Lyke Wake Race

Nice easy date to remember.

I will definitely be doing the 2007 race, if it's the only one I do all year. I have unfinished business from my walk in 2005, albeit only the last couple of miles.

I've got a couple of friends interested (both walked the route in 2005, albeit a fair bit slower than the cut-off) - I'm sure all of us said 'never again' at some point then propmptly forgot the pain.

Who's with me?


  • dya wanna SMACK?????????????

    well, do you?

    its 7/7/07 though

    7 is hippos lucky number

    but ive already enetered the 52 mile thing a week later
  • I won't be there in 2007, but by 2008 I think I will have spent enough time on the South Downs to last me a lifetime and will come back and do this as a runner rather than as a hillwalker :o)
  • I like the idea of this - fantastic part of the country and I haven't been back for years. Couldn't run the whole way but I reckon I could beat the cut-off. Thing is, I read some of the thread from the last one and realised that you need to be insane to enter!

    Is it contageous?

    I might just lurk here a while and see what happens...
  • hmmmmmmmm.......
  • PH - perfect warm-up then.

    Mash - insane? Probably, but not too much. I walked (no running) about 40 miles of it in 14 hours-ish last year and just about survived - that was carrying all my own food and water. (And I'm a not-very-fast 2-times marathon runner/walker.)

    So I reckon I could run/walk the race in 12 hours.
  • you didnt get lost then SVT
  • Lost? No.

    Unwise 'short cuts'? A couple.

    (I was with two people who can actually read a map, but sometimes think they can find a 'better way'.)

    And next year I'll either have different map-reading friends with me, or I'll borrow one of their maps with the route marked. And I have the benefit of knowing the course now as well.

    (This does not in any way constitute a claim that I will not get lost.)
  • how did you manage the heathery bit up to Lila cross?
  • (And PH, well done on getting post no. 7!)
  • oh gawd
    Its a sign-----------
  • The heathery bit? Is that after the railway track?
  • no, its around 32 miles
  • Hmmmm, casting mind back...

    (Okay, actually I went back and read you race report from 04 to find out where Lila Cross fitted in the route).

    I seem to remember cutting across somewhere but there not being a really obvious path. It was just after my friend had arranged for us to be picked up early so my mind was on that rather than the route. I might recognise it when I see it!
  • might isnt good enough!
  • If there's any chance I'll be running on my own, or trying to navigate with others, I'll have maps, a compass, GPS and helicopter support.

    But seriously, we did have to think hard about where the path might be, and took the straightest line that had the least heather.

    The navigation is the one bit that scares me if I'm on my own, but I'll have maps, I'll have my Forerunner (for what use it may be), and I may get the book if it's any good.

    We used this last time, which was very good overall, but left us guessing at a couple of points.
  • come on Hippo, you know you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally want to do it
  • **** ***!!!!!!!!!!
  • I did it this year without a recce beforehand. Most of it seemed reasonably straightforwards and there are some paint markings pointing to some of the less obvious turn-offs. The only short-cuts seemed to be at the beginning where you missed out a couple of hills.

    Can't do it this year - already booked a trip to Austria but I'd love to do it again.
  • Boing for Hippo.

  • slappppppppppppppppppppp!
  • I will be forty on the day of the 2007 race, it's tempting, can anyone tell me how it compares to the High Peak 40 as I did this this year and it wasn't too bad, navigation was easy mind.

  • On the map the route looks like it takes some navigating

  • Nah - it's usually a straightforward slog across the moors. There's usually enough traffic at that time of the year so if you do get (ahem) slightly misplaced and are having trouble with the map/ instructions, there's usually someone coming along who has an idea.

    Or if you're a speedy one you could always check the course beforehand at a more leisurely pace before burning off at gawd knows what pace.

    I can't do it this year, but I will be thinking of you all on 7th (sigh). Especially if it's belting down (sun or rain - it doesn't matter up there.)
  • stop lying chimp
    i got lost;)
  • Big Yoo to one and all. Blimey hips , do you do any work? You must spend all your time eithier running or on the forum! Guess I cant take the mick too much. Anyway, I'm in this one and training for it already. First ultra so not sure what to expect, although I am a little worried that it might not go ahead if that are not enough peeps. Anyone know how many entered last year? Any tips to a newbie about the extent of training over and on top of marathon training would be greatly appreciated

  • 2008 - Will run this :o)
  • 2008 - will chase you round this, you bad Bee ;o)
  • taff boy
    No, i am not working at the moment
  • Oooppss. Sorry Hipps dint know. I wouldnt have taken the mick otherwise. Honest. Do you - or anyone - happen to have any links to an ultra training schedule?
  • Taff - you don't really need an ultra schedule - just use a regular marathon schedule, put some more weeks in and expand everything out. I usually change speed sessions to short tempo, short tempo to long tempo and stick with the long runs.

    If you are really hard core, work towards doing two long runs back to back - say 15 miles on Sat morning, then 20+ on Sun morning (but complete rest on Sat aft/eve, with your feet up and lots of recovery drink (like SiS ReGo) - no alcohol or curry! Only do this once in a while though - every weekend will wreck you from overtraining, and your partner/ mates will ostracise you for being BillyNoMates.

    If you're really, really hard core, do all the above and run parts of the course to get you used to the terrain.

    Then again, you could always run a marathon, keep the training going for a bit after a recovery, slap in a long taper, then disenguage brain and stagger round.

    Either way you should be fine - well, you'll end up wrecked like everyone else, but you get my drift.
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