Monday Morning Movers

Morning all, rise and shine. Getting ready for early morning swim session, then a busy day with a visit to osteopath late afternoon.

Found a physio in the village who specialises in sports injuries so will also call her and see what she can suggest.

Letter from GP says their practice boundary being redrawn and the village is now outside it, so from April will have to start 'training' new docs. Humph.

Benz - Cafe Vicolo, my fave place (Cafe des Amis) is closed on Sunday night.


  • Morning all!

    Bah - I thought I might get to name the thread being up at 6:02, but Helen's beaten me to it - we have some early risers on this thread!!

    Good news on the physio Helen :)

  • hope you enjoyed it helen

    Thesis for me tonight, eevne if its only half an hour!
  • hi gang, just quick hello!
    hope you are all well

  • popped in quickly to say morning all.
    Have a good day. Off for blodd test thi morning the off to work so must fly as running a bit late. Catch you all later.
  • 2.5km fast on treadmill - if anything it hurt less than trying to run slowly. Pain increased when I stopped, so lots of stretching, more outer and inner thigh machines, a short fast swim (goggles leaking - grrrr) and drove home kneading very painful, knotty inner thigh muscles, which seems to have helped, but goodness knows what the other drivers in the queue from Snorbens to the M25 thought I was doing :-)

    Porridge and banana craving when I got home, so decided it was a good breakfast combination. Could now do with an hour of sleep now, but work beckons.

    Dinner with a different man tonight, my cup runneth over... :-)
  • Morning all, all very positive so far this morning!

    Three mile gentle recovery run for me today, after a 15 mile long run yesterday, through the sort of mud that tries to suck the trainers off your feet. Had to hose my trainers off in the back yard afterwards.

    Hope everyone has a great day - going to try to stay off the forums till this evening (some hope)
  • OK, it was positive, but Pixies thread wasn't on when I was typing - can't you persuade the Mr to come along to B'pool and bring the nipper with you??
  • Hi all!
    Did 6.5 miles Friday in ave 8:16/Mile, broke my 10k PB, then did 17.5 miles yesterday in ave 9:05/Mile (= sub 4 hr marathon pace!!!!!!) rewarded myself with scampi and chips and enjoyed ebery lardy mouthful :) back on the diet now though as am up 1lb to 12:8.
    orginal aim was sub 4:30 mara, may now look at about 4:10!
  • Btw, got some v sexy go-faster running shades sat so have to get faster so i don't look like a complete idiot in them! v paula!
  • Well done Lamby.

    Morning all
  • Good morning all!

    Well done, all who have already run.

    EP, keep plugging away about Blackpool if that's what you really want to do. If you can convince him that you're serious, that this means a lot to you and that you're really going to give it your best shot, who knows?

    I've started work already. Wretched nurse is having this week's casual sick day today (wouldn't do to have it on her day off or on one of her half-days, would it?) so I've been landed with some nursey jobs. Reminded the staff of the stringent Sex Discrimination Act test they must use, though - do not THINK of asking me to do any nursing tasks that they would not ask Lay-Zee-Boy or Fizgog to do.
  • BTW, my old phys seems to have been right, stretched my back out, ran tall and no real hamstring problems - Bune was a bit worried I was going to do some serious damage.
  • Great stuff, Lamb. I shall not even get close enough to eat the dust off your heels (or admire your shades) in London.

    I might try to fit in a little run later if time and weather permit. Stood on scales this morning - they say I'm up a couple of pounds, but I haven't eaten 7,000 calories more than I need in the past week so they must be trying to have a laugh.

  • V-rap even if that is the case (I doubt it!) we should def have a FFF preFLM get together some time on the sat. I think RB and a lot of the others are meeting at the Thistle hotel near trafalgar square. be great to finally meet the dino-queen!
  • I'm staying in that very Thistle Hotel, Lamb, so I'll have no excuse for not making an appearance in the bar with my (repaired) URWFRC t-shirt on. Looking forward to a leisurely pre-race night and a proper breakfast with caffeine in it this time round!
  • Great stuff! As long as you don't show your very fearsome teeth and claws!

    what happened to the t-shirt?
  • I pinned my car key to the front of the t-shirt when I was doing an off-road race. The pin ripped a hole in the material. It has been neatly, but not invisibly, darned.

    My teeth are, alas, unremarkable, and my claws are...well, fitting coils and removing lumps'n'bumps would be difficult if I didn't keep my talons in check.

    And I'm sure I will not be guided to my favourite Lamb by following the smell of mint sauce.
  • Morning all,

    Well done lamb, good to know the hamstrings not a problem.

    I did no excercise this weekend (unless you count lugging sofas around) but then again the knee feels good. I moved into the new house even if it's only for weekends at the mo. Its great and the countryside is just lovely, I can't wait to get out running there. Lots of horses and dogs too, Heaven.

    Can't wait to get back there next weekend
  • Well done, Tulips. Moving house must count as exercise! I only moved a couple of fridge-freezers around yesterday, and my arms feel it today.
  • Hi vrap

    just seen your other post, thanks. looks like you solved your freezer crisis.

    I'm now raring to joing the Feet-up, Freindly and Foodie club as I comtemplate lay-off. the frustrating thing is I've been off running really since nov. So now its Food, Food and more Food

    Tulips, glad the knee's feeling good - DON'T RUSH BACK TOO FAST, FLM is to big a goal to risk
  • Good news from most folks this morning, excellent :-)

    Thistle hotel is going to be busy, I presume they have no problem with early breakfast on Sunday.

    My good news is that the bits of my leg that I managed to unknot immediately after running are hurting less than the other bits. Am now trying to work out if I can fit an hour of self pummelling onto the half hour of stretching after every exercise session. If I add a soak in a cold bath as well this could become a full-time job! Also drinking lots of extra water just in case.
  • Hi shf legs,

    no intention to rush back. I'm hoping to spend a bit of time on my feet this week, not running just walking and pottering to see if it hurts at all. Then th weekend might involve a few 5 min spurts of slow jogging but just have to wait and see.

    I realised though with my rushing around this weekend I did a bit of running (just minuites at a time) but it's a start.
  • HW - funny about heat vs ice thing, i always double check with the phys as it's confusing which is best for which situation... ice when your run has caused you 'injury' pain, heat when it's caused muscular stiffness ie 'running pain'. After a particularly tough run (except of course if you get injured) he recommends 5 mins ice, 10 mins heat, repeated 3 times on any sore bits... i guess the idea is to stop bad swelling but encourage blood flow to allow recovery... it's helped me anyway.

    my main problem is stiffness being tall, so i stick to heat but you may find the combo approach helpful... i also used a high protein & carb recovery shake after long runs which also really cuts down on stiffness the next day - def recommend it, it's made by multipower but there are loads on the market. worth the investment.
  • Hi again all!

    Nice one Lamby - 17.5 miles is great :)

    JJ - you have email.

    Cheers, Iain
  • BI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IG hugs, Ernie. Such a bummer, being unable to run when running is what you want to do.

    I hope Thistle Hotel do very early breakfast on the Sunday, Helen. There may be people out there who can do a marathon with nothing more substantial than a litre or two of sports drink inside them, but I'll need my breakfast cereal, narna butties, yogurt and coffee. And a doggy-bag to take to the starting pens because it's a long wait when you're in Pen 9.
  • Howdy, howdy, howdy

    Good morning you happy lot.

    Wow Lamby you speedy star!

    Welcome to the Darlo region Tulips....hope you are as happy here as I have been over the last 8 years!

    I have that lovely warm achey feeling all over, after a quickish 12.5 yesterday morining then 6 hours doing 'mans work' boarding out the loft yesterday afternoon.
  • I wish I had a man who did things like boarding out lofts, BBB. Mine's the sensitive sort with two left hands and five thumbs on each, so I have to do the DIY. Fortunately, Ivor is shaping up nicely - last night I caught him trying to use a screwdriver to remove the screw that's disabling the bolt on his bedroom door, which we had to do to stop Kevin bolting herself in there.
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