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  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Terry, good luck Mac in NYC.

    Good luck with your Strava qualifier Snail.  

    What rotten luck Matt.  I hope that the doc has good news and that you are able to get back into form for a qualifier and the race itself.
  • Mac3Mac3 ✭✭✭
    Matt - hope you get the all clear and back into training
    SS - good luck to you too!
    Terry - thanks, looking forward to it! How was the consultation?
    Becca - and to you! i was put in a green start wave based on 3:10 but I'm some way off that expected time, so will shuffle a bit further back.  Unless you have a packed schedule, could rendez-vous at expo or for coffee/lunch Saturday.  I also need to find somewhere to watch England v SA very early Saturday morning!
  • Becca, Mac3: good luck for New York - enjoy!
    Matt: hope the healing is complete now and you can get going properly with training.
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Mac - after I walked both the NYRR 5km Dash to the Finish Line and the New York Marathon in 2017 the NYRR have my best pace pegged at about 16-minute miles so I'm at the back of the last wave I think. 

    I'm doing Dash to the Finish Line again on Saturday so I will go the Expo on Friday as I need to collect the 5km number from there.  On Saturday I'm guessing that I will be done with that 5km at around 10am and I don't have anything fixed for the rest of the day.  The finish is in Central Park so I can head to the Expo and see you there or of course there are many coffee places in between.  
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Mac3, you asked about my MRI result.  GP was not very engaging about discussing details but he gave me the printed report and has referred me for physio. No idea how soon that physio will come about, but upon reading up on the stuff mentioned below it seems that my clubmate physio friend had already started me on appropriate exercises. GP said (and I agree based on my amateur reading of the report) that he could not refer me to an orthopaedic consultant.  Key report notes were: "Mild degenerative changes", "Quadriceps tendon insertional tendinopathy", "Small Bakers cyst", & "Some fluid around popliteous tendon". "Conclusion - Some patellar tendinopathy is noted". All other comments ACL, PCL, etc, were apparently ok.  Quite a relief in a way, in that I was fairly sure that based on the knee pain and previous experience of partial meniscotomy, I had expected to hear of torn meniscus again.

    The good bit was "No significant internal derangement of the knee is seen". (Not sure then why it feels unstable and sore if I try to run more than a few 100yds). I take the positive out of the report as it seems to make sense after my repeated re-injuries over the past 6 months, all starting from a quads tear back in May.  I have seen some improvement in quads and knee strength lately and am fairly optimistic that with enough of the right exercise I'l get back to some more running. Got to at least run the North Beach Park run next year!  :).

    Thanks all for recent good wishes in advance of the MRI report.
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like there are some positives Terry and hopefully your physio friend's guidance will help you to address the issues that were identified.  Fingers crossed you can be back running pain-free before long.
  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭
    Entries have closed apparently
  • Bike It - I don't think they have yet. Seems to be just under 26000 and "enter" button working, but definitely close so for anybody out there who is dithering as to whether to enter, you really don't have much more time. Go for it!! :)
  • I entered today, so so pleased!   My wife is going to shoot me when she finds out. 

  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Well done JAR, I hope that means that your recovery is going really well! Do you have a bullet proof vest?  :)
  • South African entrants limit reached about 2pm today but think some international left. Training starts Friday for me (January marathon planned)....
  • More entertainment on this thread than the race itself!
    McHilly - ROFL 
  • Terry: that does sound like a good physio should be able to sort it, maybe with some ultrasound and laser as well as massage and exercises. Good luck!
    JAR: great! See you in Durban.
  • Terry - Glad you've got your MRI results back and its nothing sinister. If you're physio friend is going in the right direction definitely start with his suggestions whilst you wait Good luck.

    Jar - thats great news that you've entered. Well done. How is the recovery going? What stage are you at?
  • Mac3Mac3 ✭✭✭
    Terry - very good to hear it's not such bad news, and reasons to be hopeful.  Reminds me of a song, "He's tried to make me go to re-hab but I said no no no" - but in your case "go go go"!
    JAR - great you've entered!  Something to aim for and I hope your recovery permits.  It's possible to do Comrades on sub-optimal training, not ideal but possible (my 2019 effort confirmed this!).
    Becca - I saw about the dash too late.  I'll see if I can do that if not sold out.  I arrive Friday afternoon but thinking to go to expo after I check in. I'll PM my mobile as could have a late brekkie/brunch on the saturday.  I'm keen to re-acquaint myself with pancakes and blueberry sauce....carbo loading of sorts. 
    I hope to be 'cast-away' today.  At the hospital this afternoon for an assessment of the fractured wrist.  Will be much easier to run NYC without it.  Maybe handy for the Bronx - but I think that will be well-policed!
  • Good luck in New York guys!  International entries has now closed as I know someone who just tried to enter unfortunately.. told them to keep an eye out for transfers.
  • I can't consider myself recovered yet, not by any description but I'm no longer in pain and I'm doing all of my physio exercises easily enough so in that respect its going really well.  

    I can feel that the tension has returned to my hamstring since I've used it post-op and for that reason I *should be* okay to run next year. 

    Glad to hear your feeback on that subject Mac - it doesn't have to be fast - just participate!

    I really need to catch up on the thread but I can see some of you are in NYC this week so best of luck to anyone running qualifiers this weekend wherever you may be!

  • Baldstan I don't know any of the runners from the creek striders, I see some under UAE and some GBR. I don't run with a club, being a shift worker (air traffic controller), and the fact all their runs are on Friday morning (going to work at 0430 tomorrow!!) - weekend being Friday and Saturday - it generally doesn't suit my schedule. Though I have thought about joining for some company on the long runs.

    Has anyone booked flights yet? My options are direct to Durban with Emirates but currently looking over £3000, cheaper Ethiopian through Addis to Joburg or Kenyan through Nairobi also to Joburg. Anyone tried these routes?
  • And good luck if running New York!!
  • Marty, looked at Coach Parry's program, you're right about the wind down towards the end of the year, might go with personalized plan from January after ramping up to marathon distance.
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    Enjoy NY Becca and Mac.

    Terry - Sounds like their is hope, and the fact you have a physio friend to answer questions helps. Here's to a positive recovery and seeing you at North Beach.

    JAR and MCH - Great news you are in again.

    Dubai, Looking at Coach Parry's plans he places a large emphasis on recovery which is why it will drop off before Christmas. Basically he says, be fit and healthy before the real training starts in January. Having said that, i am going to tweak it slightly since i have a 20 mile race in December, the only reason being, my club V45 record is slow and i have a chance to beat it!!!! But i also finding i am more recovered than i have ever been when doing the sessions, so i plan to follow his schedule in the new year. I think you need to find something that fits in with your life basically....
  • Dubai runner: that price is crazy compared to uk to Durban via Dubai!
    Don't think any standard training plan will work for me, given I'm running a 50-mile race in mid- November not to mention another in May and a 100 a couple of weeks before Comrades. Think I will have to bite the bullet and pay for proper coaching.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Comrades 2020 Qualification
    25Aug Qualification Opens
    Italy (IM) Peter R-Q3:51PenC
    Hull (M) marty74-Q3:32PenC
    Berlin (M) jkissane-Q3:22PenB
    Chester (M) Slow Duck-Q4:13PenF
    Isle of Wight (M) Debra Bourne-Q4:13PenF
    Loch Ness (M) Running Rodent-Q4:14PenF
    Munich (M) Mac3-Q4:32PenG
    Poznań (M) Becca7-Q3:52PenD
    Abingdon (M) baldstan-Q3:28PenC, Millsy-Q2:55PenB
    Yorkshire (M) johnny1984-Q4:05PenF
    Thames Meander (M) Southern Snail, Peter R
    New York (M) Becca7, Mac3
    Soweto (M) Bike It
    Wendover Woods 50 (U) Debra Bourne
    Nottingham Christmas (M) Debra Bourne
    Valencia (M) Getafix
    Usual Suspects (U) Debra Bourne
    Kathmandu (M) Dubai runner
    Muscat (M) Dubai runner
    Dubai (M) Dubai runner
    Novolazarevskaya (M) 1owrez
    Cape Town (M) 1owrez
    Perth (M) 1owrez
    Dubai (M) 1owrez
    Madrid (M) 1owrez
    Santiago (M) 1owrez
    Miami (M) 1owrez
    Destin 100 (U) Dannirr, 1owrez
    Tokyo (M) Mc Hilly
    Malta (M) baldstan
    Sussex Coastal (U) Getafix
    Cyprus (M) Becca7
    Barcelona (M) 1owrez
    Paris (M) LoveLifeRun, Dannirr
    Rotterdam (M) PeterDHM
    Two Oceans (M) thomasclowes
    02May Qualification and
    Race4Charity (PenCC) Closes

    baldstan, Terry48, Debra Bourne, Becca7, pottermiss
    Hilton 1owrez, Mc Hilly, Dannirr
    ONOMO Slow Duck, justanothrrnr, marty74, Getafix, johnny1984, Southern Snail
    Protea Dubai runner, LoveLifeRun
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Good luck this weekend everyone - SS (both Comrades and NY 2020 qualifier!), Peter, Becca, Mac, (no weight on your shoulders already having qualified - have great runs), Bike It (hope you are well enough to give it a go)
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Yesterday Phys said of course I should expect reaction to the course of treatment; I was very restricted on my left side lower spine and both routes over the hip and through the pelvis, my hams were the only thing supplying oomf for running so now with everything being/becoming released and starting to contribute again the whole dynamic is changing and a heap of waking up/re-learning to take load/nerves being taken notice of etc is going on... she went on to tell me not to over do it and throw the recovery off balance... after that I dared not show her the above schedule - ha ha! Might just do 15 at the weekend :D. Got some more exercises from her on top of the current ones... running out of lunch hour to do them in!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    JAR - great that you are onboard and the recovery is proceeding well - I recall F2D once mused on what the OH compensation package should contain on your return for the shock backwards shout over your shoulder as you leg it out the front door on a Thursday towards your airport taxi; "I'm just popping over to Durban dear, see you Tuesday"...
  • lowrez, that sounds like good news from the physio, doesn't it? Best not tell her about February just yet, or you definitely won't have any lunch hour left at all.
    Dubai, I've booked with BA, flying out via CapeTown, back via Jo'burg, with afternoon departures each way, and it was a fraction of what you're being quoted. The Ethiopian flights via Addis were considerably cheaper, but much slower from the UK.
    SS and Peter R, good luck along the Thames, and Becca and Mac, very envious of you in New York (especially the pancakes), hope you have great runs.
  • Marty, yeah I see it's about recovery, just coming out of the summer here, so can only start to ramp up the training now.

    Debra and Baldstan, Emirates are very expensive out of Dubai, I should have said that price is for business class.
  • Hilton has rooms available again, thanks lowrez but I'll stick with Protea as it's working out better value.
  • Peter R - will you be at Thames Meander tomorrow. Recall you had an injury?

    As many of you know Thames Meander is organised by Dave Ross, Comrades uk ambassador. He's South African. Rugby kicks off at 9am!!
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