Wednesday Session 26th Feb

Morning All

What:still to decide - take my motivation from you guys!!
Why:Because your great :-)

Have a good day


  • 7 miles for me
  • These are getting a bit less formal aren't they?

    what: 6 miles steady
    why: recovery from yesterdays 23

    last hard: yesterday - weren't you listening?
    last rest: Monday

    Come on "G" do something. Running that is.
  • Club test day today, well tonight

    What : 5,000m as fast as possible on the torture device known as the Concept 2!
    Why : Happens once a month, sometimes more
    Last Hard : Sundays race
    Last Rest : Yesterday, decided against doing anything, that and a report got in the way

    Dream time: <16.59.9
    Happy with : <17.04.0
    Dissapointed with: <17.07.8
    Gutted, giving up the sport with : >17.07.8 (last months score BTW and was a PB)
  • Hello.

    What: 6 miles hard.
    Why: Scheduled.
    Last Rest: Sunday.
  • Rob,
    is this the Concept 2 rower that you're referring to? If so, DAMN! I usually get through 3K in ~15 min and feel like I've been going at it in a fairly serious way!

    What: Gym session (bike, weights, row)
    Why: Midweek X-train
    Last hard run: Last night
    Last rest day: Monday

    Felt a bit flat at the club session last night, probably residual fatigue from Sunday's long run. Gym session this morning was OK though so hopefully I'll be 100% for tomorrows tempo run.

    Have a good one ;-)
  • Morning all! Feel quite refreshed today after being sensible yesterday, listened to my body and had an easy day - 2mi very easy jog to yoga class and 2mi walk home after. Today: steady run, 5-8mi depending on what running partners are up for
    Why: easing back into schedule
    Last hard: Sun
  • Indoor rowing? Aaaargh! I hate the Concept 2 with a passion, probably because the ones in my gym don't face the television.

    What: Short sharp fartlek run in the afternoon. BodyPump and a swim in the evening.
    Why: Schedules.
    Last rest day: Monday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Morning all,

    Feel soooo much better after slow - medium 5 miler yesterday...

    What: Rest day
    Why: Advice from those who know better than I

    Last hard: Sunday, I guess
    Last rest Monday

    Have a great day everyone...I'm feeling gooooood!!
  • Good Morning Folks,

    looks as though it'll warm up quite nicely by the time of my run. Feeling a bit tired after the club session last night and my ankle feels a little tender so I'm just going to take it nice and easy out on my run.

    What : Usual 7miles
    Why : Well really theres not that many traffic free routes in the middle of Central London other than this.

    Last Rest Day : Monday
    Last Hard Day : Last Night 4 sets of 1k + recovery and .5k + recovery. What a grind, I lost about 17 secs over the k from the first to the last (why did I put them? Hmmm maybe they're behind the sofa)

    Have a good one.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 10 'ish miles with 5 at MP
    Why: Enforced rest on Thursday due to work commitments means I can do a bit more than I usually do on an easy day
    Last rest day: 2 weeks
    Last hard day: yesterday
  • morning all

    what: probably nothing
    why: throat still doesn't feel q right notwithstanding yesterday's easy trot.
    With coach's recommendation (can't quite call it an order) to avoid effort sessions for ~ a fortnight in mind, don't feel under pressure to get out there & do something like I usually would in this situation.

    Could really do with getting the last vestiges of this bug out of my system once & for all.
  • Gary - we, your inspirations, dictate that you shall run 15 miles of 200m intervals (200 on, 50 off). And then do the 15 miles home at 1/2M pace. Cross-country.

    Oh, and, er, where are my manners? Good morning, all.

    What: Rest.
    Why: Three days in a row is too many.
    Hard: Club yesterday.
    Rest: Sunday.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Parky - where do you run in Central London that makes a nice 7 mile route?

    What: Probably an easy 4 miles.
    Why: Did a 5 mile tempo run on Monday, which was an increase in distance for this run for me, and my right shin just above the inner ankle bone has been a bit sore since, as has my calf on the same leg. So no overdoing it for me tonight!
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Gary, get out there and run. You know you want to!
  • Morning everyone,

    what: 13 mile tempo run
    why: because the schedule says so
    last hard: Monday
    last rest: Friday
  • What : Rest day
    Why : Watching the match tonight
  • Morning All

    What: 6 Miles Incluing some fast strides
    Why: Because scehdule says so, getting close now as well.

    Last Rest: Saturday
    Last Hard: Sunday Tunbridge Wells Half
    Last Long: Sunday Tunbridge Wells Half.

    Good luck with your training everyone.

    Looking forward to the Thanet 20 this weekend!
  • Yikes - was supposed to do 8m yesterday but everything hurt so much (still) after sunday's run (2 laps richmond park) that I only managed 6. Still, I've iced and ibuprofened just in case and knees/quads seem back to normal.


    Today: 3M (will make it up to 5K)
    Why so little: In my schedule - this week is my second biggest planned and I've got a 18M at the weekend
    Last Hard: yesterday
    Last Rest: Monday

    Minkin - as to runs in London have a look here
  • Minkin,

    basically I run along the side of the Thames and St. Katherine's Dock. Basically I pretty much stick to the route shown on the serpentine website.

    If I worked nearer any of the parks I'd be there but alas this is the only route I know thats sort of traffic free (if not tourist free!)
  • morning folks -

    what: 9.5M recovery run at a sloooooow pace
    why: recovering from yesterday's 10K variable pace breakfast revisiter at which I almost got reacquainted with my Weetabix
    last hard day: have a guess?!
    last rest: Monday (work enforced, drat it!)

    run well, everyone.
  • What: 4miles, 41 minutes.
    Why: something not too ambitious by way of recovering from jet lag.

    Achilles, a 10K breakfast revisiter doesn't sound very nice.., remind me not to try one of them.

    Good to see that many of you seem to have shaken off injuries and colds. Good to see lots of you at my end of the pack making sterling progress. I guess I am making progress, but it seems a lot slower than yours!

    Ran most every day although not very far while I was away. As we had about 18 inches of snow this was not easy.

    I learned something. It takes me a long time to warm up: the first 20 minutes or so are always very discouraging. On one occasion last week I went out with intention to run for about an hour, but the ice was simply so treacherous that I crawled home after about twenty minutes of slipping, deciding to wait until the day warmed up. I went out about two hours later, and had a gorgeous run, with none of the horrid bit at the beginning.

    Does this mean on race days I'll do better if I get up, go for a twenty minute trot before even going to the race? Has anybody else observed this?

    Ambition for March: to be able to run 10 miles without the need to spend the rest of the day resting. Strategy: replace some 6 mile runs each week with long runs, others with shorter.
  • Hello fellow nutters, let's have no more of this 'I listened to my body' stuff shall we, if we had listened we would have heard our bodies pleading with us to chuck those marathon entry forms in the bin last autumn.

    'Concept 2' - , oh is it one of those gym things? Good luck with that anyway Rob.

    What: 8 miles incl 4 * mile intervals, 400 m recovery, down the usual estuary strip I am currently wearing out on my interval sessions.
    Why: the only route I've bothered to work out the mile and 1/2mile markers. Also a good place to think politically incorrect thoughts about farmers.
    Last hard: Sunday's marathon pace.
    Last rest: yesterday, apart from marathon pancake eating sess. Vrap doesn't know this but a throwaway comment of hers indirectly causedme and 6 others to celebrate pancake day a week early yesterday.

    I have to do these in 7 mins or face new motivational crisis. Bye for now.
  • Thanks all....

    I'll be doing 8 mile run thanks to your ideas!!!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Was going to ask whether I'd inadvertently missed Pancake Day this year after reading the first part of your post, Laura!

    Thankfully it's next Tuesday, according to my diary. If nothing else it'll force me to clean the kitchen floor afterwards, as I usually end up tossing the pancakes out of the pan - grease everywhere! (In fact, thinking of the kitchen floor, it might be an idea to clean it FIRST now that my last typhoid jab has expired!)
  • Good luck Laura with your efforts and hope you hit the 7 miles

    What; After miserable day yesterday very early six am start for half marathon in one hours 50 in fairly deep snow in places so feeling ahppier

    Why: Midweek longish run at gentle pace as it was difficult standing up never mind any sections at marathon pace

    Last hard: yesterday's abndonned speed

    Last rest: Saturday

    Now back to work after this tme minute break!

  • Good afternoon all. Lots of 'busy bees' again today.

    RB-Good luck on the Concept 2 test!
    MM-I'm sure you just had one of those days and your next session be fine!
    Rat Bag-Glad you're feeling better!
    Parky-Take care of that foot and good idea for an easy day.
    MikeS-Best wishes for a full recovery asap!
    Achilles-sounds like a delightful session-NOT!!
    Stickless-welcome back off your hols and good to see you running so well!

    What:14 miles at marathon pace, 7:40 per mile. Felt comfortable, even up the 3 hills, so have decided this is the pace to go for at least until 20 miles and then I'll either be feeling fresh(ish) and push on harder or feel knackered and drop off slightly.
    Why:marathon schedule
    Last hard:Monday's hill session
    Last rest:yesterday
  • Stickless-forgot to say I once did a short track session with some kids after school for about 30 mins, short distances then a couple of hours later went out for my normal run and flew round. So yes, I do believe going out earlier for a 'loosener' can benefit your 'proper' run.
  • Hilly, you sound so organised! To think you already have your race strategy planned.

    To the person who invented mile intervals: we know where you live and where your children go to school.

  • And there's me wishing I could do some but not being allowed to for a fortnight....
  • I take it you enjoyed your mile intervals then Laura!?

    Mike-it's times of injuries that make us appreciate even the hard sessions. You'll be back there soon cursing those hard sessions!

    Laura-I try to be organised in my mind so I know what I have to do, but it's never set in stone. Over the last few weeks I've just found myself, on marathon paced runs, falling into the same pace comfortably, so have determined this must be the pace to get me to 20 miles at least. After that is anybodies guess!
  • What; poke and prod from the physio
    Why; Finally got an appointment to sort out my knee
    Last hard;That bl**dy hill in richmond
    Last rest every day since as waiting for appointment
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