Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?



  • Depends when you entered Brighton. According to an email I was sent by the BM team if you entered before June 15 2012 you get a full refund should you get a VLM place, if you entered after June 15 you can defer to Brighton 2014 with no refund.

    Sadly I didn't get my act together quick enough either way so irrelevant to me.
  • I think I would do London as hubby has his sick/injured entry so would be stupid to travel from Scotland 2 weekends in a row.

    I entered Brighton in April so could canx/defer that one.
  • I just followed a payment link that was googled on real buzz and if it is correct then that's 5 rejections in a row for me!! I was unable to Log in. Not sure if it's correct but if so then I'm doing Brighton again and a sure thing for vlm 2014!!
  • i remmeber that payment link from last time franners............must be that the amgazines are on there way...........first time since I started running that i haven't entered for London...........

    enjoyed last years though.especially the beer and food at mile 17.....image

  • My impatience got the better of me and I tried the link Franners mentioned. I'd urge people not to. Now my 90% chance of rejection has tipped to 99.9% but I still have that annoying shred of doubt.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Franners - what link is this? What did you google?

  • Don't do it. It just means double rejection instead of the standard single rejection!
  • What is this link?

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    @Johnny - it's our choice to look isnt it? image we just want the choiceimage

  • Getting an error message;


    Sorry, but we could not find the page you were looking for.

  • That is probably for the best. Here's the full convo for you to enjoy:
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    same as SD roadrunner...

  • I didn't post the link because it's like pandoras box but I posted I'd seen because I knew there would be other curious folk who would want to see it! Anyone got in on the link yet??
  • I didn't post the link because it's like pandoras box but I posted I'd seen because I knew there would be other curious folk who would want to see it! Anyone got in on the link yet??

    If it helps Ive shattered my own london hopes!!!
  • You only get the jacket if you've paid up front.

    The ambiguous emails started last week saying if you have/haven't got a place, consider running for charity.

    Must be close.

    I've just realised I've moved house since I applied. My mail is being redirected.....
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    It's just like children at christmas!

  • Close this thread down we'll all be rejected, 100000 a year get rejected we will be rejected we like running, but just incase I am watching the post!!!image

  • what date around will we hear !!??? i did say i wasnt bothered about doing it !! i lied a little

  • Now that link does not work. God why do I do this every year!! Apply then forget and then google like a deranged person last week every September! Good luck to all who resisted temptation. May your patience be rewarded!!!
  • I will just wait and see. Can't be long now anyway.
  • Dont suppose the payment link would work if you have already donated your entry fee ? (Hope I'm right because I couldnt resist not going to the payment link.  I think it told me that they dont have my details)

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    my daughter got her rejection today

  • Oh no! That means mine must be really close. Going away for 4 days. How am I going to sleep with the worry of not knowing?
  • Glad that the letters are coming out now.... Not glad your daughter got a rejection though...... Just want to make doubly sure that it's Brighton for me and not London
  • Does anybody know how the procedure works for us who are in the overseas ballot? I have understand that we get the result through Email and not letter, but do they let us know at the same time as the domestic ballot or later?

  • Hi folks, does any one know how many places are actually allocated by the ballot? #justasking.
  • fred the vet same for me I donated to, I couldn t resist either  I got the same message

  • @scott dutton 2

    I don't think anyone knows for sure but guestimate is 25,000 which is half of entry total, the rest going to charities and elites.

    Seeing as ballot cuts off at 125,000 that gives us a 20% chance but I'm pretty sure its a great deal less with deferrals, club places and GFA entries.
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