Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • sharkie
    I am sure that you are aware that there is a difference between 70% of MHR and 70% of WHR. But I thought I would just mention it, just in case of:-))

    You are making great progress with your longer runs, in the summer 6 miles was a read effort for you but now you reel them off with comparative ease. In fact 6 has become 7!
  • packs silver bullet to bite on, and tissues
  • ceal passes hipps a leather belt and some gas and air, a bottle lavender essential oil and some relaxing music.
  • its going to be THAT bad??
  • Hipps
    It will be good. Some - perhaps most - of it will be enjoyable even. . Can't be worse than hideous chronic pain. And you get to talk to TMR. Well, you know all this xxxxxx

    I do know there's a difference but do you think the 135 Andy is using is the 70% you all use? Oh dear I am a shark of very little brain where HR is concerned...

  • Benz
    NO, it was just a little joke.

    that is what I was getting at, so best to check with him, But I am sure he means WHR!
  • what a wonderful day i have planned!
  • Im laughing about all of this cos i am sick of crying about it

    last night i made a roast chicken dinner-the chicken was off
    I didnt sleep well
    I had to get up early to do my bloody CV and application form
    now i have a driving lesson in high wind
    and then i am going to be tortured

    (cue manic laughter)
  • Hipps
    Do you mean with the silver bullet, gas and air, leather belt, tissues, soothing sounds et al...

    or is there more?

    or are you being sarky?

    do tell
  • sarky?

  • Sorry Hipps
    Crossed posts.

    FFS girl
    there had better be a nice bit somewhere

  • Im sniggering here

    you couldnt make it up!
  • Hipps
    it could bea fun day. One never knows what's in store.
  • of course ceal

    he he
  • Hippo

    My legs felt lovely after my first massage. I have had 3 now.
  • My first sports massage was great (if painful at the time). Had it on the morning of a race (when I was on the course down at the Running Inn). Not ideal but my legs felt great afterwards.

    The one I had when I had my groin injury was less pleasant. I had bruising in an unmentionable area for about a week afterwards. But I suspect the knee is a lot less delicate a region than the groin.
  • Actually it's your quad isn't it rather than knee? It's KKD that's got the duff knee
  • sharkie - where abouts in Manc are you from?
    I lived down in London (Walthamstow) for 7 years, but got drawn back Northwards...

    Tracey - I don't have any specific 5k races planned atm (except the first Sale Sizzler on June 28th!). I'm running a HalfMara this Sunday and then I want to smash my 10-mile PB at St Annes on March 4th. I then want to work towards a 10k PB at Whitley at the end of April, so I will start with the shorter speed intervals in mid-March and probably have a go at my 5k PB in training mid-April-ish...

    (bet you're sorry you asked now!)
  • Daz
    I refuse to be more specific, but do you know the area where Shameless is filmed?


    Dalston's a picnic compared.
  • sharkie - you mean near the City Of Manchester Stadium, home of my beloved Blues?
    Please tell me you're a City fan...?
  • Poor Hippo, your day can only improve.

    Daz - I think sharkie likes footie better than That Distance.

    sharkie - wear your HM at the Jan LFOTM. You should see something near your max as you give Your All towards the end. Then I'll send you the little Excel table for calculating your working heart rate percentages.

    Off to brave the gales in a mo...
  • marathon

    runs off into the distance singing happily:-))

    how many months ago was it I said you had to do a MHR test if you wanted to train at HR zones? Not a bit of wonder you have bunked off:-))

    Chouettes advice is excellent - wear it for the 5K race and when those fast twitch muscles have done their bit, and a bit more, you will have a more realistic base to do calculations.
  • ((hipps))

    are you going to be ok for the BM?
  • TMR says i will be
    GOD that was really quite painful
  • Was the massage painful?
  • yes

    and she was being gentle too

    witb her elbows

  • I am icing my knee.
  • But do you feel better for it?

    You have had a proper sport massage now.
  • (((Hippo)))
  • I feel worse actually

    all toxic and my legs hurt
    but this is to be expected
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