Lliswerry 8



  • Yeah, and the end of mile 7 must have been a bit long, so that's why my splits went a bit wonky, now I know!

    Mile Time Lap Time
    1 00:07:04.30 00:07:04.30
    2 00:14:40.90 00:07:36.60
    3 00:22:29.40 00:07:48.50
    4 00:30:16.70 00:07:47.30
    5 00:38:06.20 00:07:49.50
    6 00:45:33.80 00:07:27.60
    7 00:53:38.90 00:08:05.10
    8 01:01:16.80 00:07:37.90

    Average: 00:07.39
  • Nice splits guys and gals. Agree that their markers were spot-on apart from 1.

    Just checked - results should be on website by this evening.
  • was a great run and well organised
    i was happy with a 65:15
    personal best for me over that distance!woohoo

    are there any photos of the event?
  • Yoohoo - results are up! I came 51st (or 23rd in my age Cat), so well happy.
  • weldone daz thats a great result!
  • I'm a happy bunny as well!

    Overall was no 181, but was 7th in my age category which is better than I thought I'd do, considering I'm a marathoner who isn't really that quick on the shorter distances.

    Gotta do an hour next time, gotta do an hour......

  • I ceme-a furst in zee Svedeesh Cheff Oopee Cetegury :-)))

    Bork Bork Bork !


    I came first in the Swedish Chef Open Category :-)))

    Bork Bork Bork !
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