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    Jools - that's another good session. Not sure re vlm foing ahead due to risk of any virus mutations being spread, but if we've all been vaccinated they could proceeed with no overseas runners.

    Had a busy day yday and had planned a few miles after dropping a car off for mot early, but in the end i thought wtfp of a few miles in -2 temps and sacked it off, i struggle to get morivated for short runs esp if they arnt commutes. But the rest is no bad thing.
    Back on it today with 5 easy, 10 ~mp+10%, 3 easy. Effort was a bit too quick av 7.01.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Jools.. I do have one of my older phones (when they were tiny!) which I use as an emergency camera - quality isn't brilliant but ok for snaps.  As you say the modern variants are just too bulky.  Bet the Avon Gorge is lovely on a bright day.  Nice run/session BTW.

    TR.. that's a decent long run with quality in the middle.

    Very cold and slightly icy this morning but warmed up just enough to get rid of the ice.  8.5m done on a bright afternoon.
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    Jools - Sounds a lovely run and great that you are hitting some good pace on those.

    Another good LR from you TR.  Interesting point you make on the LM and overseas runners,  as it sure looks like western countries are toughening their borders. If it does go ahead, I do like the innovation of a parallel virtual race  given the success of the 2020 one though it will  be interesting to see how they squeeze another 8K runners into the main race and trains etc.

    Well done Wardi on ticking off the run.

    9m for me, pepped up with a fastish 10k within @ 6.30 pace along the local trail which was pretty busy with walkers and cyclists. So that's my pacey run for the week ticked off.  It was a lovely morning for running, blue skies and very cool. 14-15 miles planned for tomorrow. 

  • I suppose the one benefit of living at the top of a massive hill is that I'm never going to flood. Snow however is back with a vengence and I fear I'll be doing my long tempo on the dreadmill tomorrow! 
  • TR - The benefit of being as consistent as you are is that you can sack the odd run off without any negative consequences.

    Wardi - Good going. You probably had similar conditions to me and I definitely didn't make it out.

    OO - Nice looking weekend. Not surprised folks were out and about today. Lovely sunshine here for the most part. Hope the weather plays ball for you tomorrow.

    Plans to do 20 miles total over the weekend evaporated after waking up to blanket of snow this morning and with temperatures hovering around freezing all day tomorrow. Taking the opportunity to do some proper stretching with P&D starting on tuesday.
  • I just watched the last hour of the Hoka Carbon X2 100k. It made me want to do another one. I didn't get the time I wanted (or deserved) in the one I did in 2019. Jim Walmsley missed the World Record by a few seconds but took the US record as consolation. Carla Molinaro set off for the British Record, blew up spectacularly and still finished in a smidge over 8 hours, only 20 mins behind the winner. 20 mins isn't much over 100k. 
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    OO - maybe vlm have kept the virtual race for the overseas, if they arnt allowed to travel. Ticking over well, worth keeping a decent amount up as i can see some racing around May or June. I have a rolled over Goodwood place for beginning of July if Dorney cant go ahead even if it gets delayed.

    Joe - 18 wks plan ? Are you going to following it closely? I like the +10% sections of long runs.

    Apparently theres snow on yhe South Downs  but only rain here.

  • CC2 - these things always look so inspiring to watch but the training and execution to actually do one is another matter but of course you already know that :)

    TR - I'm hoping to follow it pretty much to the letter but with an extra rest day on saturday. Partly to ensure i stay fit and also to satisfy my other half who is supportive but never fully appreciates me being out for hours and hours each week. For my marathons around 3 hours I've only averaged a little over 40 miles a week so even with an extra day rest my average would be way up if I can see it through.

    Thickest snow I've seen in years here but I guess that's what you get when it's minus 4 overnight. 
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    TR - or the virtual for all of us, if things don't quite go to plan.  50k on that course will be some challenge unless they have a proper stagged start.
    CC - Big respect, what 100k did you do? I have run a 50K but 100k is a big one. I am in awe of those who run these. 
    Joe - Good luck with P&D,  I follow its principles and main structure to a degree when I am proper marathon training. -4c is proper cold.  Plenty of likely time gains to be made fir you with the extra miles in those plans. 
    A slow hillyish 11m in a mixture of sunshine and hailstones, thankfully no ice or snow here, to bring up  for the 3rd consecutive week 51 miles. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - you should do well then given the 5k pace you've shown recently added to the strength P and D will give you with its 2 x mlr.

    OO - ouch re the hailstones. I think I'll stick to closed cct racing rather than a virtual vlm, unless you are allowed to set up yr own mini race.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Just a thin layer of snow here: enough to mean you had to take care, but not to wear Yaxtrax!  Decided to keep the run down to 15 miles, but still brought up 55 for the week.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Looks like the frozen north has moved south!  No snow here today but the temperature never got above 0 degrees all day.  Got out for a raw crispy 10.5m, I think it took my hands 3-4m to warm up despite 2 pairs of gloves.  It's our curry night tonight which might help with keeping warm.
  • OuchOuch, it was the Taubertal 100. The only road one I could find that didn't require a previous qualification. I won it by a good chunk of time, but had to shuffle/walk the last 80k. My quads were shot from 16 miles, which made no sense at all. No idea what went wrong to be honest. I was gunning for 8 hours 45 but finished in 9 hours 25. I know I can do better! 

    The snow turned to ice round my way, but I picked my way through it down the hill to the ring road where the paths were much better. 9 miles of sub 3.15 pace on there, with only a few iced over puddles to dodge. Picked my way back up the hill just as it started snowing again. 13 miles total. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!
  • OO - hailstones can be evil. nice consistency. the sort I was aiming for in Jan but have failed to deliver on.

    TR - that's the theory. I feel fitter than this time last year and P&D was helping me make big strides over the medium long runs pretty quickly. 

    Wardi - your post alone made me think about switching curry night to be Sunday. could be a good reward for the longer efforts. Not surprised you took some time to thaw.

    CC2 - good find of clear paths. To win a race after struggling for so long is quite impressive. My only foray beyond marathon distance was the north downs way 50. I don't know what the accumulate effect of over 4000m of climbing is but it was a pretty horrible experience and I could only manage 10 hours 45. So kudos on your effort.

    The snow is on the melt. Edinburgh marathon will make a definitive decision on whether on/off first week of March which hopefully means I won't be too invested if they drop it.
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    Happy birthday CC2!

    Joe.. we swap our curry night around to suit though it is usually close to a weekend.  My local is very good.. they will change any dish to hotter/milder on request.  He did say however that there isn't much point in ordering a fiery dish and asking for a mild version!

    A nice clear day here with a brisk raw wind, still a bit warmer than yesterday though.  6.4m done around the country lanes. 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    CC2 - Wow, so you covered 80KM whilst in a degree of discomfort and still won.  Phenomenal and happy birthday.
    Joe - Fingers crossed for Edinburgh, its a real pain having a focus and then it moving off into the distance.   I am thinking there could be a good turnout for a marathon relatively accessible in June/ July - does anyone know one? 
    Very apt use of the word raw there Wardi, spot on.
    Rest day today, so just a few walks in the wild with the pooch. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - Edders will be able to cancel in March, but still won't  be able to guarantee they can go ahead, so doesnt bode well.

    CC - i must have missed yr birthday, hope you had a good day.

    OO - a few might crop up once restrictions ease.

    10m tonight, bit of an ice skate in places.
  • Ice dodging rather than skating here. Fine for an easy plod but won't be safe for my session tomorrow. Even my trusty ring road path was a no-go. Praying for a miracle of a downpour or heatwave before tomorrow afternoon! 

    I bought myself a Theragun for my birthday and will learn how to use it tomorrow night in an online training course. Good job they offer those, since it didn't really come with instructions beyond how to turn it on. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    CC2.. you mentioned a noisy treadmill recently (re. your neighbours).  Mine was a bit 'clattery' recently and I found that the plastic cover for the motor, electronics etc was banging against the bottom half.  As a temporary fix I put a few lumps of carpet underfelt between top & bottom and it has quietened down significantly.

    Just over 9m today, as the ground was cold/frozen I did a chunk of it off road, just a matter of avoiding frozen puddles.  Got home just before the forecast rain started.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Not the best of conditions eh Wardi.  12 misty squelchy ones d&d- and one day closer to the sunlit uplands when this lockdown eases/ceases,  and the excitement of marathon race days return.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CC - should be a good purchase, they are well reviewed, but noisy?

    Wardi - well done, i got wet tonight.

    OO - February next week, roll on Spring.

    13 wet miles tonight.
  • CC2 - let us know on the Theragun. Been curious as to whether it makes a big difference.

    Wardi - good work on sorting the treadmill noise and then getting outside for your miles today.

    OO - Oh if only we were getting significant closer. Misty and squelchy sounds about right today. Miserable.

    TR - Re Edinburgh, you are probably right. Hard to see them being able to give a firm yes. I would guess they'll suggest you run virtually and postpone to later in the year but how many runners are going to be in that position of having loads of races? Will anyone be brave enough just to delay to the summer? Nice getting 13 miles done on a day like today.

    9 miles for me tonight. Ditched the 4 miles @ HMP and did a few half mile efforts in between the cars and the ice. Sluggish!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    A ploddy 10 for me yesterday and then a slightly less ploddy 6 this morning with a clubmate. 
  • My treadmill is just plain loud, and my footsteps on it are apparently audible from outside. My friend ran past my house and sent me a message to say he could hear me running on it! The Theragun isn't noisy. The training workshop was rubbish though, so I'm going to have to spend some time on Youtube to figure it out. 

    It rained all day yesterday so I went out in the afternoon hopeful that the ring road would be ok for miles and 800s. It was not! It was horrific actually. But I did find a clear hill in a residential area, so I sprinted up that 6 times instead and just did easy miles on the treadmill in the evening. Today you wouldn't know there'd even been any snow if it weren't for the sad looking remnants of snowmen dotted about the place. 
  • Jools - nice work. I guess marathon training is that mix of ploddy and non-ploddy :)

    11.5 miles for me. Felt great and then legs went to pot at around 8 miles. Was about MP+10% so at the sharper end and tough with only 16 hours recovery. Reminds me the Tuesday/Wednesday combo in P&D probably the toughest aspect.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    CC2.. kudos for getting out (and starting again inside!).  I did buy some thick gym matting for my treadie as it was going onto a wood floor.  This helps with the damping effect too.  I think my 90w stereo up there can outdo it for noise though. 😃

    Joe.. good work finishing the run on tired legs, I felt a bit leg weary today.

    Jools.. nice miles in the bank.

    10.2m this morning.  Temps reached the heady heights of 8-9 degrees and the sun made an appearance.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Joe - 11m at +10% is a tough run so early, or did you do more like 50% of the run at effort? I like that pace/effort its honest but doesnt take too much getting over.

    Wardi - nice to be out in the sun, im still in the dark on weekdays.

    My groin has been grumbling so i sacked off the planned session and backed up.last nights 13m with 10 this morning, loosened up ok so like joe i did some +10% for the 2nd 5m. Legs were tired by the end so a solid couple of days.
  • TR- You're not wrong but it probably wasn't far off the right pace, just 5-10 secs a mile too quick. Earlier miles were a bit slower. That's a good back-to-back there off little recovery.

    Wardi - even dizzier heights today? 13 degrees at times here. Nice to ditch the gloves.

    5m recovery today at proper recovery pace. Still tired but probably always will be on the weeks where i'm teaching.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you had a better day than here Joe.  Pouring rain this morning and utterly grey/drizzly this afternoon. Tomorrow looks much better!

    Good miles as always TR.  Hope that groin grumble sorts itself out.

    4m + 4.5m today to tick over.
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    Good to read that others are also still out there battling the elements & the uncertainty.
    Promising 4K reps Jools, more speedy running from RJR, consistent consistency from OOWardi & TR.
    I’ve been fortunate enough to only have 3 days of awkward ice/snow here. Hopefully it’s cleared for you by now CC2.
    Not much speed work here. My main focus has been regularly running hilly MLRs. Should manage in excess of 11,000m this month. Today’s 9M got me to 300M for January already.
    What do you teach RJR?
    Edit: Just seen photos of the new York ice rink formerly known as the racecourse. Not much fun for running Wardi!
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