Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • estimated time


    40 minutes
  • If Hipps really does run in a 5k, I will pay good money for a video-clip...
  • Hippo

    I put 30 mins. Well you are faster than aws.
  • not at the mo i am not

    blooming quads
  • Hippo

    Maybe you should have a massage.
  • yes, i am thinking this too tracey
  • Hippo

    It will be painful, but worth it.
  • Im in constant pain anyway tracey
  • Hipps
    Have you got a good soft tissue person? (Love putting it like that - sounds like they provide the box of Kleenex)

    In spite of the exchange of yoga poses and other stretches yesterday I actually think the quads are very diff. to stretch properly. I'm quite a bendy person but my quads get really tight. If the joints are loosish then it's sometimes diff to actually stretch the muscle.

    roundabout way of saying decent sports massage ahoy.
  • Sharkie
    never had a proper sports massage

    well, i dont think i have
  • Get the right person.
    How often do we say that in life?

    I know the jury is still out on their actual efficacy, but I'm one of the least newagey touchyfeely people I know and I think they work. They probably have to make you squeak a bit too be any good, but shouldn't hurt. oh god it's that 'h' word again.

    No candles
    no smelly things
    no whale sounds.

    could be a fit bloke or girl depending on one's preference though!
  • I will book one at my gym
    i will go to my gym tomorrow
  • All the sports massages I've had have hurt like heck but been well worth it.

    When I was having probs with my quads last summer I found the standing quad stretch totally useless - could only get a decent stretch by lying on my stomach.
  • yeah-bow pose
  • Or could be a reassuring non-threatening friendly sort of person...

    anyway Hipps
    what's this introductory course you are doing?
  • Its the LSSM course
  • Kazzaaah
    I reckon the standing quad stretch has more use as a balance/proprioception exercise. Lying on one's side can work a bit for some people.
  • I too am having problems with finding enough stretch for quads. Mine are as tight as a drum and however gentle the masseur/euse is, it will bl**dy hurt when they next have a go. BUT it will be worth it.

    I think!!!
  • Ive never had a problem with my quads until the last 2 weeks


    i bet its cause I havent raced

    off to do another bow
  • I agree, the standing stretch does nothing, unless one takes the knee away from the body. (behind one), I can feel it more then. But the most effective, for me, is lying face down on floor or bed and stretching quads behind me, pulling my abs in at the same time helps to stretch them a little more.
  • ceal
    Yeah. Agree. Could you post that link from yesterday here please? Might help other people. Have you tried it with the shin and foot against a wall yet? It does get into the quads as well as the hip flexors.

    However I wonder if we are actually talking more about microscopic tears rather than adhesions? think I've got the right terminology! Adhesions are knotty bits aren't they? errr - you're the expert on massage ceal!
  • sharkie
    I have a couple of small areas where there are adhesions. But I may have microscopic tears at this very moment due to 15 mile run yesterday after not having run very much for past 2 weeks and being ill. It didn't happen before after a long run. But whilst I was not running at all for a week, my quads didn't get any less tight. Yes I did try the foot against the wall today, and yes I could feel quads. will do it each day. I will post the link when I find it again. So later this evening.
  • Hippo

    I am glad you put that link in for yoga. I got Kierrah to see if she could do a bow.
  • Hippo

    I am glad you put that link in for yoga. I got Kierrah to see if she could do a bow.
  • when im ok
    I can rock backwards and forwards in that position
  • ceal
    Crossed post with my quick email to you.
    Also - yesterday, you were mainly running on road weren't you? It certainly takes its toll.

    I am having a total no run day today. Quick bike ride this am, which felt surprisingly good now I'm not doing 50 or 60 miles a week on top of everything else. I think it can then work as a recovery activity - useful because there's no impact.

    MUST do some weights tonight.
  • sharkie,

    Biking is a very similar action to running , much more so than walking, so it would be very useful as a recovery.

    Yes, the run yesterday was on road, and I think that is what made the difference. But I must remember to put in another long one near to the date of the word, that I can't mention on this thread:-))
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    i have intervals tomorrow, anyone want to join me. ;)
  • no bl@@dy way
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