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  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭
    DT19- Really enjoyed reading your report. Easily sub 3 on a cooler day. 

    G-Dawg - Great reporting from you also. Enjoy the warmth and break. 

    Gul - Back on it I see. :smile:

    Leslie - Good parkrun after your tempo sesh. Nice pace at the end. 

    Parkrun for me this morning. Slightly altered course with the finish moved about 100m to the cycle track at the end which is good if you have anyhting left at the end. Came up slightly long on my Sunnto so probs about spot on 5k. Finished in18:47 again! Very even splits 6:00, 6:01, 6:05 and 5:38 pace for the last bit. The 3rd mile is on the off road trail and I was happy with that as I usually lose quite a bit of time there. Equal PB for a parkrun, so not a bad outing.  74.89 WAVA, edging closer to my target of >75. I'll get there. 

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    I've been having a reflection on my training and what I can do differently next time. In the whole I wouldn't change much as I feel it seemed to work.

    This was my first ever proper training block and the 16 weeks of consistent training have brought about massive improvements. I have probably taken 8-9 minutes off my half time and a good 5 minutes off my 10k times.

    January started with 3 runs a week, a tempo run, intervals (either 400m, 800m or hill reps) and a weekend long run. Averaged 25-30 miles a week. Also tried to fit in one strength session a week at the gym. Quickly realised that this was fairly comfortable so decided to add an extra run from February.

    February to April I continued with 4 runs a week (Recovery run, tempo run, intervals and long run) averaging 45-50 miles a week. Midweek runs were then averaging around 10 miles with 18-21 at the weekend. Ended up with 3 20+mile runs, one 19.7 and two 18.5.

    The only weeks training I missed was during the snow where I also had a cold.

    So in conclusion for my next marathon training block I think I keep to the same plan, however start with 4 runs per week from the beginning. I will also try to do a couple more 20m+ long runs and also a few more long runs finishing at MP as I didn't do many last time.

    Apologies this is a bit of a ramble but just trying to write my thoughts down!

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Cupboard clearance day 2 and out fell these bad boys, now assembled for the first time. Some a bit tarnished, but a clear memory of the triumphs, failures and hard efforts they represent. (London 06 - 18, plus NYC, Chicago, Boston and Berlin).  Tired now!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Gul, nice 20 and a great weeks mileage.

    Great park running, Gerard. im on the same wava quest as you. 

    Well done on your parkrun also, Lesley.

    Enjoy the holiday,G-dawg.

    Stevie, you won't need to do anything to elaborate to keep improving. A few more miles but more important consistent training will bring improvement. 

    poacher, that's a great collection. Do you have any plans of achieving the six star majors medal?

    Edinburgh comes with too many complications and too much cost so the decision is Autumn Mara or not. If I did it would be Yorkshire. 

    Next up for me is Bromsgrove 10k, 2 weeks tomorrow. I do this every year as it starts a mile from my house. it's a tough route with about 350 feet of elevation. There is lots of local rivalry but for me it's a year on year quest to beat previous year's time. Last year was tbe first time i went sub 40 there and the general view is if you can run that sub 40 you can do any 10k sub 40. 

    My next race then is the Welsh castles relay on June 10th where I'm  running leg 18 which is 8.85 miles. I am targeting my first top 10 finish in the event having came 11th in my leg last year. 
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Might see you at the castles - I’ll be going in the other direction at the L’Etape Dragon sportive.
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    What distance are you doing Poacher? I'm entered in the Medio Fondo; whether I make it or not depends on getting down from a job in Edinburgh the night before.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Medio fondo, 150km. Can't be any wetter and winder than last year. I found it really tough, but then I'm even more c*ap at cycling than at running. You done it before? 
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    No, this will be my first road cycling event, only got a bike at the end of last summer - loads of training to do!
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    It was mine last year. Jumping in at the deep end or what. Hills hills hills and some terrifying descents.
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Is that what used to be called the dragon ride? If it is I did the gran Fondo in 2011, 220km! The black mountain climb was brutal, 45mins and 6 miles of uphill! Good fun though!
  • Good fun at Parkrun this morning-18:51 in lovely cool conditions.

    I've also signed up to the Vitality 10,000m at the end of May. It will be nice to run through central London without feeling like death this time
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Southwark runner, that's impressive stuff 6 days after London! Goes to show how very different a marathon is to anything else as on paper 18.51 would put you closing in on sub 3.

    Poacher, I think they have now amended the Welsh castles route slightly so it doesn't clash. I think previously there was a huge pinch point somewhere, where the castles and the ride passed directly on an open A road. 

    So ballot opens tomorrow. Who's putting names in? I thought they might have gone a week earlier than normal as that is what usually happens when it clashes with Easter. I guess now though with Brighton coming forward as a big alternative they have to consider that and also trying to clash less with Boston now there seems to be this majors full on integration .

    Perfect conditions here today for a marathon!!! 7c, heavy cloud and light breeze. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Leslie - moving in the right direction.
    GM - great parkrun - close to 75% now.
    Stevie - consistent training pays off.
    Poacher - quite a collection there. 
    southwarkrunner - great parkrun, esp. just after London.
    DT19 - I'll be entering the VLM ballot.
    Why go all the way to Warwickshire to run round a racing track when you can now do it at Snetterton? It's about an hour's drive and is on 18th November, so might have found myself an autumn marathon to target. Rest day today.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    quickly back to the serious miles, Gul - excellent week !!   hm, 6 laps of a race track?  if Saturday suits you better than Sunday, the previous day has this - 9 laps of a water sports lake :/   
    some good parkruns - super WAVA, Gerard, and nice sprinting, Leslie.   not so here  -- 
    a sobering indicator of my decline yesterday.  Decided it was time to get a marker, so first parkrun (apart from one on a particularly slow course) for around a year.  6.5 miles first, then 1.5 afterwards to give me 11 for the morning.  23:36 official (a few seconds to start, so lets say actual 23:30) - 3 years ago I ran London at this pace !!   the (very) slight saving grace is WAVA score of 69.77%, so only 0.23 less than my self imposed "minimum respectable" score of 70% .  
    Onwards and downwards !!   :/
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    gul, if the Warwickshire race you refer to is the raceways event at long marston, that is no more. The land was sold for houses so last event was November. 

    Went out and did a practice run on local 10k course. Got a bit carried away and ended up running it at 7.30mm. Let's felt surprisingly good. I am though very tempted by Stratford half. I feel I have unfinished half business that won't wait until Autumn!

    Birch, it's amazing how a relatively small drop in fitness can turn MP into 5k pace and vice versa. 
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    First run since London today. Nipped out for a 3.7 miler in memory of Matt Campbell, our running colleague who never made it home last week.

    Just as warm as it was in London here in Madeira and hills everywhere. 762ft of elevation gain in this morning's little pootle along the coast and and averaged 7.18 pace. Legs felt quite fresh but still a few strains to get over as I recover slowly.

    A hearty breakfast and a litre of beer for lunch continued a textbook recovery.  B)

    #MilesForMatt #FinishForMatt
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I was a bit hungover on Saturday after a night out with some running pals, so I opted for pacing duties at parkrun for my middle daughter. We ran in 21:30 so she narrowly missed a PB but was chuffed with 4th lady in a big field. 14 this morning felt quite tough, probably a bit soon after VLM, but with Keswick 1/2 next week I wanted to test the legs. My HR was in the 170's most of the way around showing the effort required even for plod pace.

    Like your style G Dawg. Recognise the London medals poacher.

    Sorry Jools not done either. 

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    I did my miles for matt yesterday, we were the same age so it's struck a nerve with me .
    DT - I'll be entering the VLM ballot. Might see you at Stratford if you decide to do it. Looking forward to it as it passes through my home village and past the front garden of my nans house!

    7 miles this afternoon without looking at my watch and no set pace. Ended up at 7.13mm pace, legs felt good! First time I've ran with no plan in months!
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Speedy stuff there so soon after London Stevie.

    14 is a lot of miles so soon after London OO.

    Text book recovery G-D if not a little fast!

    Clearly, you need a race DT!

    The PR times can only get faster Birch.

    Bad news on Raceways - my favourite 10K course and a Sub 38 time!  Good to see you're entering races Gul.

    I'm thinking Boston rather than London for Spring 2019 but thankfully no need to enter the ballot and time before decisions required!

    An impressive collection Poacher.  It would be nice to continue the London run - do you not have a GFA time for 2019?

    11 miles for me today and 53 miles for the week.  Feeling better post marathon than any previous campaign although the hamstring problem is still in the background.  I was looking forward to some warm weather training but 5degC with a strong wind was not quite what I had in mind.   The plan was for a controlled easy run but the legs got a bit carried away so 7:27 m/m overall with the last two under 7.00.

    Spotted my current running shoes (Asics GT 2000 5) on a special offer, so ordered 4 pairs.  Should hopefully last me through to NYC!

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    GM – Nice nippy Parkrunning!

    I ran ‘Run the Runway’s 10k’ on Friday night finishing in 38:17 for third overall. It was only 5 days since a marathon and 3 weeks since a 108 mile ultra, so happy with my performance. As it was on a runway it was pancake flat but exposed and windy. I was in 5th after the first lap but ran a negative split for the podium place and £15 prize.

    I followed up on Saturday with 16 miles including a 19:17 Parkrun. I took a well earn rest day today and next up is the Belfast Marathon on the 7th of May. I’m aiming for a sub 3 in what will be my 65th marathon or ultra.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    Poacher nice collection and all well earned too although you just winged the last few !
    SWR excellent parkrun 
    Gerard 75 % wava is a nice round number , I just need 3 1/2 minutes lol 
    Birch bit excessive that warmup so lets say 22 mins flat 
    SBD well you earned those new shoes alright 
    Stevie Id work on that gfa as you are more likely to get there even if it takes a year or 2 , ballot chances are slim to say the least but you could be lucky .
    Badbark cracking podium and goodluck in Belfast 

    5 easy today giving 30m for the week .

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    Leslie - That is the eventual plan. With the cap on GFA places I've set my target at 2.55 which is 5 minutes under the GFA time. It will be tough but I'm hoping I can get there to qualify for 2020

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Birch - thanks, maybe Mrs GD would like a trip back to S.Yorks! WAVA shows that you are still going well.
    DT19 - shame about raceways. Nice recce.
    GD - enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    OO - Keswick HM could be tough.
    stevie - nice run. Aim high!
    SBD - good bargain stocking up on shoes. I haven't actually entered Snetterton Mara yet...
    Badbark - impressive as ever. Good luck next week.
    Leslie - onwards and upwards.
    8 mile accidental progressive this morning. Check-up at the dentist today, so no run to work. Just remembered that I haven't entered the VLM ballot yet...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    got my ballot entry in, hopefully I wont need it!

    Great 10k racing, Badbark.

    I'm due some new asics. I use the 1000s so will have  a look if they are on offer. Looks like you are largely back to normal volume then, SBD.

    Nice progressive, Gul. Enjoy the dentist.

    Good work on the unaided 7, Stevie.

    Well it doesn't look like I'll get to Stratford half. My mate has now decided to have a party for his 40th on 12th May. However, 20th May there is a Draycote water half, which will be pan flat.

  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    Ballot entered. Can't hurt, apart from the pain.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Ballot now entered. They certainly like to gather lots of information...
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    StevieWh said:

    Leslie - That is the eventual plan. With the cap on GFA places I've set my target at 2.55 which is 5 minutes under the GFA time. It will be tough but I'm hoping I can get there to qualify for 2020

    Good plan to give some margin - works out at a nice 6:40 per mile or 20 mins for every 3 miles so easy on the maths too!

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    DT - Sportshoes had the GT-2000 5 at 40% reduction.  I'm really happy with the version 5 so thought it best to stockpile whilst they were still available!

    2:55 is a tough target Stevie

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks SBD, I will look now.

    Stevie, It's great to have big targets. My only reservation is that they can lead to disappointment in what would otherwise be a very good run, which doesn't quite hit the target.

    I have been offered the opportunity of a place in the rearranged Wilmslow half on 24th June. That falls nicely for me as it allows a full recovery plus a solid 5 weeks training.

  • Slowly getting back to running and the last 4 weeks have totalled 10, 0, 24, 31 miles.

    Beat this old guy at parkrun on Saturday, apparently 5 Olympic Gold medals slow him a bit. 

    Last week was in Austin Texas and my Strava feed kept on showing me I was running very much the same routes as one Lance Armstrong but he was out later. 

    His Strava seems to indicate ÖtillÖ
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