OHMG...don't come into Manchester tomorrow night!

So if you are mad, bored or even desperate why don't meet us for a drink?


  • Can't coz it's the first night of the beer festival.
  • Are you going to every single night of the beer festival FF? Tee hee bet you have a curry on the way home too!

    I'm popping into town to do some shopping and to meet up with plum and H. but not drinking and need an early night!

    Wow what a socialite I am....not !
  • I can't do it. I've got a Very Important Course to attend on Friday at Whiston Hospital. I'd be shot if I

    (a) turned up late
    (b) was still pissed
    (c) both
    (d) didn't turn up at all

    and am really stressed and busy at the moment - sorry guys..!


  • Wolfy - erm, yes. I'm not going to the Saturday afternoon session though.
  • booked into the Castlefield under a pseudonym Wolfy, see you there. Drivibng over from sheffield after a course so will ring on the way......
    may be there Friday night as well!

    it has a gym and a pool which may or may not benefit from my perspiration
  • Plummy. Don't stay there on Friday. Stop at mine and come to the beer festival. There's a few forumites going.
  • I'm not sleeping with him if he comes to yours.

  • Actually I've heard that before Cath. Oh no, forgive me, I was wrong. It was Plummy who said "I'm not sleeping with her if she comes to yours".
  • That's right.

  • Cath, wave when your at the hospital...work just behind it!
  • Where do you work Calf?
  • The cooker place behind the hospital...
    Was Stoves, now glen dimplex...

  • You must be going to the Rainhill Beer Festival this weekend then Calf.

    Hiya H. How ya diddlin'?
  • No, unfortunalty don't live anywhere near.
    Bolton so 25 miles away.....

    Are you intending to visit it everyday?

    I would if I were you!
  • Simple answer - yes.

    I'm a blimmin' disgrace me.
  • no.....I'm jealous!
  • Hello...
  • hello back
  • I'm trying to prolong meeting Plum. I'm nervous.
  • just don't turn up H. That's what we usually do.
  • Hmm do you think he'd notice?
  • no-one should have to meet Plum without counselling!
  • and if you do, you'll definately need counselling afterwards. I think that's fair comment isn't it OB.
  • spot on FF.

    I could have come to this do if I'd seen about it earlier. I mean, if you'll have Plum there must be a chance you'd have let me in!
  • Ackshally, I've only met him once and at the time I thought he was a good bloke. It was only after I got home that I developed the nervous twitch.
  • You're welcome to come to the Rainhill beer festival tomorrow night OB and stop at mine. There were quite a few forumites coming along but they're dropping like flies. Wolfy'll be the next to drop out, just you watch.
  • no point in me coming then! :)

    thanks for the offer FF but no can do.
  • erm excuse me Mr FF I said that I couldn't possibly come along because I don't drink booze! I think you said something along the lines of "oh well they serve coffee" or something like that....great look at the ginger in the corner who is SAD!

    Tee hee!

    BTW had a couple of glasses of wine tonight with Plum and H. and a bunch of flipping nutters from the cowoooop (co-op) who were a little too partial to the two gingers there and the old bugger plum!
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