Farah/Salazar Allegations on BBC Panarama

Having just watched the Panorama programme about Farah and it really does not look good for Farah at all. It certainly looks to me like he has been economic with the truth at best and lied at worst. To my mind he has certainly at very least broken "the spirit of the sport" and has quite possibly broken many doping rules. Not mentioned is his missing of drug tests due to not hearing the door bell being rung!
I wonder when his medals will be stripped and his knighthood removed? 


  • I'm very angry about this. Farah is dead to me, the lieing ****
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    This is a good summary of the whole Farah / Salazar saga:


    I wonder if the way lottery funding is given out has driven these issues with UKA and British Cycling. To the rest of the world, UK sport doesn't look very clean.
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    It's been a teetering House of Cards for many years.

    Perhaps Farah will change his surname a la Lizzie Deignam, nee Armistead, did in the hope of deflecting culpability.

    Mo Quorn could be an option (it'd keep his sponsors happy). Mo Money could also be an all encompassing moniker.
  • It rather makes a mockery of Russia being banned for state-sponsored doping. 
    I saw the Panorama programme too.   

    For me I can't get past the fact that Farah blatantly lied, then changed his statement saying he'd forgotten.   What sort of life do you lead that you forget sitting in a hotel room, receiving 4 injections in 2 hours of unrecorded levels of substances that had been collected from the house of a contact of Salazar's.

    So when he says he's clean and never taken drugs is that true or is it that he can't remember....
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    The Goucher's evidence was particularly damning. 

    How will Farah react to the stigma? Will he defend his Olympic 10,000 title this Summer?
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    Shades - agree completely. I think his credibility has now gone, and it's hard to believe anything eh says on this issue now. Funny how everyone is super-clean and anti-doping right up until they get caught?
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    All very suspect - next he'll be telling us he can't remember eating Quorn......
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    "It has made me question if I'm a bad person. Is it against me? Is it because of my colour? It makes you question everything and that's annoying and damaging."

    Here we go now with the race card - this is about him missing drugs tests and lying about not having taken certain drugs when in fact he had. Skin colour has nothing to do with this, and it's a very cheap shot to allege racism because he's been criticised. That's the kind of nonsense Lewis Hamilton comes out with, TBH I expected better of Mo Farah.

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    rodeoflip said:

     I expected better of Mo Farah.

    Really!! I didn't. He's claimed to have been the victim of racial discrimination a number of times in the past. 

    I did question my dislike of him, whether, there is any racial element to it but I honestly think he just come across as a thoroughly unlikable guy. The whole thing with Gebreselassie's hotel before last year's London marathon pretty much sums him up I think.

    One thing that really annoys me is that he always says how he gets criticism even though he's running for his country, trying to make the country proud, like we should be thankful to him somehow. What a load of BS. He's doing it for himself, all athletes are. Running is a completely selfish pastime. I'm sure competing for your country does mean an awful lot to nearly all competitors but the idea that he's doing it for us is rubbish.
  • Wasn’t Farah a distinctly average runner before he got involved with Salazar, then miraculously suddenly got quick?

    Any injections of any substance other than for genuine medical reasons is not in the spirit of the rules, even if it falls short of illegal doping. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but as far as I’m concerned if anything goes into an athletes body other than food and maybe a caffeine shot then it’s highly suspicious at best.
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    Here's a letsrun.com thread on the recent relevations:


    More trolls than Middle-earth  :D
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