tad early, but I need all the practice I can get!
  • Swerve: Opening bat for Caldy CC (2nd XI) - Liverpool Competition - if selected!
  • Mike - Looks like a good taper to me. Thursday session has the potential to induce panic if intended race pace seems too hard (leave the watch at home?).

    Will - Is a "short 3 miler" two miles? Not taking the P*ss (honest!) - glad to see you back.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Laura, too much if you're looking for a really good time, but ok if it's just part of the big picture.

    Mike, sounds ok to me, although I'd maybe go out for a "jog" on the Saturday just to keep the legs from stiffening up.


    What: nothing
    Why: coming down with something and I feel crap today
    Last rest: 9 days
    Last hard: yesterday
  • afternoon all -

    Laura - I'd say the same as the others, it looks a bit too tough to me if you're going for a PB. back-to-back tempo runs not a good idea possibly.

    Drew, bad luck - sounds like the reason for your off day on Saturday. hope it doesn't last long.

    what: rest, rest, boring old rest - at least a lot of you are doing it too so I can't feel too envious
    why: knackered
    last rest: too long
    last hard day: yesterday 20 miler
  • Agree with everyone above, one tempo run @ 1/2 MP would suffice...
  • Hi,

    What: First long(ish) run since x-mas - 10m
    Why: Back in full training after a bit of an easy three weeks.

    Nice and mild out, but the wind's getting up.
  • Swerve, congrats on your race, it's a great feeling when you exceed your own expectations isn't it.

    Ok, will revise this week's plans as the message from you appears consistent (for once!), no point in suffering all those tempo runs only to blow it this week. Thanks for your suggestions.

    See you there paul! Judging by the Events thread we appear to have failed to organise the proverbial pi**up in a brewery, but I'll label my vest anyway. Drew, hope you feel better soon, explains your disappointing session the other day perhaps?
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