Lake Vyrnwy half

I gather a few forumites are doing this on Sept. 15th. Shall we start the ball rolling?

This will be my first half and I'm hoping on a good day with the wind behind me to do it in 2 hours!! There, its in print!


  • I am definately doing this run. I shall be running with the soon to be Mrs Fat Face around the course and will be finishing approximately 1 step behind her. Her PB was set a few years ago (2:06?) but she is very nervous about this run and her target is to finish. I reckon it will be in 2:15. If she decides not to run and I am feeling OK after the Liverpool Half I shall aim to finish 1 step ahead of Oldbones.
  • getting close now - any more takers?
  • I'll be 10 steps behind Mrs Fat Face!
  • I'll be there - its worth the slow drive for such a scenic race.
    Ran last year without preparing properly and staggered round in 1.37. I've tried to prepare better this time so I'll probably be even slower this year.
  • Thinking about this, I've got Glasgow the week before it though !!

    Still, it would count as a good training run for Dublin.
  • Johnny - how can you stagger round in 1.37? for me that would be flying!!

    I did my first 13 miler since FLM this weekend and did 2:10 on a very hilly course so my target of 2 hours may be on.
  • I should be there, but twisted my ankle last week, and so missed the Liverpool Half. Doh !
    Maybe the enforced rest will do me good.
    (he says hoping !)
  • Oldbones - if you can run a hilly 13 miler in 2:10 you should have no problem hitting your 2 hour target at Vyrnwy.
    Go for it!
  • Thanks Johnny - mmm.. interesting photo!!!
  • Yeah - still looking good after all these years eh?

    See you on the 15th (I'll be in my Ludlow Runners kit - blue vest, white hoop. The hair won't be spiked but the colour is about right)
  • OK, who's going and are we going to meet up before or after. I'm running with Mrs Fat Face, hoping to get her round in 2:15 (ish). If she doesn't run (hurty knee at the mo) I shall be looking to get round under 2 hours. So if anyone wants some company on the way round, let me know.
  • I've not done it before so don't know the layout. Any suggestions for a meeting place?

    Johnny - another Shropshire Lad eh? I'll be wearing my forum club vest if its back in time.
  • Shropshire Lad - now there's a pint!
  • Oh dear. Bad badger has only just got her training butt into gear, a bit too late I fear.
    Now running 3- 4 times per week but did 8 miles Mon for first time since May (when I did a pb of 2.02 for a half) and last
    mile killed me. But we are on for 10 this Sat. I think I will have entry form ready to
    post and will decide after those 10!. I'd love to meet you all (and Badger would love to meet Mrs FFaces' rats), and my trainig partner has already
    entered, and it will be beautiful and a good practice for the GNR - these are the
    pluses. Also get to chill out with all my shropshish friends in Bishop's castle afterwards.
    And can undoubtedly cadge a well deserved dinner off the parents in ludlow. But the downers: I am 5 miles short of the distance. I don't want to let my
    forum vest down. It's a long way from Malvern I don't want to hate it and find it unbearably hard. I've been invited
    to a brilliant party the night before.............

    What shall I do. Please help!

    And Johnny - I'm a Shropshire lass too. A devoted South Shropshire lass as Oldbones knows.
    Cast adrift in Worcstershire at the mo, but actually trying for the first time in a long
    time to get back there. Too many good friends have returned and I spend a lot
    of weekends there anyway. Parents in Ludlow - friends in Brampton Bryan/Burwarton
    BishopsCastle and Clun. Also strong links to round Cleobury. Do you do the Mortimer Forses
    10, or whatever it is. Could you alert me to any up and coming runs in the area?
    I love the forest. Went back riding to North Farm in the summer - a real trip down
    memory lane. And was having a sneaky er cig with a view on Whitciffe whilst cubs were sleeping
    in car last Sat!
  • Badge,
    Go for it. I haven't run over 9 miles since January, but I am still going to have a go.

    Bought a new cuddly badger for Mrs FF last week.

    Let us know how you get on in your 10 mile outing at the weekend.

  • FF

    Lucky Mrs FF - hope she's running too, 2.15 would probably be about my time
    I feel I'll regret it if I don't....
    Still lots of buts though......
    Will let you know on Tue when I'm back in. My fate will be decided by then.
    Will you be wearing forum vests?

    Lunch calls
  • LDB - I'll be wearing my vest if I get it back from Wasp in time. Couple of friends I sometimes train with did Vyrnwy last year, soon after taking up running and never having run more than 6 miles before. They did it in just under 2.15. So cut out the fags and get your a**e up here!
  • My vest in hanging up justing waiting for its first race. I'm number 67 (I think)
  • FF and OB You are swaying me a bit....
    Oldbones - running makes me nervous - hence the appalling habit. Its also part of my pre-race breakfast routine!!
    Otherwise promise I never usually have one for breakfast - i stick to the refrigerated plain choc hobnobs soon as I get to work instead.

    I'm tempted - just to see the look on my running partners face when she sees that I haven't been making up about my invisible friends and how we are gradually taking over the (running) world!
  • LDB - I should be running in the forest in a couple of hours if my foot is ok (knackered it in the Ragleth fell race yesterday) I love running there, dodging the horses from North Farm. Yes, I will be at the Mortimer's Forest 10 on 15th December - come along. I'll post any interesting local runs if I see them, mostly concentrating on the cross country season now.

    It will be great if you can make it to Vyrnwy. My Saturday pre race preparation will be at the Ludlow Food fair, cadging free samples and then sampling the real ale at the Nelson Beer Festival. Maybe that PB is not under threat after all. Never mind, its a good flat course for a gentle run.

    I've got my number at last - 1013.

    I've been trying to think of an obvious rendevous. I was a bit knackerd last year so no landmarks near the start/finish stick in the mind. The car parking is in various fields and Race HQ is in a community centre with changing, refreshments and the trade stall outside.

    By the way, Shropshire Lad is brewed by a member of our club - maybe he'll give me a discount after this plug.

  • Cheers Johnny. Dec 15th now in diary. Enjoy your run tonight. Me, I shall be running in farmland looking up to the Malverns.
    Thanks for the Vyrnwy encouragement. I guess tho that there is always the chance that by the time I put in my last minute entry they may be full up. You will know my fate on Tuesday.
    Have you been in Ludlow long?
    The badger family has been there since 1978 - oh my goodness. (tho I was a school cub then) So I know it pretty well. Much misspent youth etc etc!! In fact talking of misspent youth, I'm still with Mr Badger who I met at Ludlow College many many moons ago. Two other couples from same year - still together,still dear friends. There is something special in the air there!
  • LDB, it's Tuesday, so what's happening? Are you running on Sunday?
  • Dear Fatface

    You summoned me Sir?

    Yippee/Oh dread .....Yes I am. Posted form yesterday after blissful blackberry fuelled 10 miler on Saturday.

    Thanks for the encouragement. After you said that you hadn't done more than 9 since Jan I felt I had too really - being as I did partake of a 26.2 amble in April! So hopefully, those extra miles are stored somewhere in my legs. Shall be taking lots of lucozade and HIgh 5 gels to coax them out!!

    See you there. I shall be wearing my URWRC vest and will be with a very tall blonde!!! I sahll be taking it easy and treating it as a training run for the GNR.

    Is it a training run for your wedding night!!! (Huge congratulations to you and Mrs Fatface and all the furry rats and badgers by the way!)

    See you there
  • I cheated. I did 11 on Sunday. Sadly though, it is looking unlikely that Mrs FF will be running. I think she will be spectating though. Or cycling around the local roads for a couple of hours. Who's for a beer afterwards then?

    Is everyone wearing their URWFRC vest? If not, what are your numbers?
  • I'm number 67, Mrs Fat Face (if running) is 68.
  • Fatface - that's not fair now, I've only done 10. You'll just have to do another mile up to the start line!

    I shall be wearing my vest. Unfortunately have no outward signs of badgerness. Just ratty long brown hair which will be tied back and I may be wearing a white baseball cap with 'Fire trader' on it in pink writing.

    I shall most likely be up for a drink afterwards. Am looking forward to it - looks wonderfully remote on the map.
  • I'm number 53 and will be wearing brand new club vest. Would like to do post run beer but will have to persuade the 2 non forum folk I'll be taking there and back.
  • I might have one of those too. Bother these non-forum folk - what are we to do with them?
  • Hi people - not running at Vyrnwy but I will definitely do the Mortimer Forest as I live just outside Ludlow.

    Jonny do the Ludlow runners have any slow groups - I've been meaning to go to the leisure centre and meet them but a bit reluctant till I get some more weight off!

    Good luck for the weekend
  • Mij - yes! Come along (Thursdays 7pm) We have a range of runners of all ages and paces, you will be very welcome. (I won't be there this week, serious non training)

    Oldbones, LDB et al. I'm still hoping to run on Sunday, although I've been a run free zone since injuring my foot in the Ragleth Inn fell race last Wednesday. Managed two miles with the pupils at school today with very little discomfort, so fingers crossed.

    If I'm there the pint sounds good.
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