I'm a celebrity : Get me out of here!



  • Why did he have to ask Tony, I thought he was bloody psychic.

    Shame its Darren going into the mud ce soir, I'd have voted for Tara if I could be bothered.

    What an appalling show. Why do we watch it?
  • I see the shows winning some begrudging converts now. I don't see why watching people making prats of themselves is morally wrong or lesser entertainment. Watching Uri smelling the food made me squirm more than seeing the pus-ejecting bugs!
  • I agree Uri smelling the food was pretty yuk too. At one stage I thought he was going to lick what was on the plate!

    Yea Tara should have been the one for the swamp and yes it's an appalling show. The fact that they are making such prats of themselves is obviously what draws the viewers, me included even though I watch very little tv.

    Barkles maybe Uri asked Tony that question because he knew something we don't and knew Tony would get embarrassed for that reason!
  • Good thinking Hilly.
    Yes, Uri is definitely genuine. (!)
  • I can't help it but I actually watched it again last night. I was bored!

    Darren is such a child and Tara is, as far as I'm concerned after one thing off him.......... Rhona has an attitude problem and as for the others.....
  • Me too, and I'm starting to get hooked!

    I was glad to see Darren getting voted for again, he really comes across as a childish twat.

    I'm not sure why I watch, I think I just find it fascinating watching humans interact in situations like that - must be the amateur psychologist in me or something.

    respect to Uri for eating all the bugs, although I still think he's pretty weird!!

  • Anybody fancy a 3 hour run at 8 o clock tonight then we can miss Where are the Miss Worlds Now followed by Celeb Get me out followed by Britains Sexiest. If it were the BBC there would be uproar about waste of licence money-but the c**p ITV put on probably costs little anyway.
  • Don't think I can manage a 3 hour run tonight, I've done a hard race today!!
  • Wot a bunch of wacko saddos you lot are.

    What time does it start?
  • When I posted my message last night, I didn't intend for it to stifle debate on this load of trash completely - I was almost looking forward to hearing from someone what went on, without having to suffer watching it in person.

    Jon - I'm sure you saw it - be brave, what gives?
  • It all turned a bit pants last nite Snoop - they started to be nice to eachother. And then, even worse, Darren Day started singing Robbie Williams. Not sure what's worse, the fact that Darren Day was singing, or the fact that he was singing a Robbie song.
  • That Christine is a right stirrer, saying she didn't know why Rhona thought Nigel was homophobic! What a two faced lying cow. Fantastic!

    I think Nell should go tonight, she's made no contribution whatsoever to the entertainment. (Well except perhaps being eye-candy for the male viewers.)
  • Hi Caz, has Nell got her kit off for the Boys yet?
  • Wot with a lezzer on board, perhaps I should have asked if she's got her kit off for the girls yet!
  • Snoop, I should've known you'd be hiding in here!
    You're sooooooo predictable! You obviously haven't read your email am I right?
  • No I don't think so, in fact she's been incredibly, dull. You should force yourself to watch it tonight.
  • Now now Caz... Calling Nell 'it' isn't very nice... I'm sure she has feelings to y'know!
  • Oh ha, ha.

    But if I'm going to be bitchy, TPT has got pecks not boobs!
  • Not me Caz - I devoted the first part of the summer to watching Big Bro 3 and reporting back in these columns, costing me my job, my marriage, my family and my fortune.

    Think I'll leave it to the other voyeurs this time (unless of course Nell does do the bus..)

    Jon, what have you sent me you little pipsqueak? - dare I check my E?
  • Yeah, not sure Nell has the power of speech- unlike Rhona and that wuss Darren. Incidentally, one of my mates used to teach Darren at his primary school in Colchester, and the picture he paints of himself.. 'I come from a council estate, I used to ruck..' wasn't how my mate described him at all. He was into drama and doing assemblies for the other classes and entertaining and stuff.
  • I too lost the best part of the summer watching BB3 and as a result lost my mind, my constitution, my dashing good looks, my wife and my patience with Snoop...

    Snoop... Just do it alright?! I'm bot going to argue!
  • Oh BB3, not as good as BB2 with the Paul and Helen love affair, oh that was so good.
  • OI!!! Remember where you are! Might have to get the moderator involved in this one if you're going to use that kind of language!
  • Oh another tacky programme tonight, ITV 10.30 The Tartiest Men in Britain. Good quality TV.
  • TV is getting beyond a joke, I know its sad but I cant believe how much golf ive started to watch because its the best thing on when switch the tv on!! Even went through a phase of the WWF/E, although reckoned I was going to get as fit as those guys by osmosis... didnt work hence first marathon yesterday!!!!
  • So which two won the sexiest in Britain. I really couldn't force myself to watch past the first 10 mins. What complete and utter CRAP!!

    Agree Nell should be first to go, she's a little boring not getting involved in the arguing and back stabbing. We shall see.....
  • Poor old Uri- strange how he insisted he knew it was going to be him out first, but didn't say so until afterwards- it's easy to be a 'soothsayer with hindsight'.
    Nell - what is she like?
    Rhona - being nice and coming on to tara!!
    Tiff between tara and Darren + Tara's notes.
    Still waiting for the dark destroyer to chin someone.
    Never thought I'd say it... but come on Tony Blackburn.
  • Hilly, the Physical trainer girl Michaella (however it's spelt), and the firefighter Mark won Britains Sexiest. It was crap, but I just had to see who the public picked.
  • Yeah Right -a sort of sociology experiment then.... not actually watching....
  • That's right, all science based, bit like BB :o)
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