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  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Sharkie - Hope you can get your teeth sorted. They may be only little things but they can affect you enormously

    now i am coping with the night shifts now its gotten quite over christmas, last night was an exception as i did an extra 5½ hours

    Hal higdon does seem tough i suppose but with saturdays run that will make 2 quality runs this week.
    so i'm not going to stress over missing one run.
  • Pammie,
    I personally think that 2 quality runs a week is sufficient. But one needs to get the miles in as well.
  • ceal
    Thanks for suggestions re teeth. I have to consider all options because of time, place, cowardice involved as well as the piles of cash.

    Now.... about those 200s yesterday. :-)
    Is it a bit of a mistake - in a session like that - to go flat out (ish) on the shorter distances - which we know I can run fast? Am I right in thinking it's really the 2 600s that count? And it is VERY important to finish the session, that is with a full 600?

    When I was doing Serpie track sessions this summmer I got much better at keeping everything even. Of course it's a lot easier with other people and on an actual measured track.

    It's a good job the 2 400s I did yesterday were relatively encouraging, because I was back to Snailio today.

    I did 4.5 miles - 11 min miling, legs felt ok but I could tell I was slowing down rather than speeding up by the final mile so called it a day.
  • sharkie
    yes I would say slow the 200's down so that one/you are able to do the rest of the reps. It is about learning to pace oneself. One can save flat out 200's for straight 200 intervals!! It is a speed endurance session, suited to 5k racing. But don't get hung up on them, you did them and that is what's important. It is a tough session, especially that last 600!!!
  • sharkie
    would it be any help to go to the Dr's and get a referal to a NH dentist? I understand about the time/place bit.

    Where are you Hippo to answer that one.
  • Interesting thing happened in my speed sesh yesterday.

    I hope this isn't going to sound fanciful.
    It was on the final 200 metres. Probably 15 into it and for what couldn't have been for more than 40 metres, just briefly I knew I was flying. (Not literally, I am not that bonkers!) I could tell I was really shifting but felt very relaxed and well, loose. It was quite odd - and disappointingly fleeting. But for a few brief metres it did all come togeher. Hey ho.

    I don't mean runner's high. it was more a sort of rightness of moving - and it was the relaxed, floating feeling - at speed - that was so noticeable.

    I know I have made a law about using fast and slow but on this occasion I HAVE to point out I am not claiming to be Kelly Holmes. Even for 40 metres.

    Perhaps others have had similar experiences, although probably over longer distances. Do tell...

    get me.
  • sharkie
    you are lucky, I have only just started to get that feeling sometimes, but I can relate to it and it is nice.
  • Good. I was worried it might sound pretentious. Afterwards I thought, 'did I make that up?', and wondered if the moving at speed was an illusion/delusion and in fact I had slowed down and that's why I felt relaxed. But there is no way I would slow down at the start of a 200m, and of course the rest of the - short - distance I was my huffing puffing grim determination self.

    Confidence and relaxation are such a huge part of doing almost anything well. Can't say I'm usually much cop at either!
  • Pammie
    Hope you managed to get your easy miles in today. Weather was a bit better anyway.

    How was the boiling gym? How do you programme - or not - a 5k run on the treadie. My (almost) mile this am took forvever even though I kept putting the speed up for bursts.
    Do you just key in something slightly slower than your road race time and then well, just run it?

    Also would be interested to hear if my weights session as numbingly detailed below rings any bells with you, although I get the feeling you're a more dedicated customer at the free weights counter.

    Hope you got my appreciative email!
  • Just a mile on the treadie this morning so I'm debating whether to put a little 3 miler in later or leave the mile cranking to weekend.
    14.5 so far and can easily put 9 or 10 in on Sat and Sun, so decisions, decisions....

    Cycled into town for my session with Andy. It was good, although I moaned as per when he told me we were doing a lactate threshold training on the elliptical. I had managed to sneak in that mile on the treadie before he caught me. And then:

    15- 20 mins on the elliptical. Hard work, get hot and sweaty very quickly - as Andy spikes up the effort level to 6 then to 8 for 30 second blasts, with easier level recoveries between.

    On to weights.
    20 crunches with calves on ball.
    20 3/4 press ups
    20 v-sit abs crunches (legs stay lifted in v shape throughout.)
    20 press ups
    20 oblique v-sits
    20 press ups.

    Then a rotation exercise - lie on back, arms stretched out to sides, bent knees rotate to one side then another. Easy peasy for me - I used to teach it don't forget.

    Straight leg lifts 4kg in each hand x 20
    This is a new one for me and I actually liked it - gets hammies, glutes and back. It's not the legs you lift it's the back and arms.
    Hammer curls (opposite arms to mimic sprint arms) to fail point . Very pleased with 50.
    Oblique abs with leg extension X 20
    Straight leg lift 5kg x 20
    Hammer curls to failure 20 I think
    Oblique abs with leg extension X 20
    Straight leg lift 6kg! (EASY!)
    Hammer curls to failure. AHEM.... 1 and then right arm couldn't!
    Oblique abs with leg extension X 20

    Then because A. said the straight leg lift canes the glutes and hammies even though you can't tell at the time he gifted me 20 minutes soft tissue on hamstrings and a bit of calf work thrown in for good measure.

    Kazz - if you read this I think our trainers have a bit in common. Perhaps most good trainers do - they do like people who put the effort in.

    Oh damn it , I better get out for that 3 miler then do some work...
  • hello
    NHS dentists are as rare as rocking horse manure

    a dental hozzie might be worth a try
  • Ta Hipps.

    Oh my goodness have just realised enormity of my last post. Lawks - it's like a bleedin' manual!

    Got a bit carried away talking to myself.
    No change there then...

    xx sharkie
  • he he

    I do like the spinal twists
  • Evening all.


    Your email was lovely. I was getting worried when you did not post this morning. Also sharkie you are not you unless you do a long post.


    How your injury bits an pieces today?

    I did 3 mile this morning.

    I have been doing 150 crunches every night since the beginning of December. Have not got a 6 pack yet LOL.
  • Spud

    Why are you lurking. How are your animals?
  • trace
    i am drugged and relearning how to run

    think that sums it up
  • ((((Hippo))))


    Nice cycling.
  • I have just lost it. Getting my threads mixed up.
  • typical thread hopping behaviour;)
  • ooooh tracey,
    it's not safe to mix threads!

    (Hipps you have supernatural powers on that front - don't know how you do it.)

    Anyway Hipps whaddyer mean 'relearning how to run" Re- learning the way you always have, or learning a new way (sort-of.) BTW - I get NYT online too and saw that article. Yes. Result. But does depend on underused resource of common sense.
  • Its called being a doley sharkie;)

    I mean-getting back to my usual running style-instead of running like a spastic(used in its literal medical sesne)
    so that means drugs

    The NTY article was posted on the othr running website i go on
  • Drugs. Chronic pain. It's not good. Needs sorting. 'Harumph - so you're tellin me!' I hear you cry. Assume the drugs are painkillers? There must be a solution missis?

    Can't believe how great the spinal rotation thing felt today. I've been a bit norty and neglected the bendy stretchy side of things. Probably because I think I can get away with it (being genetically lucky in that respect) and think I need to concentrate on strength more than suppleness - but that way madness lies. Or injury.

  • sharkie
    I had to go and sit down after I read all your weights and exercises:-)) I, personally, think it's easier to run 9 miles (like I did today) rather than such a hard session, like 'what' you did!!!

    I love spinal rotation and do it most days, but then I don't have your natural flexability.
  • sharkie
    that IS the solution(got a massage booked next week too)

    spinal rotations are great
    today wee wwre doing them with one leg bent up on top of the other
  • Hippo

    Is that a sports massage? I am having one next Wednesday. You will probably here me in Brum.
  • well, my therapist has promised no pain
    she is a forumite

  • Hipps
    What's the name of that rotation pose please?

    There's a lovely upper body rotation/opener I suddenly thought of doing tonight. Lie on side knees bent and stacked one on top of the other, arms extended palms together. Won't go into detail - but it's like opening a giant book. Has to be one of the nicest stretches going. Peeps in my classes loved it. (Take advice if you've got disc probs. Well that's what I was taught to say!)

    How was your Pilates class? Did you enjoy it?
  • Hi Tracey,

    Just checking what you lot are up to ;o)

    Animals are well and happy. (I think)
  • Benz
    I presume you are having a massage from Tigers Mate roo. I would trust her with my life.

    thankyou for reminding me of the arm opening exercise, I need to do it.
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