Road ultra recommendations?

Hi folks, I've done quite a few marathons and I'd like to have a crack at some longer races. However, it seems a lot of ultras (and this could just be my perception) are on trails and mountain walkways which involve hiking and scrambling up and down steep banks of loose gravel, or worse, wooden steps that only people taller than 6'9" can walk up properly. That's not me. I want to be able to run the entire length of the course, not run a bit, stop to open and close a gate, run a bit, then stop to think about how I can get down some tricky descent normally used by mountain bikers without breaking my ankles. I don't want to get lost, either - if I wanted to carry a map and a compass with me, I'd take up orienteering.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good, challenging road (or sufficiently smooth trail) ultras in the UK? Something around 40-60 miles would be nice. Thanks!


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