Free Sports Watch with Subscription

Does anybody know what this is like? What functions does it have?



  • dont know

    mine never arrived
  • Really? How long ago did you subscribe?
  • about 4 years!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Ha ha, same here!
  • Marvelous! Not sure I'll bother subscribing then, :-D
  • Don't bother with it. They are crap. Get the subscription deal that gives you more issues.

    Ok to be fair, If you don't have a watch they are a bonus. For 20 quid you can get a basic timex that is about 50 times better.

  • Thanks very much.

    What I really want is a speed/distance monitor, but I can't afford one :-(
  • hi, mine arrived yesterday, It has a clock and date function and a light! I'll use the stop watch as its an upgrade from using my mobile. Tis ok. Nothing fancy tho and experienced runners are prob used to better. But its free whatcha expect! Theres no distance monitor from what I can tell.
  • Wait 'til it starts beeping and you can't switch it off....

  • None of the buttons worked on my watch. Go for the extra-issues deal.
  • To be honest, I had one of these years ago but it didn't last very long.

    I've also had 2 kit bags which have had much more use. They are also years old (well over 10 and probably nearer 15) but are still in use.
  • beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep...

  • LOL Jj!!

    Did think of that post myself....

    ...not that mine did.
  • I suscribed and was expecting a watch but it never came

    sniff I fancied a new watch and would haev susccribed to anling monthly if I had known it wouldnt come!
  • i got my watch a few days ago, no complaints, 20 lap timer and alarms etc not great but free and im using it
  • I like the snazzy new watch and it was the reason I subscribed, now if they could just make it worth my while to unwrap the magazines after they land on my doormat then we'll be cooking with gas.

  • Got mine a year ago. It said Water resistant 50m, so I wore it canoeing. It filled up with water. I didn't even roll!

    Never did work out how to work it.
  • Feeder,

    Have you decided if ure going to go along to any of the training sessions yet with Horwich...having read some of the threads all the sports shops will be empty after your shopping sprees !!!!!!!!!!

    If your interested its the third race of the Jubilee series tonight (5 miler).

  • Well I'm pretty pathetic and 5 miles would kill me at the minute. Where does that race take place, in t'hills or is it a road race?

    Think I might go to Argos at lunch and ask for their cheapest possible digital watch with stopwatch. Bet I could pick one up for a fiver to tide me over until I can afford £200+ for a speed and distance monitor.

    Bought my first ever copy of Runners World this morning to read on the train. Not bad so far.
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    like fattyonadiet, I got mine, and I really like it. I used to just use the stopwatch on a digital watch, but it was doing my head in trying to remember my split times, so the 20-lap memory on the RW freebie is absolutely IDEAL for me!
  • Its a couple of loops around Rivington going past the Yew Tree twice
  • Sounds good Stuart, but I'm definitly not going to be able to make it tonight. I'd like to come and watch but I have no car at the minute and my other half is away tonight, so maybe another time. Thanks for letting me know though.

    Just went out and bought a Casio sports watch (it's in the gear section but has no reviews yet) for only £23. It might be rubbish, but it's worth a try.
  • Here's me saying that I couldn't run 5 miles and I have just run 4.5 and could have carried on further!

    Very proud of myself. I did it in 45 minutes 18 seconds. Is that unbelievably awful or just plain awful?
  • Nope, that is Known as good!

  • What does sandbagger mean?
  • i too subscribed and chose the free watch option. I got my first magazine two/three weeks ago. (March 08)

    ....still waiting for the watch though. By the sounds of it on here I might as well not wait any longer.

    Surely this classifies as false advertising? (Maybe I just never read the part in the brochure that said "subject to availability")

  • For anyone still waiting for their free gift, please contact the people who handle the subscriptions on the following e-mail address:

    To make it easier for them, they recommend you to add the following details in your mail:




    Subscriber Number:

    I've just received a mesage from them regrading my gift:

    "Thank you for your recent email.

    Your gift is currently enroute, I would however advise you to allow up to 28 working days for receipt.

    Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

    Better late than never! image

  • I have 3 watches from Runners World ( I can't remember why...something to do with me cancelling my substciption and then renewing again...). That means I have 3 watches that beep at random times through the day and night image. What do I use mine for?  Only as a stopwatch I'm afraid. Invariably I lose the miniscule instructions straight away and have never worked out how to even set the correct time or dateimage.
  • haha

    Once mine arrives I'll be sure to post the teeny manual up on here. image

    3 watches? That's greedy . You should probably look to hand them out to the poor guys on here who never received theirs. image

  • Mine has just arrived. (Nov 08)  Someone asked what features they have. The Manual offers the following features.

    7 modes (Time, Alarm. Chronograph. Lap, Recall. Timer. Pacer and Pedometer)AnimationTime display in Hour. Minute and Second. Selectable 12-hour/24-hour formatAuto calendar display in Month, Day and Dale. (2006 - 2099)Hourly Chime. Key tone on/off4 daily alarms6-digits (1/100 second) chronograph with total 100 laps memoryLap recall can show every lap time, total time, best time and average time3 timers: Count-down stop, count-down repeal and count-down upPacer beep, remaining distance and a counter of step are shown in pacer modePedometer beep, exercised distance and a counter of step are shown in pedometer modeEL backlight. (Press S4)

    It doesn't look like the watch on the advert, this one is black with 4 red buttons, 2 each side.

    I think I'll stick with my Polar RS800... But thanks any way. Oh and it arrived in 7 days

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