Marathon Series 2019 - Advice Needed

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Hello All.

So in 2017 I did London for teenage cancer trust and this year I did Paris for 'fun' (though heat and humidity made that a little questionable). So Im looking to going back to doing something in 2019 for charity (Shelter - Homelessness being rather a massive problem and rather out of control in my view).

So after briefly considering doing the 'pop music' series of marathons (London, Paris, New York, Munich everybody talk about pop music - for those old enough to remember that song of the 80's) and discounting it because of cost I thought how much better it would be to run enough marathons at my very slow pace to be running races for 24 hours over the year. Thats 5 marathons at an average of 4.48 which is still quicker than Ive so far managed (4.54 being my best). This is of course presuming the old knee holds up as Im not sure an un-repaired rupture cruciate ligament from 1991 will definitely stand up to this!

Im intent on Manchester and London early in the year and maybe one in May (Belfast?) and then one in September / October before hopefully finishing off with New York.

So this long winded message is really to ask you lovely, far more experienced than I, people is there an easy way to guarantee entry into New York? The rest are fine but the charity has no places with New York and Im not sure relying on the ballot will work. And as for good for age, well perhaps I would be if I were 105 but Im only 46.

Thanks in advance.


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