Wednesday session 15 Jan 2003

Last nights session was an important session, a 5k acceleration run on treadmill, starting at 12kmh and finishing with the last 1.5k at 14.5kmh. An important session as its the first time I've pushed relatively hard in a long time. Knee stood up well and the support strap that I've started using seems to be doing the job. I'm beginning to feel that I may be able to race again although knee feels a little tender today.

Today: Cross train on bike - aiming for 40 minutes.
Why: Cross training important for knee recovery.
Last rest day: Last Thursday
Last hard day: Yesterday - ish


  • Morning all.

    Good to see Martin, hope the knee feels ok for the rest of the day.

    Well im a early bird this morning as im on day shifts this week ( normally nights ) so had to get a fairly good run in before work.

    Also took my heart rate this morning and got down to my ever lowest resting reading of 36.

    Feeling great at the moment due to a course of massages throughout the month ( 10 in all ) have now had 2 full body and 2 extended treatment on the legs, I knew there was a reward for all this hard training.

    Today was an important session today as I was on 988km,thats since the 2nd sept, so I wanted to break the 1000km mark, and done a nice hours run which gave me 13km...........whoo hoo.

    What: 13km run ( avg 142bpm - max 157bpm )

    Why: As stated above

    Last Rest: Monday & tuesday

    Last Hard: Sundays 15 miler

    Bye 4 now.

  • Morning all

    Matrin, glad to see the knee is 'holding up' well.

    Speedie, the massages sound great. I love having them and normally while marathon training I have one once a month. I'm also going to be a 'guinea pig' for someone I know who's doing a diploma in Indian Head Massage. Never had one before, but I'm told they are the business for total relaxation.

    After feeling awful after yesterday's time trial I've woke up feeling quite refreshed and most of the muscles soreness of yesterday gone! Must have been the time trial clearing the lactic acid from them-mind I would have thought it would have added to the build-up of lactic acid, anyway......

    What: going to do 10 miles at marathon pace after work this pm.
    Why: changed days around a little so I can swim in the adult lanes tomorrow evening-they don't have them on a Wed. That way I'm having an extra day of rest from running this week, but it's an active recovery day. Trying to stick to my marathon plan!
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Monday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Martin, glad that the knee is feeling better - are you still icing it (or whatever you've been doing) to maintain the improvement?

    What: 70-80 mins slow
    Why: Need to get back to my December fitness level before I start training for my June marathon.

    A question! There's been a lot of talk on this forum about Frank Horwill's marathon plan, but I can't find a full plan on the web. Does anyone know where I can find details?

    Lots of snow here today - at last! I'm running to the forest today to see if the XCountry ski tracks have been pisted!
  • PM
    What: Club Speedwork, if my knees feel good by 1830, otherwise I'll just go down the club for a chin-wag
    Why: Sharpening for Weekends XC
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Monday

    To answer your Q yesterday Laura, yes it is a beard. I recently (read 2 months ago) had a haircut that DESTROYED my beautiful 'Afro-esque' locks. And I feel naked without some sort of hair-based-oddity. Needless to say I keep it very close trimmed, so that it just looks like the strap I use to keep my 'wig hair' on my head @ the mo. Once the Afro's back, or on its way, the beard will be transformed into 'sidies'.
    P.S. Another controversial photo change! D@mn it! Last time I got comments about too much flesh, this time too much hair ;)
  • Good morning everyone.
    What: Rest day. Probably.
    Why: Not had one for over a week. Horrible weather - windy and drizzly - I'm not tuff enuff to run in that. Legs a bit sore from two weight sessions too close together.
    Last rest day: 9 days ago.
    Last hard day: 2 days ago.
  • Good Morning Everyone!!

    What: 6 Miles Hill session, (10 Minute Warm up, 5 * 1 Minute at 8% incline, 2 minute recovery, 10 Minute Flat, 5 * 1 Minute at 8%, 2 minute recovery, 10 Minute Warm Down)
    Why: Why Not!!!

    Last Hard: Monday Speed Session
    Last Rest: Sunday
  • 1st session with PT yesterday , had my 1st sports massage just to check I had no problems muscle wise, ans sort out a programme.

    Last nights hills with club was a killer, 1m run into Lancaster and then 6 x hills and 1 mile run back, to say I was knackered when I got back is an unstatement.
  • Howdee folks!

    visited Physio (at last ) re my knee: slight tear to the fascia of the ITB's connection to the upper side of the knee. Regular -5/day- stretching plus local physio treatment and daily icing- no running for 2 weeks but pain-free Xtraining OK.

    so tonite:

    what : ca 60mins x training "steady"
    why: as above
    last hard session : Monday
    last rest : Tues

    glad your feeling better LizzyB. MartinH _ glad you survived on yr knee OK, as a fellow Gerry Anderson cartoon character I look forwrd to following in yr footsteps. Hilly - I can't believe how much you get through!
  • What: Club run tonight, around 8 miles
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: yesterday's speed
    Last rest: Monday

    KK - I think it's a fine pic. You look like a man on a mission, striding forth to pick up a medal, or T-shirt, or whatever. Not sure about beards in general, but hard to judge yours. Never been keen on the Peter Purvis look. Is it really necessary?
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Martin,LizzyB good to see you (almost) back to full training.
    Lizzy what marathon are you doing?

    What : speed session at the gym , probably 6*800 in 3mins 200m recovs, but I'll report back later.
    Why : Weekly intervals
    Last Hard : Mondays long run
    Last Rest : Sunday

    see ya later
  • Morning Folks, glad to hear those problems are slowly sorting themselves out.

    What : easy session (though quite fancy doing a 3m out and back session)
    Why : Efforts last night

    Last Hard : Phew last night
    Last Rest : Sat
  • Morning all!

    Good news about the knee MartinH! Isn't it great when you find yourself getting back to full fitness!

    Hilly - I had an Indian Head Massage when I was in India recently - it's very relaxing but be prepared for a lot of oil in your hair, and your scalp will tingle for days afterwards (which isn't as bad as it sounds!) It took 3 washes to get my hair back to normal though....!

    Anyway, back to business!

    What - Speedwork - going to try the Yasso 800s out for the first time, I've replaced many of the RW speedwork sessions on the marathon plan with Yasso 800s.
    Why - WHY OH WHY???!!! ......cos it's speedwork day on the training plan unfortunately (you'll have guessed that I don't much enjoy speedwork)
    Last rest - Monday
    Last hard - Sunday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi Dustin

    It's the Myvatn Midnight Sun marathon here in Iceland on 21(?) June. flat course, but starts at midnight - gulp!

    Might do the REykjavik marathon as well, but not sure yet.
  • morning all

    Could do with a sports massage myself.

    4 days to go

    what: as short a recovery run as practical; followed by a few strides
    why: easy session scheduled anyway; want to do as little as I can get away with between now & Sunday

    last hard(ish) day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long(ish) day: Sun

    Martin - must be good to feel some evidence of injury recovery progress at last.
  • Hi all. Good going, people. Good stuff, Martin. Hope it progresses well.

    What: Ooh, dunno, how about a 5K recovery run?
    Why: Club night last night, still a bit stiff.
    Hard: Last night.
    Rest: Monday.

  • Hi,

    Good news and bad news: Have learnt a new word (pogonophobic) but offended at least two of you in the process. Mike I thought I was safe with you as your pic doesn't have one! I'm sure both yours and KK are in the best possible taste and suit you very well, grovel grovel.

    Speedie - much fitter and you won't have a heart rate at all.
    WW, where did you have your massage? I work in Lancaster at least weekly and would love to book a few in, but haven't dared try again after awful experience with amateur last year.
    Somebody stop Hilly, she is possessed!

    What: 6 miles, 3 @ 1/2m pace.
    Why: Did I mention I'm doing a 1/2m on Sunday?
    Last hard: Mon club session
    Last rest: yesterday.

    Not doing much else for the rest of the week now.
    Have you seen the weather forecast?? Not much time now for a lovely big high pressure to come floating in over the Irish Sea in time for the weekend.
  • whoa, Bessy. that came out all wrong.

    here's another go.

    LizzyB - glad to know you're on the way back. here's a link to the Frank Horwill stuff. there's lots of interesting - and provocative articles - there about all aspects of running, which you might find useful, as well as the marathon plan(s), which like everything else of his are NOT EASY.

    I have to say though that I'm thinking of chucking in all this hard work, having read countless threads about people who are achieving phenomenal times on about one training session a week. :-(

    what: 6.25M recovery run and lower body weights
    why: recovery day
    last hard day: yesterday-ish
    last rest: Monday

    happy running all.
  • hey hey - Laura's managed to offend two people in one go, there's a first. (actually, three, but I'm not letting on about my own mangy stubble).

    KK - I don't see how you think you can make your follicular style error any more palatable by mentioning that there used to be an Afro and you can't wait to grow it back.
  • Morning all

    I would like to join this thread as I am training for the Bath half.
    Got the Bramley 10 and Epsom oddballs 2000 perch in between.
    However 1st run last night since before New Year. Will see if I race this weekend.
    So back to business:
    what: 3.5 mile run (slow) then 1 mile walk when knee got sore
    why: need to get into training
    Last hard: last night
    last rest day: every day since new year
    last long: last night.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, thanks Achilles (I think!) Well, according to Frankie, my speculative goal of 3:20-3:30 isn't unreasonable. Lots of reading to do ... hmm, may have to train a bit as well....
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    PS Achilles - have you ever throught that the people who claim to do sub 3 hrs on one run a week might have a sort of running bulimia - the binge on running, putting in huge amounts of hours when no-one is looking and deny everything afterwards? My thought for the day.

    Wish it would stop snowing - I want to go for a long run and don't fancy it when I can't see more than 50 metres ahead!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Martin, good news about the knee, but watch you don't get too over-zealous and undo the good work!

    What: Drizzly and windy, so I may just do a nice easy 3-4 miles tonight.
    Why: Monday's 'recovery' run was kind of fast and couldn't really qualify as recovery so will do it tonight instead!
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
  • actually Laura there is a beard there, but the photy was taken at the end of a race run on a Sunday (in October 2000). Sunday morning is the day when the trimmer comes out - set to a 1. That's been the routine for about 15 years now....

    Got a rather more embarrassing print of me, taken 3 months ago which I may scan in & use as a replacement. I'm simultaneously checking my watch & looking to see where the family are (still inside the zoo as it turned out) at the 3K stage of the Chester Zoo 10K . But the beard should at least be visible!
  • Hi each,

    8 mile very hilly,

    bit windy and gusty out there, uphill into wind downhill wind behind, life's not fair......
  • Lizzy - if Frank says you can do it, I'm sure you can.

    I like your thought for the day, it sounds more than plausible. ;-)

    hope you get your run in - but er, haven't you been moaning about the absence of snow all year? (sorry, not "moaning", I meant "animadverting in a wistful fashion").
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Tee hee, Achilles, I've been found out. Memo to self: Must not contradict myself on training thread as Achilles will find me out!
  • 'follicular style error' - Achilles, you have a way with words! But how did you do that thing with all the blue lines?I was going to suggest no 1, but Mike's beat me to it, phew.

    Martin and sfh legs - glad things are looking up on the knee front.
  • Said embarrassing pic viewable if you go here and look for the Chester Zoo 10K pics in the "Older galleries" list.
    I'm on page 1 - most obviously in the pic on the bottom row, 2nd right.....
  • am concerned that Drew hasn't been sighted on this forum since Monday. Hope that bug he suspected hasn't got him....
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