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  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Great news Daz - hope you enjoyed your celebratory meal image

    Received e-mail to say that GNR numbers had been posted out so am waiting to receive mine - only 4 weeks to go to the big day!

  • Ooh only 4 weeks Trigg, hope you're training gets you what you want.

    Gym was a struggle this morning, but plodded through 1h30m of classes, then pamper in sauna etc.

    Weather horrible here now, better see if my mate Noah has that Ark ready, rain is coming down in almost biblical proportions image

  • Wow daz! Your son must have done really well.

    Park run tomorrow.......for only the second time since last yr........hubby going to hong kong tomorrow for a wk so no running for me unless Eric cooperates in the jogger!

    Had forgotten about Southend 10k........ Tempted.
  • Congrats Daz for your boys..... a proud dad is a good dad..

    Caro could well be on the sea front to shout you on...xx


  • Gatton thank you too for all your support and friendship too - now you really can concentrate on coaching us all image Another one who thinks it is a sensible decision - as you say, worrying times last year and not to be repeated.  Enjoy the cycling!

    Trig, well done on keeping up with the running in that heat!  I managed a swim yesterday and other than that have been mainly sitting praying for snow, lol!  Mind you, "only" 12 weeks till mini-VB number 2 is due to put in an appearance and everyone seems convinced it's twins as I'm so huge, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

    Caro - hopefully Eric will get used to the buggy in time?

    Daz - what are you like!  Didn't hear the screams but must admit I am giggling at my desk imagining you moisturising, lol!  Congratulations to your son too.

  • Oh and I got so carried away watching Mo Farah that the baby went bananas and while I was jumping up and down it was doing somersaults, lol!  Meanwhile Lucas was also jumping up and down and clapping next to me, shouting "run, run, run man!", although I'm pretty sure he didn't have a clue what was going on!

  • Thanks all for congrats for son. image

    Just back from 2 weeks in Fuerteventura.  Don't know where these extra 8 pounds on my frame have come from. image 

    Perhaps because I only ran 3 times whilst there, and did little else training.  Got to do some work now to shift it, but am already plonked in front of TV with Paralympics on.  Ah well.....................

  • You missed the best show at the Velodrome Daz we are all moving to Brands Hatch for th eroad races... keep watching they are great

  • Weight loss going quite well, I've so far shifted 6 pounds.  Been quite brutal though.  It was a 9lb gain, so only a few more to go.

    Where is everyone, still watching the Paralympics?  Gripping stuff, even got it on now lol, I love it all.


  • Quiet on here.

    So come on Trigg, how was the GNR?  Didn't see you on the TV.

  • Not seen anything on FB either...suppose I could look it up......
  • Hi Guys - missed my pb by 1.30 (mins!) - 2.16.16.  Enjoyed the experience but it's not a race that I would do again - couldn't find any space to run in all the way round until that last piece of coastal path where the field seems to open up.  Well happy - now trying to keep fitness up for Royal Parks on 7 October - must be bonkers.

    Well done on the weight loss Daz - managed to get to my target weight just before I went on holiday and am still there.

    Have seen beautiful photos of Eric on FB Caro - lovely children you have there xx


  • Well done Trigg, close to a PB is a good effort.

    Weight still a bit fluctuating, but due to diet and not too much training.  Ran a 10.5 on Tues, and a fast 5 this morning.  Will do Cardiff Half in about a month, but will be way outside PB condition I think.

    Spent last week sorting boy stuff for Uni, dare I say the penny's dropped and I've started to realise how much I'm gonna miss him.  So off to big smoke (sort of - Uxbridge lol) tomorrow to take him.    Weather forecast doesn't look too good for journey.

    Will try a long run on Mon in an attempt at confidence building for Cardiff Half.


  • Saw a lot of people this weekend packing their cars with duvets etc. and escorting their offspring off to Uni.  Hope all went well for you Daz.

    Managed 8.04 miles yesterday in the drizzle initially and then pouring rain.  Now in taper/training for Royal Parks HM on 7 October - it'll be flatter there so hope that I can beat my pb.  Am sure you'll be fine at Cardiff anyway

  • Yes, all went well at Uni day move etc.  Hardly heard from the little bugger since.

    Well done on 8 in the rain, the weather at the moment is terrible.  Good luck for the PB attempt at Royal Parks next Sun.  I may be attempting to climb Snowdon on that day, or if not it will be the day after, weather permitting.

    My long run confidence builder didn't occur until last Thurs, did 12.2 miles and it was awful, I stopped many times, a disaster.  Did a much better 9.01 miles this morning, but I have to accept that Cardiff Half will just be a plod, am nowhere near PB condition.  I'm even aching now from the run and Boxercise I did image

    I may even run it naked (i.e. without Garmin) so that I'm not clock watching as per usual, relieve the pressure.

    Hope you're all keeping well and having fun, whatever you're up to?


  • Hey Daz.. don't they grow up so quickly. Was my grandson's 25th birthday yesturday. Now that dooes make me feel old. Just thought I would let you know what I have been up to since the Olympics


    No you dont have to dof your cap just get along to the Longleat half marathon next February and I will see you there. Suppose the Grim is not your thing is it ???


  • Wow Gatton, hob-knobbing with the leader of the country, that's fantastic.  What a great reward for volunteering, I'm sure you enjoyed it.

    Grimm not really me, who knows what is lol?

    My Annus Horribulus continues.  Cardiff Half a week Sunday, not trained too well but was just aiming to plod it.  Was at Doctors yesterday, bad foot pain over last few days since 12miler last week, pain sometimes even when walking.  He said worst case I've got a stress fracture, best case it's a soft tissue tear.  

    Rest, rest, rest!  Although I did run 11.5 miles last night, sore this morning.  Supposed to be walking up Snowdon on Sun or Mon as well.

    Shit really does happen lol!

  • Can't keep a good one down then Daz...


  • Hi guys long time since i was on here, nice to see the same peeps are still posting here. Just been catching up with your postings. Sorry to hear Daz that your foot is giving you trouble, hope its somewhat better since you last came on here, goodluck for sunday, Im running the Cardiff as well, although to be honest im not keen, im a tad exhausted really, ive been pretty busy with 'challenges' this year lol. Being as its 2012 and the Olympic year, i thought i would set myself the task of 12 challenges in 12 months in 2012. Cardiff will be number 10, phew !!!! so looking forward to Dec and then i can rest !!!!   

  • Still in awe of the afternoon tea with the PM Gatton, you lucky sod. image

    Hey Clarki, good to hear from you.  Am impressed by the 12 in 12 in 12 lol, good for you.  Enjoy Cardiff Half, hope you have a good race.  Dec will be here soon enough, with all the chaos that that month traditionally brings lol.

    Still undecided on Cardiff Half myself, but will probably do it.  Also, made it up Snowdon on Sunday, that was hard work too.  No way was I going to take the easy option of the train!


  • Well done you Daz, i climbed Snowdon in May, had fantastic weather this year, and really enjoyed the climb. Just come back from the Brecons this weekend, did 6 peaks and a 22 mile hike, so needless to say the old legs are somewhat tender these last few days. I was going to defer Cardiff as my training has been a bit sketchy, but im going to do it, i will not look at my garmin though, i may cry image otherwise. Goodluck whatever you decide, will let you know how it goes for me...or not !!!!!

  • Wow you have been busy, nice one.  Hope you have a good race, let us know how you do?

    Decision made, I'm in.  Gonna take it easy tho, but do NOT want a PW.  Did 20 miles on bike yest & 10 today to keep ticking over, no impact stuff.  Just light weights tomorrow, then good to go!

  • Hey both of you.... have a great time in Cardiff. Hope all goes well for you.

    Will be waiting for the update afterwards. Me I am ticking over on my bike. Off to Vienna next weekend to spend some quality time with my son Adam and his lovely wife.

  • Thanks Gatton and Daz, really dreading it now. Training has been terrible and we all know its not about the race, but the training thats been put in. Ive been busy as ive said with hikes and mountains lol,  but not a great amount of running. Oh well by this time tomorrow it will be over, and i can chill for a few weeks. Take it easy Daz, and if you see a very unfit woman sat on the kerb along the way, give her a shove image it probably be me !!!!!

  • If I see you and you're already sat down, that implies that I'm behind you. Ouch!  I will give you a shove and a kick lol. image

    Have a good race - weather forecast currently showing favourable conditions.

  • Wow what a great race Daz, was very impressed with the new course, fast and flat, well apart from a few little inclines. Love running down into the Bay, its just so beautiful, like last year i just wanted to stop and stare for a while. Although, it was a bit of a bugger to know that unlike last year, when we got to that section we had done 12 miles, this year it was just 5. I had a good race really, i planned and prayed i could hold a 9 min mile run, coming in at 1.56/ 1.57. But was running 8.30 so i was  up on my time by 4 mins half way around. Then inevitably i tired so lost most of that at the end, but finished in 1.55, so really am quite chuffed with that. Maybe all that walking did help !!! Hope you managed ok image

  • Wow Clarki - a fantastic result.  Well done, great result.

    I exceeded my expectation slightly, and huffed and puffed to a 1:32:35, so not all bad.    Mrs Daz was volunteering on water station at about 6.5 miles, so I had to wait for her by waiting in pub, was there by 11:40 lol.  A few beers in town, drop car home and colelct youngest boy then a few more and a late lunch/early dinner down local.

    Just back after a few more beers, and now seriously flagging.image

    BTW I concur that the route was much better than last year, everyone I spoke to agreed.

  • That is a fantastic time Daz, see your still in the 'Superman' bracket lol, am in awe !!!well done you image  Thats the best thing about the early start isnt it, that its all done and dusted before noon and you have the rest of the day to enjoy, we were home in Bath by 1.15 !!

    Enjoying a glass of vino myself now, helps with the stiff legs so im told image

    Heres to the our next goals, whatever they maybe !!!!

  • Great result for both of you. Daz come down to Longleat in Feb. Clarki will explin the course. Be good to see you both and have a chance of a chat for a change.

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