Running With a Cracked Rib

Has anyone direct experience of this. Following a small mishap involving a stationary bus I now have the pleasure of a cracked upper right rib.

Normal breathing is OK but my GP (himself a runner) has advised me to take care.

Views on distances please. I have entered the Stamford 30K and want to know if this is still realistic.


  • Hey there,
    I cracked three ribs last summer playing tag rugby (and they said it was no contact ... hmm) I foolishly went training after only a few weeks off and after a couple of days (not much - about 3 times 5K) my back went into spasm. I was at work at the time and just getting to the doctor was no cake walk. Took at least a week for the worst of the back pain to go and I still have trouble with it now when I get tired or after running. Think I might have to get physio and probably shouldn't have put it off as long as I have. I cracked my ribs last July and still have the odd twinge from them. My advice is not to rush into training.
  • when is Stamford - have had a look at events like
  • 18th February its called the St Valentines 30k. You can enter via RW, look in Lincolnshire / February
  • don't want to enter thanks, just trying to assess your prognosis
    - which you wont be surprised is er not good!

    Leave it a good week, take it very gently ++, don't push it at all - can build up rapidly if symptom free - but I guess you'll be lucky to be fit by then

    good luck
  • there was a previous thread that might help:
    Bruised/broken ribs?
  • oops no link, try this
    Bruised/broken ribs?
  • Oh well, thanks Big Al, I think you are right. Car for two weeks and gently reintroduce myself back. Shame really I had just got back to a 50 mile week.

    It is my own fault though!
  • Went for a three mile walk on Saturday. No problems.

    Its amazing how much more you see walking compared to running.
  • Feeling a lot better today five days later. I think the miles are a long way away though.
  • in which case you could try a gentle jog maybe - very very cautiously like - but let your own body guide you
  • I will do tomorrow (Tuesday) it will have been a week then.
  • Did 8 minutes tonight, just round the block. Running uphill and on the level OK, a bit jarring downhill.

    Very deep breathing would be a problem but that distance is not even sweat inducing.

    I will do the same tomorrow.
  • Does anyone want a daily update on this condition from poorly to complete recovery?
  • No then...........
  • NO not daily,
    hourly might be just acceptable!
  • Hourly, thats rediculous. I'm boring but not that boring. Though EVERYBODY at work now knows!
  • Hello 1/2MG

    A lot better today, the vice like feeling has gone. I now feel bruised rather than broken

    Head and knee OK
  • Hi Steady Eddy,
    glad to hear you are feeling better,
    have a nice recovering week-end!
  • Thanks, update tomorrow.
  • Good luck SE
    I see you've been directed to a related thread to which I contributed.
    If you're sure the break has healed (that was quick if so), then I really see no problem picking up your mileage again - though "effort" sessions will be too painful for a while yet.
    I did use painkillers on & off when it happened to me - though don't recall them making much difference.
    Keep posting - but I expect any change in perceived discomfort to be very small for a while yet.....
  • Day 12 and I can now raise my right arm over my head. Coughing is possible with discomfort. Sneezing still to be avoided though. It results in a knife like pain in the effected area.

    I am going to stay away from running and the bike for another week.

    I think I will be back in the saddle after next weekend but I will evaluate it again nearer the day.

    I can now get into / out of the car easily as I am able to support myself properly.

    Thanks Mike, how long was before the pain went away?

    Morning 1/2MG
  • Good afternoon Steady Eddy!
    Slowly, Steady Recovery, that sound good, well done!
  • Thank you
  • SE - it was a good couple of weeks.
    Apart from sneezing and coughing, you obviously haven't been laughing too much as you'd have commented on how painful that is too!
    Don't remember requiring support on getting into & out of the car - so maybe you're in a worse situation than I was.
  • another week off mught be prudent.
    Hope it sorts itself out in time for you to pick up your training for your scheduled races (have seen other threads).
  • End of day 12 and not too bad. I think the DIY I have been up to this week may not have helped.

    It is now a dull ache. You are right, not too much laughing, I have been to a funeral though!
  • Day 13, woke up with a generally uncomfortable stiffness to the chest which has now eased of with some mobility. It is there ll the time though, it feels like something pressing against the right side of my chest below the armpit.
  • Home now, driving is a bit of a pain. This is now becoming one of those injuries you forget about until you try to do something.

    The biggest pain is going from a 50 mile week to NIL overnight. I am starting to feel a bit annoyed.

    However medical advice has been taken, mainly from here actually and I am leaving it a full month from injury date before I run.
  • Day 14. Woke up without the usual discomfort and mundane things like putting socks on was a lot easier.

    There is now the temptation to start running again, but I will have to ignore it - still the weather is poor so thats not too hard.
  • Good Morning Eddy, or should i said Mr & Mrs Steady! :)
    Getting a bit better every day, you must do something right, well done.
    Maybe we should start a thread, how to keep your mind off running?

    Bye for now.
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