Rampant Ribbit Rhetoric



  • it's been £138 so far Croc - with more to come today :o( [still, could be worse, someone I know via school has just spent £800 getting her car roadworthy !]
  • 'lo

    my day is a bit of a mess - wanna go home and get stuff but will make the day a rush
  • orf to fetch the car .....
  • Fraggle, when I went for my MOT in Sep05 I was told I needed a new car and that mine was good for the scrapyard!!

    'Lo Teddy
  • hmmm had a long chat with reflexologist who said that my knees problem could be to do with spine, pevis + muscle unbalance...however she does not practice at home and by being in Anniesland I am too far for her!
    She recommended a woman in Glasgow South who is a Mctimoney chiropractor (??) and cranio-scro therapist (??)...she gave me her number & address and said that this woman will do my body history, go right back to my childhood probs with my knees etc etc

    hhhhmmmm not sure I want another chiro
  • Good morning everyone :o)

    I think this week has started to catch up on me. I am very, very tired today.
  • ((Vrap))

    dino can you do me a favour and has a doc have a look at my new thread on health & injury?
  • has a doc?!?!?= as a doc
  • I will indeed, Croc :o)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    'Lo Peeps.

    I've bought a pair of spikes off e-bay. Not sure what I'm going to do with them, coz I'm too scared to try X/C, but I couldn't resist a bargain.

    [crunches across thread floor, leaving small dents in the lino]
  • I'm back... hair is now all tidy and smooth... its the first time it has been subjected to a hairdryer for months... well probably since the last time i had it cut!... it does look nice though, maybe i should take more time in the money... ha ha ha ha!


    Nessie - ooo new spikes eh? i've been trying to get some for ages that fit my feet as i think that mine might just fall apart if i removed all the mud from them!!
  • I laid down for forty winks just after 9:00 and I've just woken up again! Must be something in the air Dino.
  • You look gorgeous, Spans :o)

    >Hard reptilian glare at PeeDee< You've been staying up too late again, haven't you?
  • And *HOW* would *YOU* know Dino?????? :oP
  • I know what you're like, PeeDee :oP
  • Actually! I got up too early and still suffering the fallout of lack of caffine yesterday :oP
  • thanks vrap <swishes hair in a loreal hair ad kind of way>

    late nights and early mornings seem to have the same effect on me as early nights or a long lie in... i feel shattered today too zzzz
  • Dino?
  • Pet names Croc, Dino-bunnykinisquidgy. ;P

    You not heard Vrap called 'Dino' before??? As in short for Dinosaur.
  • nah I know she is called Dino....that was just me calling her cos I had a request earlier on and I am really interested in her point of view
  • Vrap - you have email :o)
  • Profer a chunk of meat on the end of a stick she'll soon appear
  • <<giggles>>

    I am a non meat eater, damn

    <<looks for profiteroles in the cupboard>>
  • you don't have to eat it Croc, it's for Dino!
  • good point Teddy!
    now who is a clever fluffy thing?
  • good progress Pixel....yeah you will be a bit jumpy driving for a while but it will get better
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