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  • tiger balm is the best!!!!!!!!!
  • so where do you buy this tiger balm and what do you do with it?? my feet ache today!!
  • I think you can buy tiger balm at boots but It is more for aching muscles than feet :-D

    Long run today Pinkerbelle?
  • Drat so close


    http://www.tigerbalm.co.uk (in case it doesn' t'="" target='_blank' rel="nofollow">http://www.tigerbalm.co.uk[url/]

    http://www.tigerbalm.co.uk (in case it doesn't
  • arrrgggg

    I'm just having one of those days :-(

    last try: http://www.tigerbalm.co.uk/[url
  • HI all

    Well done pinks on LSR thats excellent and to everyone else on there runs. I managed 13.5miles yesturday which surpased my expectations although have to admit my last ten minutes killed especially as i had to run past house at the last bit (torture!)

    Rewarded self with a great night out

    Have first running blister :-(
  • Tiger Balm- I bought mine initially in Hong Kong and Singapore which isnt very helpful I know, but have recently bought some more in Poundland!!! Its a very small pot, about the size of Vicks and Ive also got some spray although havent seen that here, only in Far East. Its brilliant for headache as well-if you have a thumper when you go to bed, put a little on each temple, when you wake up, its gone! Makes you stink though, so dont suggest you use it on Valentine's Day............!
  • My aunt comes from Singapore, we have alittle chinese shop in our local shopping centre, that sells all authentic foods etc. She gets it in there, smells looooverly!!

    Fenn the best thing i've found for blisters is zinc oxide tape, you can get it on medical supply sites, or do as i did and pop into your local casulty dept chat up the best lookin paramedic tell them what your doin and you need something to tape your feet up!! lol

    i found that these blister socks were pants really, they work for some but not me. Zinc oxide tape is the way forward, the army swear by it!!
  • i went to the blokes house who invented tiger balm when i lived in singapore...its open to the public and vvv wierd...the gardens are full of very wierd statues of dragons etc. bizarre
    knee is still in a lot of pain...especially when turning...am expecting it goes back to the days of knee reconstruction...reckon its a slight strain on the medial logament, but can hear it grinding over the patella...gonna be a week of rest i think which is not good as i was feeling really good about training...will have to face a late fitness test for Brighton I think!!!
    any other advice apart from RICE anyone?
  • Cas, Nicks and i are both having a bit of a rst week too so we will all be in the same boat for Brighton but we will all be fresh too so look on the bright side!
  • Its great isnt it-here we all are trying to be fit and healthy, and as the weeks wear on, and London gets closer, the list of injuries starts to appear and we're swapping tales of embrocation!!
    At least though we're in it together, and knowing that I think makes it easier to cope with, otherwise it would be easy to assume that everybody else is out there having a fabulous time.
    Scrolling back through old entries, I noticed some comments about running numbers-do we know at this stage what start we'll be at just by our running number?
  • Morning everyone. Keep positive for the weekend and you will be fine!!

    Had a brilliant weekend and learnt loads so am now revising some of what I do. I have certainly learnt to work hard and that I can do more than I thought capable.

    Some good tips about taking gels and things too. Like not taking the whole thing in one go. Take it over 3 miles. Put a bit in your mouth and keep it in your cheek where it will be absorbed quickly without having it hit your stomach and the resulting possible upsets!!
    Keep drinking the water but lots of little sips not big gulps - about 300ml over 30 mins
  • Hi Rio, sounds like you had a fab weekend. looking forward to receiving all your tips and expert info!!! what are you revising in your training?

    linda i am 50890 and in red start at Greenwich park - think if you are over 35000 that is where you will be.
  • I think I am not going to go on distance any more but on time for length of long run and not necessarily doing it all at a slow pace but dividing the time into 3. So first 1/3rd at slow pace, middle 1/3rd at marathon pace and last 1/3rd at slow pace.

    I wont be doing any long runs more than 3hrs 30 either.
  • Rio, meant to do 10m at weekend but took a wrong turn and ended up doing 12.3m and stupidly didn't take enough water only 500ml for 2hr 11min - what a silly girl i was!! did try the high5 gels out though (had 2) although not really sure if i noticed a difference or not?!

    supposed to do 3m on tues, 7m on wed and 4m on thursday before brighton on sunday. do you think that would still be ok or should i cut it down? one of my fellow SA runners is already up to 20 m which rather unerved me!!
  • Hey guys, new to the thread.

    I'm doing Brighton this weekend too (2nd Half, going for 1hr45) and was wondering what your training plans were for this week?

    I was planning on doing about 15 miles in total and then resting Friday and Saturday.

  • Hasten to add that I am doing FLM this year!
  • pinks you might think you didnt notice any difference but if you had run that distance on just water you would have known about it.
    I ran for 1hr 40 on Sunday and only took 250ml I was fine. You dont need to drink until around 3 miles or so so 500ml isnt too bad for about 2hrs.

    I would do 30 mins at working pace (ie you are ok to say the odd word but no more) on Tuesday maybe do 60 mins comfortable (you can hold a conversation just) on Wednesday and maybe 20-30 slow on Thursday. Rest Friday and 10 minutes on Saturday to make sure your legs are ticking over

    Dont worry about what anyone else is doing. You are not going to be running their race! You do not need to do 20 miles (and it was in fact recommended that you dont ) The schedules around are written (usually ) by elite/club/ fast runners for the same so you need to work out something that is right for you
  • Cheers Rio. Using Hal Higdon's beginners schedule and is going well. I just want to finish it 'comfortably' sub-4 hours (FLM that is, not Brighton!).
  • that sounds like a great plan thanks.

    what did they recommend was the longest run if not 20? i like the idea of splitting the long run up - i still have a problem with running it slower than usual (although everything is pretty slow for me!!)although i don't know really what marathon pace is for me!! i averaged at 10.5 min miles on lsr on saturday but that felt quite fast to me.

    Hi Bowipod (interesting nickname!) - see rios comments to me re Brighton and see you there!! who are you running for? i'm runninf for SA and will have my running vest on for Brighton (black with green and white) and my name - Sara - in green on front.
  • Pink - I'll keep an eye out for you and good luck! Nickname comes from the fact that I like Bowie and...er...iPods. Plus my iPod is called BowiPod. I know, I know.....
  • They recommended not using distances at all. But to work on times. With the longest being 3-3.30 hrs at whatever your lsr pace is ie 60-70% of maximum effort. This can be as much as 18 miles or maybe more if your pace is quick. If you are running 10.5mm that is not that slow and would equate to 18-20 miles!!!!
  • got my brighton no through today but feeling down about knee hurtin so much!
    Am no 4325 2nd phase i think (i have a card with a big no 2 on it!)
    am only going to do 1 run this week i think...dont want to push it!
  • be very careful Cas. There are only 9 weeks to go now and you dont want to make it worse now!!
  • is it only 9 Rio? OMG i thought it was 10!! aaaaaaaaahhh!!!
  • It was 10 weeks yesterday!
  • Afternoon all

    Cas, sorry to hear about your knee its sounds nasty hope mends itself well.

    Hi BowiPod brighton should be good am looking forward to it although am also indesivie about this weeks training plan. Think am going to do 4mile steady tonight 6mile steady on Wed and Thursday some speed work and then have two rest days before race.

    Rio glad to give you had a good weekend, what is there reasoning for time rather than distance? Also did they suggest wether you should do longest run twice ie two 3/3.5hrs runs?
    What kind of runs did you do this weekend, nothing too horrific i hope

  • hey Rio, its was 11 weeks yesterday, 10 this Sunday
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