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  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hi gang

    'fraid interval session was pants

    it was horribly windy, no matter what direction i ran some were ok i think you might guess which ones were into headwind.

    61, 2 mins Garmin lost its satellites was way more than 200m)
    65, 64, 57, 60, 49!, 56, 60

    1½ mile warm up
    1.75 miles cool down

    You sound like me Kaz
  • More power to you Pammie. I can't do intervals outside even in good weather unless it's a case of sprinting between fixed objects, but just increase my pace for certain periods of time, nope. Even with my garmin I tend to bumble along. Why I do so much treadie work.
  • I just run between lamp-posts for intervals.
    There's a disused busway right behind where I work - quite flat and very quiet - 12 lamp-posts=quarter-mile, 6 lamp-posts roughly equivalent to 200m etc...
  • Pammie
    You did 8 x 200, so we'll have less of this pants talk.
    It's tough stuff out there at the moment - I'm just about to go out. Still light so might be able to get some of my route on grass. Albeit grass covered in dogpoo, used condoms, syringes and a carving knife (yes, true - once anyway.)

    I thought your schedule was a Hal Higdon one, but you mention MacMillan?

    I can't get to grips with speed and perception of speed on a treadie. I always feel I'm slower for more effort.

    Sounds quite good - I'm assuming that as it's disused you can run on the tarmac rather than concrete. The pavement would have made Pammie's intervals that much harder.

    Gi' us a bit ofrunning history then Daz, aw go on.

  • The pavement is one of those flat tarmac'ed jobbies (rather than paving stones or concrete), so pretty good to run on.

    Do you mean "The History Of Running Since The Dawn Of Time", or my personal running history?
  • B"m it's the same day as the Brentwood Half.
  • Your Royal Dazness:
    personal running history please.

    I have Noakes (that's Tim not John for those of you old enough to know what I mean. Probably just me), I have Daniels, I have the gambolling Glovers, I have Higdon.

    I even have the barmy Bingham. Early mistake Your Honour.

    Anyway, there's enough running history in that small mountain, along with training plans that I will never start.

    So yeah. This time it's personal.
  • Drinks have been postponed so theoretically I should go to the gym and do my first pilates class since pre-injury but am so pooped I think I'll just go home and crash out. Don't know why I feel so tired at the mo - too many late nights and early monrings probably!
  • Daz's Potted History

    Started running 5 years ago at age 37, with ZERO previous running experience, following a knee-injury sustained playing football.
    Decided I would either have to give up football and become a couch-potato or do a "bit of jogging" to strengthen the knee back up so I could start playing again.
    Obviously, but to my astonishment at the time, got bitten by the "Running Bug".
    Have only started entering races in the last year.
    No real idea what I'm doing.
    Keep thinking of changing my forum name to "Rubbish But Keen".
    Will this do...?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Just hada a kip since i'm working tonight (all night) good job tomorrows a rest day

    Sharkie you are right i'm a follower of Hal but since he asked for the reps done @ 800m pace, i have no idea what that is so had a look at mcmillian judging on my current race time (singular you note!) it tells me what times i should run 800m at.

    I think i have more endurance than speed.

    Daz you are not rubbish

    Tracey thanks that is ideal, i think. I note the race time is 12am thats midnight isn't it.
    Need to check that one out.
    It is local
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    panic over must be a typo, looked at event website its at noon.
  • Thank you Daz, that'll do nicely.

    Another really good site for paces and predicting race times and all sorts of other goodies is:
    you probably already know it, but anyway I find it very useful.

    You are lucky having the endurance. Or perhaps it's been hard won with many miles of running. I'm still having to work very hard on that as it doesn't come naturally to me at all - and I am a very late starter.

    I officially appoint you our South East division Race Finder. It would be nice to have a selection of 5ks to do, so that one didn't assume mammoth proportions. You race a lot don't you? I think it must give you a more relaxed feel - don't mean that you wouldn't get nervous before the start, but that feeling of 'there's always the next race' must be pretty healthy.

    I'm hoping I learnt my lesson with our club's final Handicap of the Year.

  • Still haven't really decided what to do with the rest of the week. The previous 3 have been so much about getting out every time I could and clocking up a few more miles that it makes it hard to have a different approach this week.

    Did a steady 4.5 this afternoon. 3.5 of those mainly on muddy grass. Not lose your trainers cover your legs and bum with with squelchy stuff sort of mud, but enough to make the going slow....

    Ah hah the s word!
    As this is a new thread can I make a LAW that whenever anyone refers to fast and slow and emotive words like that - we take it as read that they are talking about themselves and what is fast or slow or whatever for them? It gets a bit tiresome having to write 'for me' or relatively speaking' or whatever every time...

    I do hope you all agree!
    At any rate I am unlikely to get anyone else's knickers in a twist as I will probably be the slowest person here.

    Hey, I'm tough, I can handle it!
  • good law
  • and Daz is older than me

    ha HA!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    A suggestion, do your usual longer run at weekend, do an interval session perhaps a 600 then 3 x 200, then 200 + 400 and finish with a 600. Take the appropiate recovery between each set and 30 secs after each 200. Obviously with a warmup and cool down. Try and make each set of 600 add to the same number of secs. Then for the rest of the week, run easy. Unless you feel motivated for another quiker session.
  • Hippo
    You absolute child!

    What news on the job front? You turned down the locum thing yeah? Also - how's the psoas and quad?

  • sorry Sharkie

    but he has been MEAN to me


    well, the psoas is better, but im getting secondary fearful bilateral quad spasms

    Im owrking on it

    its the same as my back

    Its as bad too-go, what i would give to be able to get on a bus without having to think about it first


    well, a few irons in the fire
  • Hippo

    Is younger than me.
  • And me from the sounds of it!
  • ceal
    do you mean that say I ran each of the 200s at 40secs then the 600 should be 3 X 40 ie 2 mins? No that can't be right! That would probably be too quick. Or do I slow the 200s down even more?

    aargh - maths never my strong point!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    run the 600 note the time.

    Take a 90 sec break

    run 200 x 3 (with 30 secs rest between each 20) = should be the same as the 600 time.

    Take 90 sec break

    run 200 + 400 (with a 30 sec break after the 200) = the same time as the original 600

    90 sec break

    600 and this should be the same time as the first 600.

    I hope that makes sense:-))
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    above in first bracket should read 200 not 20!
  • With horror
    it makes sense to me

    I will say
    My last 5k(i hope to GOD it was short)
    race for life-i wlked in it
    and still did 29.42


    so, i am slower
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I think you will find that after a 600 your 200's will be slower and 30 secs is not a lot of rest.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Actually I have been quite mean, I think you could take longer than 90 secs between each set.

    I'm off downstairs now.
  • Hipps
    Did you book that sports massage?

    I think I read somewhere else that you are having a bit of a testing time right now - chucked in grim job? or have I got wong person? Anyway, there are many things that can wear one out a lot more than a 10k run or a set of 200s...
    As I'm sure you know babe.
    Pilates can be good to help get rid of tension. 'spect you know that too...
  • well

    my gym is now calling it "deep tissue"

    i will, i think-but doubt its real sports

    actually, my muscles just now dont feel tight

    they are tight at the thought of running

    i KNOW this one form my back

    oh yes

    you have to be firm
  • No that's me sharkie. 3 weeks and a day till I leave - not that I'm counting!! After a dodgy few weeks before Xmas, I've been sleeping really well but I think my sleep patterns are a wee bit off again.

    Not sure if it's related but I got the Deep Relaxation CD that was in Saturday's Times and did that on Sunday and Monday and flipping heck haven't felt that totally zoned out for years.

    Will get back to pilates next week - assuming the New Year rush means there's places. Last year was a nightmare.
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