Garmin Forerunner 305

posting this under a pseudonym to avoid the whip (work in the industry, and this hasn't been nationally announced yet, although I did find it using good old google)

Garmin Forerunner 305

Preliminary information indicates a Feb 2006 release date. It will be SIRF III enabled (enables the unit to pick up satellites MUCH faster, and get much more of a signal).

One Word: Drooooooooooool!


  • Does look good!

    Might have to give myself a late Chrimbo pressie.
  • wow does look exciting. currently have 301 not sure if bank manager will let me get one!
  • This is the one with the hrm. Will the 201 be upgraded to improve satellite fix too?
  • Any ideas how much dosh it will cost?
  • muttley, there is a 205 coming out as well
  • Better start talking to Santa then. Cheers!
  • nooooooo
  • I've just messed myself
  • would anyone like to buy an only slightly used 301?

    Just found in the cold weather that I can't pull my extra long sleeved top over the 301 to protect my hands from frost.

    Now with this one I could..............:-)
  • TS
    sleeves down ad garmi over the top
  • hmmm i can feel a 2nd hand 301 coming on :-)
  • ed

    its a really good one!

    Only 300 miles and one careful owner

    'onest guv!

    strap doesn't fit over sleeve and I need to be able to pull sleeve down as well. Its only for the first mile or so until I warm up - after that my hands are fine
  • oh sorry TS... i was thinking of mine ;-)
  • Not to impressed with my garmin 301,only had it 3 months,nothing but troble so far!
    only after 1 month it stopped recieving heart monitor,i was sent another after down loading update from garmin,that did'nt do any thing apart from stoping it from 2down loading onto training centre,now the whole lot has gone back for repairs!!.
    "Not amused with my very expensive stop watch".
  • Just slightly soiled pants..........
  • Hi all... Can anyone help me pleeese.?? I ve just bought a 301, probaly a bad move due to the new one coming out, but hey ho.

    Ive installed the software (training centre) onto my pc, but when i plug in the usb it cant find it, although the 301 charges ok. I have windows xp which should be ok?

    Not sure if its me being a technophobe or a faulty unit?
  • i've heard this from a few people solly.

    usually solved by uninstalling the drivers & downloading the latest ones from the garmin site.
  • OOOOh I was having a 301 for Christmas think I will wait:-) any ideas on price?
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I have had a 201 for about 4 months now.
    At the end of the summer it was fine, but now not so good.
    Seems to be affected by dense cloud and loses the sattelites.
    Now if cloud is an issue this device should not be sold in the UK !! :-)
    Fortunately I have sport tracks software rather than the garmin piece of crap. This means I can edit my run once its downloaded to show an accurate route.
    Like the look of this.
    Anyone want a dodgy 201 ??!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the 301 has gone from the £200 mark down to ???£160 (at best?) over the past year.

    so i'd expect the 305 to come in at a similar level when new.
  • Interesting shape...not sure about the red trim though.
  • *taps nose*

    don't hold your breath.
  • The Italian dealer who leaked the 305 as coming out on Feb 06 - see link here..
  • i emailed the guys i got my 301 off (was one of the first batches in the country).

    feb06 sounds early, apparently supply of the edge305 bike computer has slipped to late january so i'd expect it a while after that.

    may be pleasantly surprised tho'
  • As long as it's there in time for my birthday in april {wink, wink, nudge, nudge...}

    (And only the other day my other half commented I'm not much of a gadget man...)
  • Solly,

    Bought my 301 nearly 3 weeks ago and I had same problem with PC not recognising presence of the device once connected. Garmin sent me a replacement disc to install SW etc, and that cured it..

    Still have concerns over graphical display times not displaying same total as trip times, but no-one seems to have similar issue.

    Ref : The SportTracks software, does anyone have problems with system retrieving map background ?? Mine's keep saying "connection to the map server is temporarily unavailable" ??
  • monty.. that sporttracks problem is usually related to being behind a firewall or something like that. check out the forums on their website for support.
  • I'm vaguely thinking of getting a Garmin. What exactly is so bad about their software and why is eg. Sporttracks better?
  • Ed - I'm using this at work (and not only during my break, of course), but I fear that if this is firewall related, my IS department would love to hear my explanation on how this could be construed as work related..

    Suggestions ?
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