Saturday 18th March 2006



  • Well done Sportaloo

    WP - defer London and try to do same with Rotterdam.

    Good luck tommorrow to BR and others racing.

    What: Nothing other than 90 mins tearing round swimming pool with the monster. Still limiting myself to running every other day.

  • Hope your birthday went well Wabo.

    Rory - great stuff - just got a PB and now a 22 mile training run completed.

    Stellina - I can do dead frog stroke - without the make-up or the blow-dried hair - but with the addition of people diving in to save me!

    Ultra & Irma - get stuff. I got to the red carpet treatment and just had to start reading it out-loud - had to share it with my husband as you know we've both been to S.A. Great report - fantastic stuff - huge congratulations!!

    Poppy - hope everything comes right soon - you are very focused in getting everything right and hope you come back strong.
  • RFJ

    answer....Mrs RFJ healing hands!!!

    Does she take bookings!!!?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Right, had club chairman on the phone beging me *not* to do the TT tomorrow "I know what you're like, you push yourself so hard.. you've been ill" So had to concede defeat, but feel like a bit of a wuss, compared to Ultraloo. Instead, I'm doing 60 or so steady miles with the old men from the club with a cafe stop on the way home.

    wp - good to see you back, listen to the physio and don't rush back into running when s/he says "OK" - play your cards right, listen to your body and you've got 30/40 years of running left. Plenty of time to spend your cash. Agree with TMR that the injury chainged your gait - having had two sets of serious injuries, my gait has compeltely changed over the past 5 years.

    Melissa - the wind was aweful today, wansn't it? - I was riding downhill and being blown back up it! I had three pairs of gloves on, four thermal layers ... and didn't get cold, but never really got hot either!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    BTW , for those of you with TVs, there is what looks like it could be an interesting sports science prog on BBC 2 at the moment - focusing on the science which will have to be employed to get today's talented kids of win gold
  • Evening all.

    Ultraloo....awesome run...I just knew you wouldn't bale out...all is looking good for comrades....

    what: 6.5 @sub 135
    why: just to get some miles done following virus last week...feeling much better
    last hard: yesterday 9m @ 150-155
    last rest: Thursday

    well, should really get some rest now as I have the Alloa Half tomorrow..plan is to run it around mara pace....good luck to Debbo and Flying Fifer...

  • LizzyB - I have seen parts of it. The cycling approach looked very familiar, the same has been going on in Germany for years. Kids competing up to age of 12 or so, once spotted they go to a boarding school with daily training and some become pro age 16. There is quite a lot of prize money to be earned at all level.

    Watching CG thon :)
  • oooh quick post as common wealth games marathon just started!

    Just wanted to say Sportaloooooooo wahooooo. Fan flippen tastic. You're a star, hope you're duly and appropriately squiffy and snoring your heart out now!

    Stellina - LOL re: dead frog stroke and sorry folks but none of you will fit the bill on here. Now there is also another type called the cycle cruisers workout. These get taintively onto stationary bike with latest edition of ''hello'' magazine to hand, which they carefully place in front of them. Full make up again, and usually a little check in mirror before aforementioned ''workout''. Generally wearing thick tracksuit bottoms, pink top and white with gold trim trainers. Pedal for a max of 15 minutes which just so happens to correspond with relevent ''hello'' article. Also have huge bottle of water to hand, which is sipped at minute intervals.

    Then in the changing rooms they all discuss wiht each other, what a hard workout they have had whilst adorning floral swim caps, in order to do a max of 5 lengths dead frog stroke, followed by hard workout in jaccuzi! :0)

    Did my walk, could have done with the leaded boots at some points. Literally blown off my feet, but not quite! Achilles ok. Will attempt run/walk tomorrow.

    <<scoobs leaves thread saying mantra ''I must do run/walk and not run/run, I must do run/walk and not run/run>>

    Will update tomorrow!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

  • Don't like green
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Bollox to the twat trying to sell us stuff.

    However I couldn't resist rereading the thread - halcyon days indeed and some many well remembered names.....and 100+ posts.

    I also see that I didn't post my training as was away from home that day, so......

    What: 6 miles
    Why: Pre race (Bath HM) taper
    Last Hard: 11/03/2006
    Last Rest: 16/01/2006
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    hi tom

    this thread is a bit surreal as i was recovering from a fall where i really hurt my ribs

  • Hoi mate this is 2011image not 2006

    Spam would be well off image

  • Wee trip down memory lane with this. I wasn't long on here back then.

     Wonder what some of teh regulars who posted back then are doing now ?!image

  • Christ thought you lot would be family friends by now!! 2006!!!
  • I got spam mail after my post on here!
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