Blisters !!

Ok, I've tried 1000 mile (blister free), i've tried hilly mono sock, and then thorlos.... but still seem to get blisters on top of blisters around the eight mile mark !! [when doing shorter runs of around 5 miles it's usually ok] my shoes are only a few months old and have not given me problems before !!

any suggestions ? [apart from giving up running]


  • I've gotten into the pre-run habit of putting surgical tape over the blister prone areas and then covering the area with vaseline. Job done !
  • cheers scotty - i'll give it a try on sunday... but what if the blisters are still very much there !! and large ? do you think they do a surgical tape sock ? :)
  • I've heard that Compeed is good for getting rid of blisters.
  • Er...a feet transplant? I'll gladly do the operation for a large fee if you can find a donor.
  • I've never tried it but a colleague of mine raves about Second Skin. It may be worth a try.
  • Compeed ? can i get that at a pharmacy ?

    thanks V-rap, you are all heart :) can you do a bum transplant while you're at it ?

    Second skin... that sounds good...

    thank you all such lovely people x

  • There you go v-rap, more work for you: skin transplants !

    Seriously though, Foxy you say your shoes are a few months old. But that doesn't tell us whether perhaps they have exceeded their lifespan. Time perhaps for new shoes?

    Good luck.
  • Foxy where abouts are the blisters on your foot, sole heel instep.
  • Foxy, Boots do some wet plasters that worked a treat on my nips last week.. hydrocolloid or something.. maybe worth a try..
  • V-rap be careful. You don't want that unruly mob at your castle door again, waving burning torches and destroying your laboratory.
  • Hi there - lube up your feet - I used hyrdoglide but Vaseline is fine then wear 2 pairs of socks! It always works and is my magical fix for every injury!
  • Shoes should still have quite a few miles in them so i'm sure it can't be them !!

    the blisters appear on the balls of feet - on the inner part...

    Glen... we wouldn't do that to dearest v-rap !!

    Jonanthan - 2 could bear 2 pairs of socks... that would be too thick for me !! but the lube thing sounds good. so 2 pairs of socks for every injury huh ? would that also work for my sore shoulder ?
  • Thanks EP - sounds like good stuff to me - will give it a try on Sunday at Salisbury (hoping it works i'll be ok for Reading... thanks)
  • Too thick for Foxy...?!!!

    [Wanders off grinning....]

  • Of course you will be ok for Reading...

    We'll carry you if we have to.

    No backing out Foxums.
  • thanks MM !! watch it !!!
  • I aint backing out Mr B - no way, just might be hobbling thats all but if offer of carry....
  • Might be knackered myself by then.. got a heavy week!

    I'll hobble with ya!
  • Backin out too...?!!!
    Oh dear.... [Still grinning...]...
    You'll be fine a stubburn cuss like yerself!! Not to mention you Sparkles mate... I'll lend ya' me crutches if you like...
  • I found that walking socks solved my blister problem. I use ankle-length Bridgedale socks. They are very comfortable, and quite thick, and since I;ve been using them I haven't had one blister.
  • Bridgedale socks are great - I use them all the time when I'm walking/hiking.... but wouldn't they be too hot for running? I'm sure my feet would overheat.
  • if the blisters are on the balls of your feet then it sounds like it could be pressure blisters or your actual shoes and insoles, are the running shoes the right size, does your foot move around a lot in them when you are running, its relatively short mileage to be suffering after 8 miles with blisters
  • I found a blister spray at boots that works quite well...
    When you spray it on it dries like a kind of "rubber" which stays on until you peel it off.
    (Is it the same thing as "second skin"?)

    Compeed is also very good but I wish they would make "toe" plasters.
  • Does anyone know where you can get "tinc Benz" ?
  • heh heh

    You're gonna love this.

    Fill your socks full of fresh cut lambs wool and leave 'em overnight. By the next morning the natural lanolin will have soaked into the fabric of the sock. Presto!! No more blisters.

    Two drawbacks. First catch your lamb. Second if you own a border collie it'll keep rounding your socks up !!
  • Anyone wanna buy some lambswool ??
  • Is it virgin lambs wool ;)
  • There's another product called "new skin", it's useful if you've rubbed the top off a blister before the skin underneath is ready to take the pounding, it's made by germoline(sp) (I think) and comes in a tiny bottle.-
    3-4cm high. You paint it on like nailvarnish.

    -I've spent all this money on blister products, only to get one under a toe nail, which is turning all sorts of pretty colours :-(

    I can't work out whether taping it up helps or makes it worse.- or whether you should tape onto the nail, or put something between the nail and the stickiness to stop it getting pulled.
  • Back in world war 1, the Aussie soldiers used to urinate into a hole in the ground and then stomp around in it with their bare feet.

    Naturally, the English soldiers thought the Aussies were nuts when they saw this but 4 days of solid marching later, the Aussies did not have blisters and the English did.

    Makes me proud to be Australian.
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