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  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, you seem to be consistently improving your running pace this year, and becoming more competitive. This is very impressive as you expend quite a bit of energy with your golf practice, golf matches against Alan and not forgetting bowls!

    I do remember you mentioning the Tring Ridgeway 10 mile race.

    My legs certainly felt the effects of yesterdays pyramids during this mornings 10k.

    That certainly was a very early start to your run this morning. I get up at 6am every morning, but the earliest I run is 8am, mostly 8.30am. This is because I never run without breakfast, and like to give it time to digest. One of the club's previous Coaches used to make similar comments to "Girlies!"

    jb, thanks, it was a tough session, but as I often say "no pain, no gain!" I used to occasionally have a go on the rowing machines after spin sessions, but gave that up as I put all my efforts into the spin.

    That sounds a good idea, visiting local villages, there is so much history in our County. I only discovered recently that there were ancient burial mounds in the New Forest. We have a lovely old church in Dibden, where my eldest Niece was married, and my parents are buried. It was bombed in the Second world War, but has been restored. 

    My 10k this morning was a recovery run, as my legs were as heavy as lead after yesterdays pyramids.  It was a mixture of roads and grass. This included a few leisurely laps round the park, which is also Hythe and Dibdens Cricket ground.  I've never got round to watching a match, but must sometime. The troops played cricket there before setting off to fight in the Second World War.
  • HS, well your New Forest is simply wonderful. I guess the downside could be the sheer volume of traffic. We had a holiday near Fordingbridge a few years back and loved the surrounding countryside. Certainly Sussex, West and East, is lovely especially when you get off the coastal strip where we live.
    However we do have a lovely flat, wide prom to run along and that’s where I was this afternoon in lovely windless conditions. I set out to run 10k in less than 49 minutes and managed 48.57. I was pleased with the pacing. I’m even more pleased with doing it today and not in the gales tomorrow!
  • Wtnmel
    The run the lights is a run not a drive through lol
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    jb, that's a good 10k time, I'll be trying for a sub 50 minutes, next time we include one in a training session, but afraid that would be beyond me nowadays. It would be a 77% WAVA, and I'm only just managing 70% for a 5k. Its been blowing a gale all day today, so with a headwind may just have been possible. We will be doing another 5k in the forest tomorrow, with the target of sub 26 minutes. This would be a WAVA for me of 71.67% which I would be happy with. 

    Today is a rest day, so all systems go tomorrow.
  • John the 10k time is good.
    Do you run alone or in a group?
    I have been doing loads of 10ks since lockdown and my best is just under 52mins but I run alone with nothing to chase once the races start that time will come down.
    If I have someone to chase I can keep going at them.
  • Thanks DM and HS. I tend to run alone. The routine exception is my weekly 5k time trial when my 33 year old training partner and I run a handicap I.e. we set off at the same time but he runs further.
    Today he ran 5.4k and thrashed me as I ran 5k in a disappointing 24.21. This was along a gale swept prom, with the back half into the wind. His victory was clear but has a sting in the tail, as a 30 second win for either party results in an adjustment to the handicap and next week he’ll be tackling 5.5k. That will show him!
    So in effect, I’m not the chaser but the chased. 
    HS, a 70% or better WAVA is a thing of joy!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Just so you know .. I had a message from Aquarius on Garmin Connect because she was having problems logging on to these forums (the screen was flipping between the cookies consent screen and login screen). So she may not be able to logon at the moment ..

    JB - I've been surprising myself with these early starts. When I was working we had a rota for early-morning checks and had to be online by 6am. When I retired I drifted to what is for me a much more natural 8am start. But with my treadmill out of action at the moment and wanting to avoid as many people as possible since March, I've got used all over again to a 5:30am alarm. We're not having any vacations this year either. We've just cancelled our hotel booking for September in Northumberland and have been visiting local NT gardens since they've started to re-open. Well done re that speedy 10k - I'd be happy to get somewhere closer to 60 mins these days and that's my target at the moment.

    HS - having done an online Excel course during lockdown (actually, still need to finish it!), one result of my expanded knowledge was I've managed to create a graph with a trend-line on my running spreadsheet that shows me my pace is gradually improving. I haven't been playing bowls at all btw - decided not to re-join as I was planning to be training for my long-distance walk that had to be cancelled. But I never did get round to going along to the bowls club when it re-opened again this year and not sure I have the time anyway. I have half a cup of tea and half a cereal bar prior to my early-morning run - not sure I could manage to run without something inside me. Having run first, the proper breakfast always feels it has been 'earnt'. My friend gave herself the 'Girlie' nickname for when she used to post on these forums. Well done re your pyramid session and 10k run.

    I went to my house yesterday and spent a few hours gardening - was feeling the effects today so no running for me. So planning to run tomorrow morning instead ..
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    <div class="QuoteText"><p>For some unknown reason, the original mature runners thread has been deleted. I hope all regulars continue posting here, and newbies are very welcome. </p></div>
    Hi I'm a newbie and 55 I'm not quite running yet only walks 7 miles usually in 1 hr 45 mins but want to start running I'm a heavy guy who over pronates looking for recommendations for a shoe for asphalt and looking to move up from waljing to running i usually walk at 4mph and want to get advice on how to take the next step up to running.
  • Hi I'm a newbie and 55 I'm not quite running yet only walks 7 miles usually in 1 hr 45 mins but want to start running I'm a heavy guy who over pronates looking for recommendations for a shoe for asphalt and looking to move up from waljing to running i usually walk at 4mph and want to get advice on how to take the next step up to running.
    <span>Cheers </span>
  • Good evening all,

    Damien, that's a good time for a 10k. I'm sure that your times will improve when you have some competition.

    jb, I would be very happy with a 24.21 5k! That's interesting running a handicap, as this morning I jokingly said to Sarah F, that I should have an 11 second handicap next week. The reason is, that we both have Garmin 365's and run the 5k's together, and yet her Garmin always shows her finish times approx 11 seconds quicker than mine. 🤔

    WtnMel, thanks for letting us know about Aquarius. I was wondering why she hadn't posted for several days. I hope that she is soon able to log in again.

    It seems  that you are making good use of your Excel Course, making a trend line on your spread sheet, showing that your pace is gradually improving.

    I'm not surprised that you haven't rejoined the bowls club, as you are are always so busy with different activities. I'm glad to hear that you don't run completely empty, but surprised that you only have half a cup of tea. I always have a cup of tea, a small glass of vegetable juice and 2 glasses of water to drink before running.

    I can't remember seeing any of "girlies" posts on here in the past. Presume she didn't post on the mature runners thread?

    I hope your run tomorrow isn't effected by today's gardening!

    Welcome to the thread Weller65. I'm not a walker so can't really offer any advice re walking shoes. WtnMel may be able to help as he does do a lot of walking, as well as running. Regarding the next step up to running, a lot of people are doing the couch potato to 5k programme. I think this is a mixture of walking and jogging perhaps 3 days a week to start with and then gradually building up. A lot of running clubs have beginners sessions, which have registered Coaches doing the coach potato to 5k programmes, so it might be worth while seeing if you have any local running clubs to join.

    Our forest 5k this morning was intentionally slower, as we are saving our energy to make an attempt at running sub 26 minutes next week on roads. We started off at a steady pace, and increased it over the last 2k. My finish time was 28.32 and Sarah's 11 seconds quicker, although we finished together.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    I've had another message from Aquarius on Garmin Connect - she has a new Garmin 45 so I hope that picks up satellites more quickly than the previous watch. But no news yet on whether she's been able to log on to RW without problems (haven't seen any posts anyway).

    HS - thinking about it, I can't remember the thread my friend Girlie used to post on but I'm sure it was before this thread and its fore-runner. Today's run went well (as you have seen by now - details below). Well done re yesterday's forest run.

    Weller65 - my advice would be (a) look up the "Couch To 5K" programme online (b) visit your local specialist running shop first to get expert advice on which shoes are best suited to you.

    I did eventually get a reply to my message about the club's handicap race and was re-assured that after times were posted for the week 1 race, the 'best' time is the one used for the target time for the remaining races. So people can't 'play' the system by purposely having another 'bad' run and getting their target time increased. 

    With that re-assurance in mind, I went out this morning and did another 5K run for the race series (race #3). I managed to knock a few more seconds off last week's time. I posted 30:04 and would dearly love to post a sub-30 min time next week but I feel I'm very close to my limit at the moment.

  • Hi Weller. I can’t offer any technical advice but I can welcome you and as a 65 year old observe that you have your best running years in front of you.

    HS, that discrepancy in your Garmins is odd. My training partner’s and mine are identical in all measurements......if only I could say the same thing about our actual performances!

    13 km run today, my longest and slowest run for at least a year. The pace at 6.17 Kms was certainly unusual for me, but partly explained by an afternoon and evening of celebrating a wedding anniversary but not mine. Not quite like an under trained Dave Bedford going straight from an all night session to run the first London Marathon, but a little bit similar.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, glad to hear that Aquarius has purchased a Garmin 45, as I think that will meet all her requirements, and hopefully will connect with the satellites without any problems.

    Well done for this mornings 5k, details of which I have seen on Strava. So close now to the elusive 30 minutes. It must be reassuring  to know that the handicap system can't be fiddled. 

    jb, we just can't make out why our garmin times differ by so much. I even changed my settings to record distance in k's instead of miles, to agree with her settings, and it didn't make a blind bit of difference. The odd thing is that they "ping" together for the first few k's, and it is only when we up the pace that they differ. Just one of those things, I suppose. The ironical thing is that our performances are more or less identical, but the stats don't show that.

    Well done for your longest run so far this year, albeit your slowest, but probably due to the after effects of the celebrations.

    Dave Bedford was an "accomplished drinker," and I believe used to drink around 6 pints every day. I remember his classic London Marathon debut, where he spewed into a waste bin🤢, but can't remember his time. 

    I ran 11k this morning which was supposed to be a recovery run, but I incorporated a 1k .25k and .5k effort into it. I've now passed 1,000 miles this year, which is way behind last year when I was top of the fetch leader board.

    Tomorrow we will be doing a recce of the first few "check points" of the Hardley-a Round challenge. some of our club runners have completed the whole challenge already.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    No further messages from Aquarius on Garmin Connect so don't know the situation re logging on to RW

    HS - saw on Strava you had done a 14ml recce for your club's challenge .. impressive mileage. I can't imagine why your two Garmins are calculating the time differently as they're using the same satellite signals - very odd.

    I'm still waiting for the standings after the 3rd week's handicap race but I'm not sure I'll bother with the 4th one. There's a lady with an unassailable lead - but she's the one I mentioned who originally over-estimated 39mins and has since posted 36m, 32m & now 29m for her third race. Just taking those three finish times, her improvement is around 25% .. if you use her original estimate, her 'improvement' is closer to 34% - she's definitely taking the mickey!
  • HS congratulations on 1000 miles for the year. Have you a target for 2020?

  • Good evening all,

    WtnMel, I hope Aquarius is soon able to log back onto RW. I remember Double Bionic Iron Wolf having similar problems a couple of years ago, and we haven't heard from her since. We haven't heard from Molly for ages either. I wonder if she will ever return?

    This mornings run was further than we had anticipated and consequently were not appropriately geared up. It was forecast rain, so we didn't bother with taking water, and when the sun came out, wished that we had. 

    That lady who has improved her finishing time by 25% is definitely taking the mickey.

    jb, I haven't really got a mileage target this year, as I have been concentrating more on speed work, to enable my average pace to improve. Last year I ran just under 1,800 miles, but would be happy with 1,250 this year. My 14 miles this morning has certainly bumped up my mileage, and I will be doing a virtual New Forest Half Marathon in September.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Hello all,  I can log into the forum now, I’ve just been really busy. I’ll try to post more fully tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know everything’s ok here.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - glad to see you are now able to log on to the RW forums after your problems a few days ago.

    HS - I was never sure what DBIW's problems were despite asking several times in case I could help .. I briefly followed Molly on Instagram but deleted my account so haven't seen/heard from her since. Someone else has commented on the (as David Coleman would say) 'remarkable' performance by that lady in the 5K handicap races. The post asking for week 4 race times was added to the club's FB page. The guy said he wouldn't be bothering to race again as the final results are based on the best 3 performances, and he couldn't compete with someone who has bettered their original estimate by 10 mins and been in the top 3 each time. There's only actually two people who could mathematically beat her (from around 50 entrants).
  • HS, ah, the NF half. I remember it well. What a lovely course. Your mileages put me to shame!
    Mel, something wrong with that handicap. If it worked then all 50 would be in with a chance!

    6k for me. Nothing remarkable about the distance or the terrain. But the conditions were testing to say the least. My best km on the downwind bit was 4.14. My worst km into the wind was 7.01. This was the strongest wind I’ve ever done a timed run in. No other runners in sight! Will sleep well tonight. Average km time 5.27.
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, good to hear from you again and glad that you are ok! Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on with your new Garmin.

    WtnMel, I did message DBIW several times, without success. If I remember rightly (it was a long time ago) she said that she could see our posts, but we couldn't see her replies. She must have just given up which was a shame, as her posts were always very interesting, especially with her 2 dogs winning obedience shows etc, and her photos of them. 

    That's two of you then that have dropped out of the 5k handicap races.

    I don't know whether I have mentioned it, but Sarah F, Mike and I are going to do the 5k on Saturday on Jane's super-fast road route. Mike will be challenging Jane as they are of a similar standard, and Sarah and I will be making an all out attempt to crack 26 minutes.

    Today is a rest day and I walked to the supermarket this morning in heavy rain and very strong winds. The walk back with the 4 shopping bags was tough, as they were blowing in the wind (Peter, Paul and Mary!) Did a 60 second front plank and 21 press ups when I got home.
  • jb, our posts crossed! Are you remembering the NF Half when it ran from New Milton? I got my marathon pb there. It's been held in New Camp Brockenhurst  since 2016. They've had to transfer it to Wimborne this year because of the corona virus. That's about an hours drive, and I'm still not happy about the security, despite all the safeguards they are implementing. I've therefore, taken the option to run a half marathon virtually, so as to get the medal etc and 20% off Garmin products.

    Well done running in the very strong winds today. Still a good pace, considering the conditions.

    WtnMel again, I've looked up my messages to DBIW which were way back in February 2017. That was when the old and new versions were running, and she had been trying to post on both. It seemed that she was being blocked as her transmissions were unsafe. I suggested that she emailed the RW administrator and she said that she would: there was one in those days. That was the last I heard from her.
  • HS, it was the New Milton start. Well done on your marathon PB as it’s not the fastest course around. Did you ever do the Sturminster newton HM? 

    Got my flu jab invite today. Seems earlier than usual?
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    jb, thanks, I don't remember much about it now, I was 47 at the time, but I do remember that the weather was absolutely foul. Very heavy rain and strong winds. I wore a bin liner to the start, and only removed it at the last minute. No, I've never run in the Sturminster Newton HM.

    That is early for a flu jab. I think mine was in November last year.I haven't heard from my surgery yet. I will give them a ring in a week or two if I don't hear anything. 

    The weather was perfect for running this morning, apart from light winds. I ran 5 miles in the forest this morning with the two Sarah's and Mike, and we incorporated an 8 x 400 metres work out. I was aiming for about 2 minutes per rep, and was delighted that they were all sub 2 minutes. The quickest was 1.49 which is 7.27 minute miling. Wish I could keep that up for 5k!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    JB - re the handicap race, the organiser should have probably had a word with that lady and set a more sensible time for her to aim at and then re-calculated the standings. Well done re yesterday's 6k in the windy conditions. My partner Margaret has just booked our flu jabs for 19th Sep (I think they are a bit earlier than usual).

    HS - good luck with your 5K attempt on Saturday. I'm not surprised to hear you got blown around walking back from the shops with your bags of shopping. I 'got' the mention of Peter, Paul & Mary btw! I doubt we'll hear from DBIW again .. or Molly for that matter. Well done re this morning's 5ml run - with added speedy bits.

    I ran 4.6mls yesterday in the wind and rain and got thoroughly soaked. I had to strip off my wet gear in the utility room so I didn't drip everywhere and my shoes have been stuffed with newspaper since to dry them out.

    Planning to run again tomorrow morning and it looks like I may stay dry this time! :-)

    I played golf today and was rubbish again! Glad I've got a lesson booked for Tuesday - I certainly need some help at the moment ;-)

    We're planning to visit our local garden centre tomorrow morning - we need some Hozelock 'bits' for our hosepipes (so I can chop & change them easily) and some twine. We're going to look and see whether they have any raspberry plants in yet as the current ones seem a bit tired so we've decided to get some new ones to replace them.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all, back again (better late than never)

    I’ve been reading up on your posts since I last posted on here and I see you are all running some great times as usual. Sorry to hear you are thinking of opting out of the 5k club handicap races WtnMel, particularly as you’ve been achieving such good times, but considering the cheating going on I don’t blame you. One person has managed to ruin it for the rest of the competitors, I hope she’s suitably embarrassed by that. We are having our flu jabs on 26th September, having received the invitation a couple of days ago. I think they are starting early because of all the extra people being offered it this year. Usually we get ours in November. 
    As WtnMel mentioned I’ve got a new Garmin, a Forerunner 45s (the “s” signifying that it is for a smaller wrist). So far I’m really happy with it. Admittedly it has a number of features I probably won’t ever use, as to do so I’d need to pair it with my phone and take my phone with me when I run, something I never do, but it locates the satellites really quickly, and best of all it has a  bigger clearer display, so I can easily see my pace, distance etc at a glance instead of screwing up my eyes and guessing. I’ve been too busy to use it much, just an intervals session last Sunday and a hills session today, both of which felt easier than usual and were also a bit quicker than usual, but I think that’s more likely to be due to the cooler weather conditions and lower pollen count than my new watch!
    Other than that I had my usual Pilates Zoom class on Tuesday, and have also had a couple more sessions with the chiropractor (did I pick up correctly that you weren’t impressed with your chiropractic treatment JB?) I’m not sure what my assessment is of the treatment I’m receiving as I remember previous treatment sessions being quite “robust”, although admittedly that was nearly 40 years ago and no doubt practices have changed since then and ideas have been updated on what works best. I have to say though that the treatment I’ve had so far has been extremely gentle and quite minimal although it does seem to be producing results. 
    We’ve another busy week this week and again next week. I think this is partly due to having our son and granddaughter staying with us. Our days seem much more hectic at the moment. School starts again next Wednesday for our granddaughter, which is also the day after her birthday (I hope I can remember how to bake a cake), and her father is hoping to finally get back to work next week. 
    Time for a rant - I’m having to get Steve an appointment at a private clinic to have a heart monitor fitted, and just hoping that our insurance will cover the cost. We’ve just been told that there is no chance of getting it done on the NHS for the considerable future, even though they say it is necessary. They are also still saying that face to face appointments can’t be done due to Covid, which is ridiculous as I can get hands-on treatment from a physio or chiropractor and Steve has just had a minor op at the dental hospital a couple of days ago. So why can’t you get to see a cardiac specialist for a check-up? Rant over.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    A very brief post from me as I'm having to do it from my phone. Since installing the Windows feature update 2004 a couple of days ago, my laptop has been struggling with the HDD running at 100% for minutes on end. So I'm currently removing the feature update - and as the helpful MS message says .. "this may take some time". 

    I ran earlier this morning and did just over 5mls - dry and cool this morning - a bit different from Tue's run! :)
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks, I'm not keen on doing the 5k on the road, but Jane uses the route which she says is fairly flat, so we will give it a go. This mornings 5 miles was slow, but I decided to add the couple of speedier efforts, to make it more interesting. Well done for running 5 miles this morning. Hope you got what you wanted at the Garden Centre this morning.

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems since installing the Windows Features update 2004, I must have been lucky. After this mornings run, which synced perfectly with my garmin connect on my phone, the garmin has turned bluetooth off,and I can't turn it back. When I try it says "pair mobile device" and when I do it shows "ready for pairing," but it doesn't. My phone shows "forerunner not connected." I definitely have bluetooth turned on on my phone. The only saving grace is that by connecting the garmin by USB cable to Garmin Express on my laptop, it syncs to Garmin Connect, Strava and fetcheveryone. Until I can sort it, I will have to use the USB Cable every time.

    Aquarius, welcome back! I haven't had an invite for a flu jab yet, but should have been among the first , being over 70. I will have to give the surgery a ring tomorrow, to see if I can make an appointment. 

    Glad that you are happy with your new Garmin 45, and that you are not having any problems connecting with the satellites. Well done for the hill and interval sessions. 

    I see that you are still doing the Zoom pilates workouts and seeing the chiropractor.

    It's understandable that you are busier than usual with your son and grand daughter staying with you.

    I can understand your anger and frustration at having to arrange for Steve to have his heart rate monitor fitted at a private clinic. I don't know whether it's this useless government's fault for all the contradictory instructions and screeching u turns, or the WHO. Whoever it is to blame, the Government are refusing to take any responsibility, blaming it on the WHO. What a mess the Country is in, to be sure.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - I've definitely opted out of the 5K handicap race .. there's no point busting a gut when that lady has already won. No-one apart from me and the other guy appears to have noticed the 'cheating' (or isn't openly questioning her performance anyway). I agree that they seem to be starting flu jabs early - no doubt because they're concerned they'll be swamped with covid-19 cases later this year. Glad (relieved!) to hear your new Garmin 45s is picking up the satellite signals .. and a nice clear display is a bonus. Btw, I'm sure your better performance is due to the new watch! ;) Well done re the zoom pilates class and hope those chiropractor sessions help. Re your rant, we've been debating for some time whether to get private health cover but not made any decision yet. But we worry that otherwise if we needed treatment for anything, we would have an endless wait.

    HS - re the garden centre .. see below. Re the Windows feature update problems .. it may just be my particular laptop spec. I did try sync'ing my garmin using bluetooth once but had similar problems with not being able to pair it with the phone so I removed the app and nowadays just stick to using the usb cable with my laptop. Did you see a civil servant has been sacked for the exams debacle .. yet another bit of scapegoating from Boris and his chums.

    We went to the garden centre this morning and bought some new grasses for our front garden and the new roll of twine we needed. We also got some other plants I didn't know we needed ;) Unfortunately they didn't have any Hozelock connectors to suit our coiled hose which is a smaller diameter than what I'd describe as a 'standard' hose. Having browsed the Hozelock website I'm none the wiser so I've left them a message asking about non-standard connectors.

    Removing the latest feature update from Windows took a while but nowhere near as long as it did to install. So far so good anyway and the laptop doesn't seem to be suffering the delays I was getting before so I can't see the two aren't connected :)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited August 28
    Afternoon all,

    Popped back but can see nothing but tumble weed at the moment LOL :)  

    Good timing from me twice this morning - had to go out to tie up a large plant that blew over in the wind a day or two ago (6' tall; yellow daisy-like flowers; no idea of name!) and I finished doing it just before the heavens opened. Then went to get the bins in after they'd been emptied and similarly, got indoors just as it began to rain again.

    Hozelock got back to me quicker than I expected - but they only do connectors for 'standard' hoses so looks like we'll have to bin the smaller diameter coiled hose and use the standard size one which isn't as long. I can see we'll probably have to get a second bit of standard size hose and connect it to the existing one. Still - no rush as it's not exactly watering the garden weather now ;)

    My laptop is still behaving itself - hooray!
  • Good afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I drove into the village this morning for the first time in ages. I needed a new battery for my Roberts DAB radio, a PP9, which my supermarket doesn't have. The village is coming back to life with lots of people walking around, and queuing outside the two remaining Banks, 2 metres behind each other. It was rather awkward in the supermarket, as at the checkout, one loop broke away from my mask and it hung down from one ear. I apologised and the check out lady said not to worry , as it often happened. After I had packed all my shopping into the trolley, I walked out pushing the trolley with one hand, and holding the mask over my nose and mouth with the other. I'll use my running buff again next time.

    Yes the Government are busy sacking all and sundry, rather than sacking the useless Ministers. They won't accept any responsibility for the chaos this country is in. This surely must be the worse Government in living memory, although if Labour had been in power with Corbyn in charge, it could have been worse.

    Good that you got some plants that you wanted from the garden centre, but a shame about the hose connectors not being in stock.

    I rang my Doctor's Surgery this morning to see if I could make an appointment for a flu jab, but was advised that the two sessions in September were already fully booked. They are arranging for more, so told me to phone again in a weeks time, when hopefully more sessions would be available .It seems that they have prioritised the elderly, and some younger people, suffering with serious health conditions.

    We had very heavy rain just now, and one really loud clap of thunder. It's brightened up again now.

    We will be having another attempt to crack 26 minutes for the 5k tomorrow. on Jane's road route.
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