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Looking for advice on trainers.  I was a strictly Nike Vomero girl - versions 2, 3 and 4 absolutely loved!  Put up with 5 but then fell out of love with them on version 6!  Switched to Asics Gel Nimbus - all went OK to version 15 and then ..... all went horribly wrong!  So now, after having brought up all I could of version 15 and making them last far longer than I should I am searching for a new shoe!  I have the Asics Gel Nimbus 17 but hate it!  Feel like my legs are flapping and my feel have no cushioning.  I am a neutral runner, I run on the road, I'm not very heavy but I do like cushioning.   Can anyone help? 


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    Heidi - you really need to ask in a running shop for some advice and try a few on to find one that feels good to you.

    I have a pair of Hoka Clifton 3's which I adore, light, loads of cushioning and very comfy.   I only do road too.

  • HI - thanks Shade!  You are right of course - unfortunately the local sweatshop closed and to be honest it had gone down hill anyway.  I feel a trip to London needed to go to a proper shop.
  • Heidi,

    I also went for the Hoka One One Clifton 3. They have plenty of cushioning and they are perfect for road run. It may feel a bit weird and soft to start with but after a while you just get used to it. I would advise to spend some time on short distance with firm shoes also, so that your plantar does not get lazy...
  • Clifton 3 or the new 4 is a good shout for a comfortable shoe although would take some getting used to with the stack height, Vanquish will offer more stability / control and Clayton less so when you look online / inStore 

    Adidas ultra boost and supernova will also offer supreme cushioning with 900miles out of them, more than any other shoe. A positive with the energised boost system is that you can run in their ST range and not be affected by the support although of course a firmer ride so even more options and the upper is very flexible 

    Have a look at the ON range too. Cloud / Cloud flow are great for a neutral runner and also very light (lightest on market) and rarely matched on comfort. Narrower like an Asics shoe (for info) I spent at least 13 hours a day in them for 4 consecutive days at Ride London expo and weren't sore or achey at all

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  • Brooks Glycerin 15 is also a wicked shout and will feel delicious when you try them on! Plush cushioning 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I have been using asics gel nimbus for a while now. The gel nimbus foot shape seemed to change in their latest model (19), so I had to exchange for a larger size. They are very comfortable! I sometimes get lower back niggles from a previous rowing injury and ensuring good cushioning seems to keep it at bay. I tried asics cumulus but they were not as effective so for now at least I'm sticking with nimbus 19. I too am a neutral runner and just find them extremely comfortable
  • Adidas sequence boosts are great!
  • A good pair of Nike or Adidas running shoes will meet your needs in regards to style and comfort. 
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