It's no sacrifice...22/04/06

Elton didn't mean it for runners though.

In the middle of reading the thread, but now realize it’s Saturday!!


Not much too add.
Age means injury prone and I am sidelined yet again.

Must post just to wish all FLMers the best. Nowt much else to say on that score.

For the rest of us, lets try an eyeballs out session on Saturday, hoping it will enthuse those doing the 26.2



  • Morning Treadmill,
    Well I just did a big effort - not eyeballs out but I can go away to Australia and not feel guilty about not doing much running.

    What: 20 miles - Mountain Road. This is only the third time I've run up this hill and it comes in after 70 minutes of running and goes uphill for about 30 minutes and then you're still a very long way from home - I've done the course in reverse a couple of times - don't really know which is worse!

    Happy birthday for yesterday Jars.

    Congrats nrg-b on the job offers.

    All you marathoners - have a great day.

  • Morning
    last very short plod done here
    Why cant we do FLM at 5 am?

    Good luck to all running and racing this weekend
  • morning

    Last quick post before catching train to London.

    Enjoy Australia NZC

    I'm more than happy FLM's not at 5am Hippo!

  • Morning

    What: Bushy Park 5k TT plus running the course before and after
    Why: I'm an Ultra runner
    Last Rest: Tuesday
    Last Hard: Saturday

    All the best to all marathoners this weekend :¬)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    What: gonna try 5-6 miles
    Why: long run!!!
    Last Hard: Last night
    Todays thought: "Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity." Michael Johnson

    Good luck to all racers this weekend no matter how short or long you go.

    Good luck Gobi too - should be a sprint for you.
  • Treadmill - Eat Pies. Proven injury prevention diet.

    What: Walking miles around exhibition
    Why: Midlife crisis is still in full effect 8 years after I started running
    Last Hard: Tues (but it wasn't that hard)
    Last Pie: 5 mins ago (does apple pie count as carbo loading?)

    Lochaber runners anjoy the views on the way in

    Good Luck to all

    Now off to set the video
  • morning all,

    expect it'll be fairly quiet around here today with many of our rank in London or Lochaber. Looking forward to the wonderful reports tomorrow and monday to make me jealous that i'm not doing a marathon this year.

    what : 3 miles easy
    why : easing back in gently
    last hard : yesterday
    last rest : thurs

    yesterday did 5.5miles @ just over 8m/m, longest since foot injury. All seems ok and pace was quickish so fitness coming back sooner than i thought :)
  • Evening all

    Matthew - For a down week, I reduce mileage heavily sometimes by even more than half overall for week, then generally throw in some strides where I concentrate on good form in middle of runs (generally down to 40 mins to hour). Then would normally end down week with race.

    New Mum - congrats on news

    RFJ - well done just shame they had not measured course properly for your mara pb!

    NRG-B - a cracking week - so will it be the job with the running boss all things equivalent?

    Good luck to all those running FLM on Sunday

    What: Planning 5 miler with a few strides thrown in.

    Why: Busy week for me as started new job (5th change in 4 years!). Made it a downweek as fitted well with work situation but also as raced Monday and will race again tommorrow in regional championships.

  • good morning all

    Good luck to all those I haven't missed who will be doing FLM tomorrow and Lochaber.

    FLM-ers look out for Team 5 - Hollky and nrg-b are not the only supporters! I'm going to try to find some pom poms to wave at you all.


    What: 9-10 miles
    Why: LSD
    Last hard: still every run
    Last rest: yesterday

    I'm not looking forward to this but I know i can do 13 miles because I did 2 weeks ago.

    Have a good day all.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    I've got a bit of a hangover today, and an OU tutorial to do this morning, but then...

    What: hopefully a longish run - 2 hours ish
    Why: haven't done one for 3 weeks
    Last hard: wednesday
    Last rest: tuesday

    Hope all the racers finish happy tomorrow.
  • Morning,

    Congrats on your job offers nrg-b - imagine if your would be boss was into golf instead?!

    NZC, well done on your long run, 30 mins uphill, ouch.

    Good luck with your new job too Simon.

    And of course marathoners, but I've said it enough times already.

    Well wishes to the injured; have to say of my local mates more are currently injured/ill than fit and well, no wonder Kendal is the capital of sports physios.

    Heard of a friend of friend yesterday who was on for 3.20 in London, went for sports massage and masseur damaged her tendon so she can hardly walk, let alone run. Can you imagine how ****** off she is; his reputation in tatters I should imagine.

    What: outside climbing season officially on for those of us who aren't ice hounds: off to langdales.
    Why: long runs all done so will be a blessed relief go out into the hills and not completely wreck myself, for a change.
    Last hard: Wed
    Rest: Mon

  • Good morning

    NZC - Sounds like a tough run.

    nrg-b - The job with the running boss sounds promising. Glad things are going well for you.

    Tom - Good to see you posting again,I missed your words of wisdom.

    What: Nothing
    Why: Doctor's orders
    Last hard: a week ago

    Good luck to all the FLM and Lochaber runners.

    Have a good Saturday.
  • great news on the job offers nrg-b. Do you think the running Big Chief thinks he might get a personal trainer as part of the package??!

  • Morning!

    mava - of course nrgb and I aren't the only supporters - Stellina****** is there too :-) - have a wig and see you tomorrow in the rain!

    Congrats on the job offers, nrgbh!

    Poppy - thank you! There's a new Up and Running in Sheen - I've cycled past it a few times and I've wanted to go in...

    Also remembered BrynR was supposed to be running this FLM - really sorry you're not.

    NZC - have fun in Oz!

    What: BPTT 5km
    Why: I love the peace and quiet of this race - Oh no...... I've just read Gobi's post ;-(
    Lyrics: Yup - would have got it without the artist hint too.
  • P.S. Taper madness quote from Shiraz this morning - "I'm really ill" - think she's OK really (fingers crossed!) - there's a really good story behind this to do with a kid who asked to be let out of one of her lessons and she didn't let him - doh!
  • morning

    scoobos (i think) - forgot to say a few days ago well done on getting up that climb on your bike without stopping.

    off for a short ride today as this week is something of a rest/down week.

    what: 60 miles
    why: IM

    then off on a hen night! then flm.
  • Good luck to those running the FLM tomorrow! Super Sunday coming up!

    What? Start the track season this afternoon with a 3k.
  • AardvarkAardvark ✭✭✭

    What: 8m steady
    Why: find out whether achilles will cope with increased distance
    Last rest: 17 days

    Good luck all marathoners and other racers.
  • 5am hippo??

    How the feck would peeps get to the start by then - it's bad enough as it is. Plus crowd support would be abysmal!
  • Morning regulars,

    good luck all racers!

    Me: hopefully a quiet 5M or so, but this house buying lark is taking over our lives at the moment....

    1 day to go......
    looking forward to seeing Gebresalassie do some magic on the streets of London, as well as Minks, SGQ, Hilly, and all others!

  • morning

    Good luck to the FLMers and any other racers this wknd
    Good luck to URR on the 3k

    What: 6M tempo
    Why: Push the LT up
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: 1month 6days ago

    train well
  • Morning All,

    Weather looking warm for today. Tomorrow will be slightly cooler, a little rain but hardly any wind at all. I reckon there will be many fantastic PBs tomorrow.....and maybe a WR amongst the elites too.

    NZC: That is some session. Do you carry a mobile phone for safety's sake?

    Simon: Thanks for those emails, much appreciated. How's Mary? Good luck with new job and tomorrow's race.

    Mava: Just admit it you want The Wig, dontchya! ;-)

    John_Douglas: Please explain a hen night!? Are you the main attraction ;-)))

    DutchFrancis: Good luck with the house buying.

    Thanks for the congrats on the job offers. My life is one of extremes. On Monday I have to go for yet more interviews with another client. And potentially there is a far more lucrative fourth client too. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Is that phrase from Yorkshire? ;-))

    I'm inclined to take the job with Running Big Chief. I agree, maybe Running is the modern day equivalent of the highly americanised ritual of playing Golf with the Boss. If so, when I'm out on a lunchtime plod with my boss, should I fake tiredness/injury and let him beat me?

    WTF? Pull yourself together, nrg-b. SLAP!!.

    I hope I don't end up job-hunting again in the near future...

    I've just realised my training last week has resembled a taper as if I were running FLM.

    Less then 24hrs to go...tick...tock...tick...tock....
  • URR: Good luck. We're expecting more fireworks from you :-)
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning all….as the air of expectation descends over the thread……..

    Lurgy now seems to be in retreat, so today will be 5-6 easy miles followed by 5-6 x 150m just to turn the legs over. I think Micksta was asking about the benefit of strides. For me, they’re usually done on the easier days of basic conditioning training, as preparation for quicker running later on in the cycle – something which Big Tim is a fan of.

    This is also the day that I start wondering who the dark horses are going to be - on that subject I’d be interested to know what URR thinks.

    And finally, yet again, good luck to all racers tomorrow….this what it’s all abou
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Morning again

    Forgot to say yesterdays lyrics - When the going gets tough (the tough get going)

    mava know what you mean when you say every run feels hard.

    Anyway 5.8 miles done. very cool out just nice minimal wind

    nrg-b - such a dilemma
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    All the very best to those doing FLM and other races.

    What - probably nothing

    Why - Still struggling to walk yet alone run, my thighs / quads are in bits after the works marathon on Thurs.

    Last hard - thurs

    Last rest - yesterday and likely today too.

    Take care
  • Setting off fro london at 12:30 so all done and dusted now.

    What: 4m recovery
    Why: Last miles before the big one
    Last Hard: It's irrelevant
    Last Rest: 84 days

    Good luck to all racers.
  • Hiya all!

    10 M for me d&d, 1.31, happy with a glorified plod that seems to get nearer and nearer the 9 miles/ minute on the dot, getting slowly there. I'm going to do 4 slow miles tomorrow at the crack of dawn and then catch the first train to London for a day of champers, wigs and jelly beans!

    See you tomorrow nrg-branson!

    Good luck to you racers, do not need it I know, you're well prepared, but I wish you luck, the one that brings lightness in your steps and sunshine in your hearts. See you all Londonmarathoners tomorrow.

    Off to Body pump now. Be good all.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    good luck with the jobs NRG-B & SiT.
    Looking forward to the mara tomorrow, I'll be doing 20 miles at 6am, to get back in time to flump on the sofa.

    Today: missed usual Saturday run as Mrs D has an OU dayschool, so will do 3-4 easy this evening

    Run well racers....
  • good luck to you as well AF.....

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