Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • ceal
    that stretch didnt touch my iliopsoas much
    I know it well form aerovics, years ago
  • Bet you don't fancy a 45/50 min fartlek on the treadie either Hipps!?!??! ;oP
  • Actually, result, that's Wednesday's session - tomoz is on the lash with old work colleagues!!!!
  • no way
    I can hardly plod as it is
    speedwork would not be a good idea
  • Not much good at it myself at the mo but getting better - slowly (if that's not a contradiction in terms!!!)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    kaz - you are going to do a fartlek session the day after a night on the lash.
    You are a better woman than me.
  • Well when I say 'night on the lash' I'm almost certainly just gonna be on diet coke!! Still paying for the Chrimbo excesses of drink and diet!
  • Pammie
    I love intervals. What have you got planned for tomorrow. 200s are my faves but then they would be wouldn't they?

    I probably need to do more LONG intervals - 1k or 1mile - as I feel it's my speed endurance that's lacking.
  • You could try the sesh I did on Saturday which was 3 x 1.25m (at c5k pace) with a wee upper body circuit (bicep curl, front raise, tricep kickbacks x 30 x 2) in between.
  • am i being daft
    or a mile long intervlas really for mara training????????
  • 400m intervals are bloody long enough.
  • mmm best length for intervals. That's an interesting one. I think it's good to do lots of different ones. Stops you getting bored and challenges the systems I guess.

    A 5k race is 93% aerobic - as opposed to a 100m sprint which is only 8% aerobic. A marathon is 99% aerobic. Only part of the story I know but you can see that a 5k still needs loads of endurance as much as pure speed.

    Hipps - I'm SURE you know all this!

    I have done mile intervals at track sessions with my club. I think I only managed three last time I did them. But they are encouraging because you get to thinking: just need to string three of them together and put a lap type sprint at the end and whoops there goes a billion kilowatt dam. I mean whoops there goes your PB....
  • Kaz
    sorry - being dim. Do you mean 125 metres or 1.25 k (ie nearly a mile) and what's a front raise? Is all that at a gym?

    Do you do much upper body work?
  • Hippo
    have you tried the Cobra for your present problem, that may get to it.

    ice on the quads has helped.

    Running any intervals whatever distance, is good.
  • No 1.25 miles. Front raise is where you lift the dumbbell straight up in front of your body (straight arm). Do most of my intervals/fartlek at the gym at the mo altho' hopefully once I've joined my trainer's club I'll have access to a track at last.

    Just back from the gym. X-trainer and row (sprint intervals - hard work!) and some upper body work. My right arm's a wee bit sore again which is a pain.
  • kazz
    Respect due babe! You are a serious girl. I do not like the rower or the xtrainer for that matter. To tell the truth the only thing I like doing in the gym are sprint drills and stretching (where i get to show off) Everything else leaves me a quivering jelly wreck. But I do go.

    So are your 1.25 intervals on the treadie then?
    Is the groin strain injury still affecting you?

    I see from your profile you've been running 5 -10 years. And obviously still improving if your 5k PB was as recent as last September. That's encouraging for the likes of me although I am more than ten years older than you...

    What's your running history? I like people's stories.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    sharkie i'll be doing 8 x 200metres, then i'll alternate between 200s and 400s each week
  • Kaz
    sorry - being dim. Do you mean 125 metres or 1.25 k (ie nearly a mile) and what's a front raise? Is all that at a gym?

    Do you do much upper body work?
  • crikey!
    don't know how that posted twice.

    Yum - 200s! Let us know how they go. Are you now on with the second wek of the plan?

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    just been looking at mcmillamn gulp.

    On the schedule 200s are supposed to be run @ 800m pace thats 54 secs for me

    and 400s run @ mile pace thats 2 minutes (for the 400)

    This is based on my current 5km time that i did last month

    400s i should be ok with 200s well we'll see.
  • I've just got a sadist for a trainer sharkie. I had planned an easy session on Saturday to save myself for my long run on Sunday but he had other ideas!! Then again that's how I got my times down last year and how I'll do it again - hopefully.

    I think the toughest session I remember from pre-injury ended up with 200 metre sprints at 10.5mph - at the end of a 30 min run!! Blinking hurt but thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I find it difficult to do intervals and speed work outside when I'm on my own so I do do a lot of treadie work.

    I'm still having a few probs with the groin but I think it's more the 'bruised, recuperating' thing rather than anything more sinister. It's weird but I've had worse injuries which I managed to train thro' (albeit at a lower intensity) but I think it must be the location that's the real issue. It's a very disconcerting place to get pain (esp as it's sort of round and underneath the leg rather than the front of the groin).

    I started running in '99 and ran an assortment of races (winning a few trophies along the way) thro' to my second FLM in '02. I had such a dreadful race and then was very ill a couple of days after so took a break which (for various reasons) turned into something like 2.5 years and 2.5 stone!

    I hadn't kept any records for my 5k pb pre-break but did 25.05 at Battersea RforL last May. My original plan for last year was to concentrate on getting my 5k as low as I could, then going up to 10k and doing the same with that and then up to 10m etc up to the mara. Course the injury put paid to that. Still once I've got FLM under my belt (hopefully with a pb) then I'll start the process again this summer.

    I'm sure that even tho' I'm knocking on the next age group up there's still more in the tank. Just wish I'd had the encouragement and decent training years ago. Still them's the breaks!!!
  • Pammie

    You can do 400m faster that 2mins. Me it kill trying to do 400m in 2mins.
  • ceal

    my back is v flexible
    Cobra does litttel for my quads

    Bow pose
    or that horrid one

    Sharkie-i do know-just think a mile may be a bit long
  • kazzah
    If that's you in your pic then it looks like the additional 2 and a half stone is now a thing of the past. Shouldn't think the PBs are though - you obviously have the will to achieve more and the history to prove you can.

    I treat myself to a trainer too. I love clothes and all that and reckon if the bod looks orlright (ish) then you can pay less and still look ok. So it's a saving having a trainer! They are also great - as I think you imply - for the motivation when it's lacking. My trainer bloke is keen on the super challenging stuff too and reckons I might as well get my money's worth. If you're half hearted about it then it's a bit of a waste of time really. But yeah it's hard work.

    I'm a great believer in strength training for women, especially as we get a bit older. You ARE still a mere babe compared to me of course!

    Banish Bingo Wings and Two Cats Fighting in a Sack forever.

    Hmmm I never did do that weights session today.
    Oh LAWKS!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Strength training - i know i should

  • Sadly sharkie a stone of it's gone back on since that pic was taken and the abs are a thing of the past - for now!! Got to get my head back in the zone and sort my diet out. Have rather slipped back into bad habits.

    Been having pt now for about 18 months and not sure who enjoys our sessions more - my trainer or I. Was really chuffed the time he said that he liked my attitude and how much he enjoyed trainig me. He knows that I'm uber-competitive (with myself mostly) and will have a go at whatever he gets me to do. If he wants me to do, say, 50 crunches I'll have to do 51.

    Always been quite happy over in the free weights corner. Can understand why a lot of women don't like to do weights and feel intimidated but I think it's a shame. As you say, strength training is no bad thing for women.
  • Aye you should Pammie - it can be fun!! Homest!

    Night chuck.
  • Yesterday was meant to be a rest day, and I certainly didn't run. Best laid plans etc though, the day somehow went a bit pear shaped and ended up with me eating the wrong things and doing some rather half hearted tricep dips, press ups, and - inspired by Kazz , front raises - at midnight. Not clever really.

    I have decided to cut back the mileage this week. After all I have never completed three weeks in a row at anything over 21 never mind 27.5. I'll go out for a steady paced 4 or 5 later and while I am lapping the Downs of Delightful Dalston will work out what to do with the rest of the week.

    Enjoy your night out Kazz if we don't hear from you today. I have lots more questions for you so don't go away!

    There is no reason why you can't run those 200s at around 50 seconds. The 400s sound more difficult - especially to keep even. Kaz and I will keep pestering you about strength training - and I know ceal will too if she loooks in.

    Back later
  • Not sure how much help I'll be sharkie but you can always try me!!!
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