HELP - How to get corrected Liverpool marathon time?

On 26th May this year I busted a gut at the Liverpool Rock&roll marathon to get a good for age time - sub 3:15. I managed it but the timing chip did not pick up my finish (despite recording all my other times round the course). I logged on to their website that evening and submitted a request for timing correction. I answered all the questions and even found a finish line photo of another runner that clearly shows me crossing the line and the time.

They have never done anything about it. I have emailed numerous times - one one occasion I got an email saying I had to wait 3 weeks. I have continued to email and chase. It looks like the company managing it is Ironman UK in Abingdon. I have rung their office again and again but there is never an answer.

The London Good For Age deadline is coming up in 8 days - I can't find any contact numbers for Liverpool marathon race director or any way to make a complaint - all I want is my hard earned time!!!!

Any ideas??


    Sorry I can't help.  They're part of the Rock'n'Roll series aren't they, I didn't realise they were connected with Ironman.  They have a reputation of not really being bothered about marathon running, just taking your money.

    You could try sending in your GFA application to London and support it with the photo evidence that you have at the finish, plus your split times etc.  Explain that you have tried umpteen times to contact Liverpool with no response. 

    Good luck
    I just found this on the race website...


    Please note: We will accept results correction requests up to three weeks after the day of the event. After that time results are considered final and no changes will be made.

    so that explains why they're not bothering to reply to you now
  • Thanks. I did submit a result correction on the day of the marathon, then contacted them twice before the deadline to confirm.

    Is there a way to highlight this poor customer service to other potential runners - avoid if you want a recorded time??
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    I'd find their twitter, facebook and instagram accounts and comment publicly on there, also leave them a review via google.
  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    You could take it to the next level by rocking up to the IM car park in Abingdon and pull a Chicago Sunroof #dirtyprotestsrule

    But seriously, have you emailed:

    [email protected] ?

    Nowt to lose.
  • Thanks I'll give emailing her a try
    Good luck, let us know how you get on with your GFA entry.

    There might be a chance that VLM are aware of the poor admin at Liverpool Marathon so might accept your photo evidence.
  • I emailed Ironman UK marketing manager and director of operations yesterday - had no response so went ahead with GFA application and submitted photos and explanation instead of link to my Liverpool time.

    I did phone London and they said that they do not take photos or anything else except validation form the marathon organiser - not v encouraging (but I understand they are inundated with dodgy requests).

    As al last resort I tried sining IronMan UK again - amazingly this time it was answered and they knew all about the problem and said it will be resolved shortly, and in the meantime emailed me my time plus a phone number to verify it. I just wonder if emailing the marketing and ops managers was connected?????

    Anyway I'm not quite there yet - I understand VLM will reject my application on the basis of not having an official time. I can then respond with the IronMan email and phone number. Hopefully that will be it....

    Thanks SHADES and Ynnec for your help. Will let you know the outcome.
  • and thanks enrvuk too - I didn't get very far with the social media route 'cos I'm not v good at it all - I'd rather go running!
    Charlie - that's really promising, I do hope it all works out and you get that GFA place, you deserve it.   
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